Shooting in Medford, police in search for suspects

There was an active situation involving shots fired near St. Raphael’s Church in Medford Sunday evening. Suspects fled the scene and have not yet been apprehended by police.

The Medford Police Department’s (MPD) Twitter announced an active scene on High Street, which is near St. Raphael’s Church, at 4:29 p.m. Roughly half an hour later, MPD announced via Twitter that the church had been cleared. 

The surrounding areas remained active scenes and residents were asked, via a robocall, to stay away from High Street, and later, inside their homes, according to a statement from the MPD. 

The shots were heard just after two damaged cars were found in the Shepherd Road area. They appeared to have been part of a crash, with shell casings and evidence of bullet holes in at least one of the cars.

Shepherd Road lies perpendicular to High Street, the location of St. Raphael’s Church, but it is unclear if the two scenes are related.

This remains an ongoing investigation.