3Oh!3 to headline Homecoming Concert

Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) announced at the Tuesday night event “TUSC Coffeehouse ft. Copilot” the artists playing at the Homecoming Concert. The artists will be 3Oh!3, Duckwrth and Melii.

According to Mathew Peña, an organizer for the event and member of TUSC, the artists were chosen with both students and other attendees in mind.

“We decided to go with a diverse lineup to represent the various identities on our campus. Homecoming weekend tends to be when alumni come back to re-enjoy what Tufts gave them during their undergrad days,” Peña said.

The event will occur on Oct. 18, the day before Homecoming Day, in the Gatcher Center. Tickets will go on sale on Monday, at the price of $10 for students and $25 for faculty, alumni and guests, all of whom are allowed up to two guests.

According Peña, an event organizer for TUSC, the event was renamed “Homecoming Concert” in lieu of “Fall Fest,” which has occurred in previous years.

“We renamed the fall concert to Homecoming Concert because it allows us to more accurately represent the events happening that weekend,” he said. “The concert has been hosted on the Friday of homecoming weekend for several years and the name change helps to formalize the connection to the weekend.”

Peña added that the event has now been added to the alumni calendar, and that tying the event to Homecoming solidifies the possibility for alumni to be involved.

Peña also emphasized the importance of boundaries during the Homecoming Concert.

“We also urge concert goes to be mindful of their language, to drink responsibly but remember that you do not need to drink to enjoy the show, and that a crowd does not imply consent… ask before you dance!” he said.


Taking their name from Boulder, Colorado’s area code, 3Oh!3 made its debut in 2007 with its eponymous, independently produced album, according to 3Oh!3’s Spotify page. The artists were made famous by their second album, “Want” (2008), which included the hit “DONTTRUSTME.” According to its Spotify page, its songs include “jokey raps, indie electronica beats and lots of tomfoolery.”


Duckwrth, born Jared Lee in Los Angeles, began releasing music under the name Duckwrth online in the mid-2010s. He collaborated with The Kickdrums, a hip-hop producer from Cleveland, for the single “Supersoaker” (2014) and later the album “Nowhere” (2014). Duckwrth’s first solo collection, “I’M UUGLY” came out in 2016. In 2019, Duckwrth collaborated with Rico Nasty, Kiana Lede and Medasin for the EP “The Falling Man.”


Melii was made famous by a remix of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” (2017), according to her Spotify page. The same year, she released the single “No Simple Chick.” On March 27 she released her first album, “Phases,” which examines the artist’s past living in Harlem in the 1990s.

Sara Renkert contributed reporting to this article.