TCU Senate announces fall election results

Disclaimer: Jonah Zwillinger is the business director for the Tufts Daily. Andres Borjas is an assistant news editor for the Tufts Daily. Neither Zwillinger nor Borjas was involved in the writing or editing of this article.

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate announced the results of its fall elections last night. Twelve first-years ran for the seven available Class of 2023 Senate seats, one ran for the SMFA Community Senator seat and one ran for the Women’s Community Seat. In addition, six first-years ran to fill four seats on the TCU Judiciary while two ran to fill spots on the Committee on Student Life (CSL).

The Daily obtained election results from Leah Sugrue, the chair of the TCU Elections Commission.

The seven Class of 2023 seats were filled by Ibrahim AlMuasher, Jalen Little, Max Morningstar, Caroline Ross, Avani Kabra, Sarah Tata and Sam Sadowski. The Women’s Community Senator seat went to the only candidate, first-year Surya Adeleye, and the SMFA seat went to Maia Lai, a senior. Both CSL candidates, first-years Jojo Kuo and Bridget Dick, found victory in the election.

The TCU Judiciary, which is now composed of Jonah Zwillinger, Camille Calabrese and Andres Borjas, filled the four seats with Annika Chauhan, Holden Dahlerbruch, Zachary Ferretti and John Youssef, all first-years.

One Judiciary candidate, Kyle Krell, was disqualified from the race due to his painting of the cannon yesterday. According to Sugrue, candidates received rules at the beginning of their campaigns regarding campaign advertising.

“We would like to recognize, though, that this is an honest mistake on his part and his disqualification does not reflect a condemnation of his candidacy and the rest of his campaign,” Sugrue said in an electronic message to the Daily. “We hope also that the student body understands the nature of this mistake and avoids making this incident into a further spectacle.”