TCU appoints new trustee representatives, passes 12 bylaw changes

Jake Goldberg, president of Students Advocating for Students (SAS), speaks in front of TCU Senate about his second resolution this year, alleging Tufts' Title IX investigations are unfair. Seohyun Shim / The Tufts Daily

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate elected three new trustee representatives in its meeting last night: sophomores Angela Sun and Kristen Moran and senior Nathan Foster.

The three representatives will serve on the academic affairs, administration and finance, and university advancement committees of the Board of Trustees, according to Senate Historian Jacqueline Chen.

Trustee representatives serve as liaisons between the Senate and the Board of Trustees. While trustee representatives sit in on Senate meetings, they are non-voting members. Six candidates applied for the three available spots, according to Vice President Anna Del Castillo.   

Sun said she is excited to serve as a trustee representative and hopes to use her role to give a voice to marginalized groups.

“My goals are to become more involved within the student body and underrepresented groups on campus to be more aware of the different circumstances of different students,” Sun said. “I felt like I am a part of many groups that I’d like to give a voice to at [the meeting of the Board of Trustees.]”

Del Castillo, a senior who oversaw the selection process, said she is confident in the results of the selection process.

“I have so much faith in [the new appointees] based on the things they presented tonight and the information they brought in,” Del Castillo said “I think they will do amazing jobs and really represent the student body well and the many perspectives that exist on this campus.”

Following the vote for trustee representatives, TCU President Benya Kraus announced the Social Spaces Optimization plan, which will make eight additional buildings available for social meeting reservations by a flexible deadline of Oct. 1.

These buildings with expanded availability are Hill Hall, Carmichael Hall, Hodgdon Hall, Lewis Hall, Curtis Hall, Harleston Hall, Baronian Field House and the Tufts Administrative Building. Spaces in Carmichael Hall and Hodgdon Hall are expected to be open for reservations in two weeks.

The Senate also passed 12 bylaw changes, and tabled one. Major bylaw changes include requiring a vote by absolute majority for resolutions, requiring at least one week’s advance notice for resolutions and requiring the Senate to notify the Tufts community for all proposed bylaw changes that are not stylistic in nature.