Junior senators Gauri Seth and Ryan Johnson announce candidacies for TCU President

Two junior Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senators, Gauri Seth and Ryan Johnson, announced their candidacies for TCU Senate President last night, setting the stage for the first competitive race TCU presidential race since 2014. Both senators’ campaigns released Facebook pages, “Go for Gauri” and “Ryan Johnson for TCU President,” with their respective statements and links to campaign websites.

Johnson, who served as trustee representative before being elected to a first term as a Senator on Tuesday, emphasized student involvement in reforming campus, employing a slogan that reads “Reinvent. Reform. Together.” Johnson’s website includes a range of issue areas such as “Student Group and Club Sports Funding,” “Housing” and “Diversity and Inclusion,” among others.

“Over the next few days I will be asking for your votes, because I truly believe that together we can transform our Senate, student groups and our school to become spaces for community and inclusivity,” his statement read. “From an on-campus pub to renewed travel funding, from housing policy to sustainability, we can and will have a lasting impact when we reach — together.” 

Seth, who has been a Senator since her first year at Tufts, served as Senate parliamentarian during her sophomore year and TCU Vice President over the last two semesters, according to her campaign website. Alongside her background, Seth’s website includes a policy platform on issue areas such as “Housing,” “Identity, Inclusion and Support” and “Financial Aid and On-Campus Employment,” among other items.

“I’ve been on the TCU Senate since my first year here at Tufts. Being on Senate has allowed me to see the multitude of issues students on our campus face, and I have been actively working to confront many of these problems every day,” her statement read. “I am certain that I am the candidate who will bring a powerful combination of experience and initiative to the job.” 

A forum will be held for students to interact with both candidates on Wednesday, April 20, before elections the next day, Thursday, April 21, according to the TCU Elections Commission (ECOM)