Tesser wins election for TCU President

Junior Brian Tesser announced as next year's TCU President. Courtesy Becca Leibowitz

Junior Brian Tesser has won the election for TCU President.  He received 67 percent of yesterday’s eligible votes, according to Tufts Elections Commission (ECOM) Chair Paige Newman, a junior.

According to Newman, 386 students voted for Tesser. A total of 193 students selected a variety of write-in options, and 92 students chose to abstain from voting; The abstention votes were not counted toward the final tally. Overall turnout was 11.65 percent of the student body, a figure with which ECOM is pleased, Newman said. 

“Given the fact that this was an uncontested election, voter turnout was expected to be lower than past presidential elections,” Newman said in an email to the Daily.

Tesser expressed his gratitude for his campaign team’s hard work and said he looks forward to pursuing his presidential platform.

“I am incredibly thankful to the members of my campaign team for all of the hard work and dedication that they put in,” Tesser said in an email. “At this point, what is important to me is to start implementing my platform ideas and to prepare for an exciting year to come. I think that I have a lot of ideas that will really help to improve the Tufts community and I am absolutely ready to get started.”

While Tesser’s campaign manager Katie Waymack was disappointed that the election was uncontested, she is still proud of Tesser’s electoral success.

“Despite being uncontested, I am still proud of the work that the campaign team put in to make the student body … informed of Brian’s platform because I believe that it is crucial that the student body be aware of what Brian hopes to accomplish,” Waymack said.