Somerville man arrested in connection with three cases of indecent assault

The Somerville Police Department (SPD) last night arrested an individual linked with several of the recent indecent assaults perpetrated against women in the Somerville and Medford area.

Alfredo Romero Posada, a 22 year?old Somerville man, was arrested in connection with three counts of assault with intent to rape and three counts of indecent assault and battery, according to a Nov. 17 SPD press release.

He will be charged in connection with the Sept. 10 incident on Wallace Street, the Sept. 24 incident on College Avenue and the Oct. 22 incident on College Ave in Medford.

The arrest is the product of a two month?long investigation conducted jointly by SPD, the Cambridge, Medford, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority and Tufts University Police Departments and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force.

A special task force was created to conduct the investigation and used surveillance teams, decoy officers and saturated patrols positioned in the Davis and Porter Square areas.

Posada was first identified as a potential suspect on Oct. 29, when surveillance officers observed him approaching a woman walking alone.

Following further investigations, the Middlesex Grand Jury ordered Posada to appear in a lineup of potential assailants. He was identified by the victims of two indecent assaults that took place in Somerville and one that took place in Medford.

Posada will be arraigned in the Somerville District Court today.