Zelinger wins sophomore Senate seat

After class−wide voting in a special election yesterday, sophomore Jeremy Zelinger was elected to a vacant Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate seat, the Elections Commission (ECOM) announced early this morning.

Zelinger beat out sophomore Stefan Schwarz for the spot, which had remained vacant since sophomore Faith Blake resigned from the body on Sept. 23.

With Zelinger’s election, the Senate stands at a full 28 members, not counting trustee and community representatives.

Turnout for the vote was 36 percent of the Class of 2013, according to ECOM Public Relations Director Will Yu, a sophomore.

Senior Winwit Li will also join the Senate, filling former senator Lauren Levine’s seat, according to ECOM. Levine, a senior, resigned last month; Li walked onto the body, as no one else contested the senior Senate seat.

Meanwhile, sophomore Ard Ardalan and freshman Patrick Bressette walked onto seats on the Committee on Student Life. They ran unopposed.