Join us!

Here at the Daily, we pride ourselves on providing a unique experience in the world of journalism. As the smallest independently operated college newspaper in the country, a position at the Daily offers you the freedom to take on a large array of responsibilities. Whether you’ve been writing for your student paper for years or have never written outside of your English classes prior to college, we’d love to have your voice as a part of our paper.

If you’d like to get involved:

  1. Read on to learn more about our three departments, and indicate interest in joining one or more sections via the Google form linked here.
  2. Attend our open house in the basement of Curtis Hall on Sept. 12 between 5–8 p.m. Come explore our office, meet our executive editors and learn more about our organization. We’ll bring snacks!
  3. Attend one of our general interest meetings. We’ll formally introduce our managing and executive boards, and we’ll present an overview of each section. The first GIM will run Sept. 14 at 8 p.m.; the second will run Sept. 18 at 2 p.m. Both GIMs will be held in Joyce Cummings Center 270; you need only attend one.
  4. Attend DailyCon, our semesterly training event. DailyCon is mandatory for all new members of The Tufts Daily and will be held Sept. 25 at 12 p.m.

We look forward to welcoming you to our organization.

Editorial Department

University President Anthony Monaco answers questions from Daily Editor in Chief Kathleen Schmidt and Executive News Editor Joe Walsh in his office in Ballou Hall on May 11, 2017. (Ray Bernoff / The Tufts Daily Archives)

At the Daily, we pride ourselves in creating an environment where aspiring journalists can make a name for themselves with published content, regardless of their prior experience. Along with developing important skills in interviewing and writing, an Editorial position at the Daily will teach you valuable lessons in organization, leadership and more!

The Daily is divided into seven written editorial sections: News, Features, Arts & Pop Culture, Opinion, Sports, Science and Investigative*. Incoming members will begin as Contributing Writers. As they become more involved at the Daily, Editorial members have the opportunity to earn positions as Staff Writers, Assistant Editors, Editors as well as those on the Executive Board. 

In addition to our written editorial opportunities, the Daily offers multimedia positions in our Audio, Photo and Video sections.

*Members who wish to join our Investigative section must first complete at least one semester in another written section at the Daily.

Below, we’ve asked each of our Editorial Department Executive Editors to introduce their sections in greater detail. For more information about the Daily, please visit our about us page.

News Section

My name is Emily Thompson and I’m the executive news editor for fall 2022!

The News section publishes important stories on issues impacting the Tufts community and our host communities, covering everything from local politics and COVID-19, to live speaker events and campus activism. The section offers a welcoming space for new writers to learn how to equip themselves with the skills necessary to cover these stories, and provides a community for like-minded students to grow together in their journalism. There is no experience required; if you are driven to enrich our communities through reporting, the News section is here to train and support you.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or are interested in joining the News section! Please reach out to me at [email protected].

Science Section

The Daily’s Science Section: A place where STEM writers and Daily readers come together to rejoice in a common passion for great stories. Whether you’re a biology major, a computer science fanatic, a psychology lover or just someone who enjoys learning about fascinating, innovative and groundbreaking discoveries in science, our section is the one for you. We welcome anyone with any level of background or knowledge in the field of science to pitch and write engaging stories.

Our approachable and experienced team of science editors will lead you through the process of writing science for the Daily and most importantly, help you get your voice out there! Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

Features Section

Imagine having an hour-long conversation with a Nobel-prize winning economist or covering the university’s anti-racist initiative through weeks of investigation. As a Features writer, you will get to work on a wide range of topics that will touch and inspire your readers’ hearts, sparking conversations and inspiring changes on campus. As a section, we publish long-form narrative journalism pieces and columns that highlight people, places and events of Tufts’ four campuses and beyond, on a daily basis. 

Over the past school year alone, our section investigated the environmental injustices in Massachusetts’ sewage system, featured the Cummings School Farm, and delved into the geopolitical implications of the South Korean presidential election. In many regards, the breadth and scope of our section’s coverage reflect both the diversity of our team and our commitment to inclusive and equitable journalism practices. 

By joining the Features section of the Daily, you can not only develop your voice and skills as a journalist but also become a part of our kind and caring community of writers. You can join our section at any point during the semester and contribute as much or little as you like. No prior journalism experience is necessary, as we will assign you with a mentor to help you write your first article. If you are interested in joining the Features section or have any questions and ideas for us, please reach out to: [email protected]. We cannot wait to have you join the Features family!

Arts Section

Hi everyone! My name is Jack Clohisy, and I am the executive arts & pop culture editor for fall 2022. In the Arts section, we welcome a wide array of viewpoints on the beauty of music, dance, theatre, television, film and all other forms of artistic expression. Spanning all majors at Tufts, if you have a passion for the arts, we encourage you to join our section this fall. Led by a team of fantastic writers and editors, we will work together with you to help get your voice and opinion heard. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the arts at The Tufts Daily, you can reach out to me via email ([email protected]). We look forward to welcoming anyone interested in joining the Arts section this fall!

Opinion Section

My name is Reya Kumar and I’m the executive opinion editor for fall 2022! In the Opinion section, we cover current events from various angles — publishing opinionated content that pertains to the Tufts community and beyond. Our impassioned staff writers write opinions that represent their own viewpoints, while our impactful editorials represent the stances of the Editorial Board. Our weekly columnists contribute through their own poignant takes on topics of their choice.

Members of the Tufts community are encouraged to submit their own opinions through op-eds and letters to the editor. If you are interested in being an Opinion writer, an editorialist or submitting an op-ed/letter to the editor, please reach out to [email protected]!

Sports Section

My name is Keila McCabe and I’m the executive sports editor for fall 2022. Here in Sports we cover all things from fantasy football to the Tufts volleyball team upsetting the No. 1 seed in the country last year in NCAAs. If you like reading or writing sports, joining our section gives you the opportunity to do just that. We assign writers Tufts sports to cover, offer the chance to write biweekly columns on a sports topic of your choice and also just leave a space open to pitch whatever, whenever. Our goal is to build an inclusive and creative team that’ll bring diverse and prevalent sports content to our Tufts community. If this sounds of interest to you, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected]. Go ’Bos.

Video Section

I’m Julia Carpi and I’m excited to be the executive video editor for fall 2022! The Video section is the perfect place for students looking to explore all facets of video journalism including production, interviewing and editing. We publish video content ranging from student experiences at Tufts to news reports of events in the greater Boston area. The video section is uniquely flexible, both in terms of commitment and contribution. If you’re passionate about videomaking, or want to collaborate with other sections of the Daily to produce fun multimedia content, shoot me an email at [email protected].

Photo Section

We are Ian Lau and Natalie Brownsell, and we’re excited to be the Daily’s executive photo editors for fall 2022! In the Photo section, we are mainly responsible for supplementing the written aspect of articles with portrait, action and related photography. If you’re interested in photojournalism, film, photography or anything in between, then this is the perfect section for you!

Daily photographers have tremendous freedom to pursue the creative projects and assignments they’re most interested in, and no prior experience is necessary. We’d be more than happy to provide camera equipment from our office and will be organizing various skills workshops throughout the semester. If you are remotely interested in joining a close-knit group of passionate photojournalists or have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]!

Audio Section

My name is Aaron Klein and I am the executive audio producer for fall 2022. The Audio section allows for stories to be reported in creative and nontraditional ways. Audio’s main method of storytelling is through podcasts. In the past, these podcasts have pertained to news, sports, investigation and more; however, podcasts as a medium allow for the coverage of anything and everything, so no topic is off the table! While podcasts are currently the primary focus of Audio, we are always looking to expand and find new ways to incorporate audio content into other facets of the Daily.

If you are interested in creative reporting, editing, producing, hosting, pitching a new project or are just curious to see what Audio is about, this is the section for you! No prior audio experience is necessary to join. If you are interested in joining the Audio section or have any questions, please reach out at [email protected]!

Intentionality and Inclusivity Committee

Our names are Odessa Gaines and Avery Hanna, and we’re the co-chairs of the Intentionality and Inclusivity Committee. I&I is a team of students dedicated to making the Daily and our reporting more diverse, equitable and fair. We are constantly looking to start up new initiatives to pursue this goal — so if you have an idea you want to implement, there is space on our committee for you to do so! Some past and current projects include building and maintaining an institutional memory log documenting issues that arose in the Daily’s coverage and what we learned from them, leading section trainings about ethical journalism practices, and working with the managing board during production to advise on last minute questions about our content.

We also work to spark discussions around intentionality and inclusion within the Daily and beyond by hosting events and organizing partnerships with other campus organizations. Whether you just joined the Daily or have years of experience, we would love to have you on our team! Commitment levels are flexible — we only meet once a week and it’s up to you what projects you want to work on. If you have questions, are interested in joining the committee, or just have suggestions you’d like to share with us, you can contact us at [email protected].

Education Committee

The Education Committee supports journalism education initiatives at the Daily, offering trainings and curating resources for new and old members. This semester, the committee hopes to organize workshops and individual consultations for reporters seeking to improve their journalistic skills. We will also continue compiling resource guides.

As Tufts does not have a journalism major, the Education Committee is in a unique position to offer training and resources for new and returning members of the Daily. The committee was created with the mission of fostering growth at the Daily, preserving institutional memory and holding staff accountable for quality reporting and writing.

The committee meets weekly. Members will determine a mutually convenient meeting time at the start of the semester. Reach out to Skyler Goldberg ([email protected]) if you are interested in joining the committee or would like to suggest an idea for an education initiative!

Production Department

Behind the scenes in The Tufts Daily office in the basement of Curtis Hall on Sept. 1, 2014, the night before the first fall issue. (Nicholas Pfosi / The Tufts Daily Archives)

Being the smallest independent daily college newspaper in the country, the Daily provides a unique opportunity for students to experience firsthand the production process and what goes into putting the paper in your hands, inbox and social media feed every day. Joining the Production Department is a fantastic way to learn and develop useful skills such as project management, copy editing, graphic design, social media analytics and much more!

The Production Department is split into five sections — Layout, Newsletter, Graphics, Copy and Social Media — all of which require no experience to join, and offer opportunities to become editors and executive editors in coming semesters. Below, we’ve asked our Production Department Executive Editors to introduce themselves and their sections in more detail!

Layout Section

Ever wonder how articles and pictures become a cohesive newspaper? Want to contribute to the final design of a paper at the Daily? We are Maddy Noah and Mike Kourkoulakos — the executive layout editors for fall 2022 — and we invite you to join Layout! The Layout section is responsible for assembling the final product that you see when you pick up the Daily each day.

We use Adobe InDesign to arrange the text and images in a visually appealing and reader-friendly fashion. No prior experience is necessary! Sign up for one of our weekly training sessions to learn how production works at the Daily. Interested? Have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more!

Newsletter Section

The Tufts Daily Newsletter plays an integral part in educating students, parents and community members as it provides a concise understanding of Tufts’ current academic, athletic and extracurricular events. The Newsletter section is responsible for creating and sending the newsletter via MailChimp while also focusing on growing its audience. Regardless of experience, the Newsletter section would love to have you. Please contact [email protected] to join!

Social Media Section

Social Media plays a vital role in increasing audience engagement and readership across the Daily’s social media platforms, including through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more! We play a big part in keeping the Tufts community updated on newly published issues and articles.

Regardless of prior experience, members of the Social Media section will have the opportunity to gain experience in public relations and communications, as well as learn how to use the publishing and analytical tools of various platforms. Members will join a growing section of cool, chill people looking to bring new energy to the Daily’s social media team. Please email [email protected] to learn more!

Copy Section

Hey everyone! We’re the executive copy editors for this semester, Rachel Liu and Chris Vergos. Our section puts the final polish on articles before publication, ensuring the Daily follows a consistent standard of style and clarity. As a copy editor, you’ll help review written content for grammatical and stylistic errors. No experience is necessary, by the way! This is a highly flexible section and you can decide when and how often you are available to participate.

Copy editing is also a great way to improve your grammar, to better writing skills and to get the opportunity to hang out with other copy editors. We’ll look forward to seeing you in the office, where you’ll gain a behind-the-scenes perspective of the newspaper production process and meet some cool people! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Graphics Section

Passionate about drawing, painting or graphic design? Want to join a team of enthusiastic, talented artists? Looking for something fun and easy with flexible commitment? Then you should join the Graphics department at the Daily! Members can choose to work on requests from a weekly pool, and they are also encouraged to pitch their own ideas for requested graphics. Graphic requests can range from illustrations and cartoons to maps and infographics, and can accompany articles as well as larger sections of the Daily.

Joining the Graphics team is a great way to showcase your artistic skills and make friends, but above all we help give the Daily a creative, eye-catching appearance. If you’re interested in joining our team don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and feel free to look at examples of past graphics on The Tufts Daily Instagram or website!

Business Department

Business Associates

The opportunity: Work with a business team to complete real-world and significant projects to best benefit The Tufts Daily by engaging with clients, attending meetings, analyzing data, strategizing and working on projects that interest you.

Description: The Tufts Daily’s Business Department is recruiting a squad of self-motivated and outgoing business associates who will be working with ad managers, receivables managers and the business director. Members will be responsible for completing projects that will help the Daily. Projects may include working with clients to fulfill advertisement orders, fundraising and problem-solving.


  • Initiate and foster lasting relationships with off-campus clients
  • Attend monthly department meetings to workshop sales strategy and discuss strategic initiatives
  • Support department’s strategic initiatives through research tasks, special issue distribution and other administrative support
  • Selling advertisements


  • Up to 8–12 hours per month


  • Eligible for the Daily’s Support Fund

Receivables Manager

The opportunity: Work with a business team to create a budget for the semester, make important financial decisions and complete real-world and significant projects to best benefit The Tufts Daily by engaging with clients, attending meetings, analyzing data, strategizing and working on projects that interest you.

Description: The Tufts Daily’s Business Department is recruiting a receivables manager. This person would be responsible for attending biweekly meetings with the business leadership team, maintaining our revenue and expenses and creating spreadsheets and invoices.


  • Initiate and foster lasting relationships with off-campus clients
  • Attend biweekly department meetings to workshop sales strategy and discuss strategic initiatives
  • Create and prepare invoices for clients
  • Negotiate and work out partnerships
  • Create and maintain spreadsheets that contain our budget
  • Send the payroll


  • Up to 8–12 hours per month


  • Eligible for the Daily’s Support Fund

Web Developers

The opportunity: Gain practical experience in web development and embark on a project of your own design that benefits the smallest daily college newspaper in the country!

Description: The Tufts Daily’s Business Department is recruiting a team of proactive and imaginative web developers and software designers to maintain and improve the Daily’s digital presence. The Web team (“section” in Daily lingo) is led by a Web Manager, who manages the section, sets its priorities, leads its initiatives and delegates maintenance responsibilities. Each section member will also propose and pursue a creative, problem-solving project of their own design.


  • Keep the Daily’s web presence running in good order, which centers on (a WordPress theme website)
  • Improve user experience on and other Daily sites through modifications approved by the Managing Board
  • Streamline workflow through creative software design in the Daily’s other departments (“Editorial” and “Production”)

Desired skills and background:

  • Comfort using fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience designing and managing a WordPress theme website
  • Interest in intersection of technology and news media
  • Relevant Computer Science coursework preferred, but not required


  • Up to 5-7 hours per week, at least half of which spent pursuing their personal project


  • Eligible for the Daily’s Support Fund