Blind Luck: Date No. 3

Created by Asli Kocak

Third time’s the charm! This time, there are juicy hookups and sex. Just kidding. This is Tufts, and everyone is nice and diplomatic and boring. But seriously, if you’re into wholesome connections and momos, read on. As always, please send us your friends, enemies, Marriage Pact misses or just anyone you want to set up to [email protected] My inbox is barren, guys, and we can’t carry the entire responsibility of making love happen at this school anymore. Alright, hugs and kisses. Please read our column.

Person 1:

The date began as usual. We have the formula down. Wine plus blanket plus Davis Square plus vague directions equals the perfect date. We have learned wine before the meal works best.

Person 1 explained that the date started with them walking to Powderhouse Park and sitting down for some wine. However, just a few minutes into drinks, it started raining.

To escape the rain, they went to dinner, where they split momos and a curry at Martsa On Elm.

“[I] suggested we get two dishes and then split them, and [Person 2] was like, ‘Oh, that’s what my family does, but none of my friends do that!’” she said. 

Their conversation covered a lot of the classic intro topics of a first date but eventually turned to discussions of the Asian-American experience as second-generation immigrants and being Asian and queer, according to Person 1.

After dinner, they went to J.P. Licks, where Person 1 was happy to find out that “one of [Person 2’s] friends was working there, so we got ice cream for free.” 

The date ended after ice cream, but not without a walk home.

“[She] walked me back to Wren, which was nice,” Person 1 said. 

When asked about Person 2, she exclaimed that “she had really cool makeup … I was like, ‘Wow, she’s such a cool person,’ she seems really smart, definitely well dressed.

When asked about a second date, Person 1 shared, “I would, yeah … she’s really nice. I want to get to know her better.” Luckily, the pair exchanged numbers, texted after and both agreed that they had fun. 

Looks like true love is on the horizon.

Person 2:

Person 2 showed up to this date with a fit and a half.

“I was wearing a green-pink flower mesh top, with a lavender sweater vest on top, white corduroy pants, Docs and a denim jacket,” she said.

But she was not the only one. “[Person 1] had cute origami earrings. It was adorable,” Person 2 remarked.

Even though this was a blind date, Person 2 had already taken note of Person 1 on campus before, saying, “She’s so cute. I think I’ve seen her on campus.”

We asked about the weather incident, and it didn’t seem to dampen pun intended  the spirit of the date.

 “[The rain] was kind of cute. I thought it would be worse [But it] was really a vibe. It was romantic,” Person 2 explained. 

The date went well for Person 2; she said, “I had a really, really good time. I was so nervous.”

When asked how it compared to other dates, Person 2 said it was not as daunting because, “In general when I go on dates with women, although I do get nervous, it’s less scary.” 

Person 2 agreed that dinner and conversation went well. When talking about if a second date was in the cards, Person 2 said, “I would wait a little bit and then ask …  I really like her as a person. I would hang out again.” 

Hope was in the air. Person 2 smiled and said, “She did ask for my number though…”