Coffee Talk: Uncommon Grounds

Following a 7 a.m. practice, nothing sounds better than a fat stack of pancakes. Luckily, Uncommon Grounds (which is on the way back from Tufts’ indoor practice tennis courts) in Watertown offers a fun selection of pancakes, waffles and french toast on their menu. I mean, what’s not to love about a menu packed with options like coconut stuffed french toast, cinnamon bun french toast and lemon ricotta pancakes? What made this even better was the fact that the menu offers gluten-free substitutes for all of these options; my gluten-free friend could actually enjoy something other than Dewick’s gluten-free french toast! Of course, Uncommon Grounds has other breakfast classics like avocado toast, eggs benedict and breakfast burritos.

Being the great students that we are, we placed our breakfast orders the night before so we would have enough time to eat our pancakes and make it back in time for our morning classes. Yet, choosing what to order off a menu where everything made my mouth water resulted in my scrolling through Uncommon Grounds’ menu for almost an hour. 

After studying the menu for way too much time, here are our thoughts: 

What I ordered: I ended up getting a short stack of the lemon ricotta pancakes, which came with two huge, fluffy pancakes. I ordered these with blueberries and strawberries on top which was the right decision; the berries were so fresh! To save a dollar, I added my own sliced banana instead of paying extra for banana toppings.What my gluten-free friend ordered: Even with all these gluten-free options, she opted for a yogurt parfait and declared it, “The best parfait I’ve had in my life.” She was in agreement with me that the berries were especially fresh. 

Drinks: My friend and I are suckers for Dewick’s hazelnut coffee with chocolate almond milk, so we were obviously excited to see hazelnut coffee on the menu. My friend ordered an iced hazelnut coffee with almond milk and also declared that it was “the best coffee of my life.” I promise we weren’t being dramatic.

What I want to try next: I am sure that next time we go to Uncommon Grounds, I will still be stuck staring at the menu for hours, but, as of now, I am left wanting to try the California eggs benedict which is two poached eggs, avocado, spinach and tomatoes on an English muffin with their homemade hollandaise sauce or their caprese egg white breakfast sandwich (egg whites, spinach, tomato, bacon, smoked gouda cheese and pesto mayo or chipotle mayo on a ciabatta roll).