Coffee Talk: Mr. Crêpe

Last year, as a first-year, Mr. Crêpe was my favorite restaurant. Ever. I could walk in at any time of the day and not feel bad about eating a crepe filled with Nutella and whipped cream; whether it was 8 a.m. or 8 p.m., a dessert crepe was always socially acceptable. After over a year of popping into Mr. Crêpe during almost every trip to Davis Square, I can now say that I am pretty experienced with making what to order a tough choice.

Coming back this fall, I was a little worried about how Mr. Crêpe would operate given the pandemic and COVID-19 protocols. However, on my first trip to Davis Square, I was happy to see that Mr. Crêpe had set up fun outdoor seating and had installed plexiglass dividers for their indoor seating. While I did make use of their outdoor seating when it was warm out, my favorite Mr. Crêpe experience happened over Thanksgiving break. 

Remember when Tufts graciously gave us UberEats credits to feed ourselves over the Thanksgiving break? (I mean, how could you forget when the “Tufts Memes for Quirky Queens” Facebook group was filled with memes about the faulty credits?) Well, I decided to use my credits for breakfast, of course. I ended up ordering two sugar and butter crepes and an iced coffee from Mr. Crêpe while staying well under my $20 UberEats credit. Then, once the crepes and coffee were delivered to my door, it was time to really finesse my order. On one crepe, I added Nutella, berries and bananas which I had grabbed from Carmichael Dining Center a few days earlier. On the other crepe, I got really fancy and added ricotta cheese (for which I was judged very harshly by my friends), blueberries and honey. 

What do I order? 

Savory crepes: The baby spinach, tomato and basil crepe with ricotta and an overeasy egg! 

How I finesse the menu: Honestly, after my little UberEats experience, I have been converted to the sugar and butter crepe. Adding tons of fruits and toppings adds up really fast. I mean, adding sliced bananas on my crepe costs $1.70 … meanwhile, I can grab all the toppings I want from Dewick or Carm and add them as I wish to a simple crepe for only $3.95. Also, if I just want a little snack, a sugar and butter crepe is super good on its own! 

What I want to try next: The apple crisp crepe which is a crepe with applesauce, toasted almonds, graham cracker crumbs and a scoop of ice cream!