Coffee Talk: Revival Cafe

Kayla Drazan / The Tufts Daily

Finding a time to coerce my friends into eating breakfast with me is already tough, but what makes it even harder is finding a place that has gluten-free and vegetarian options! Generally, my gluten-free friend is left settling for a yogurt parfait — or just a coffee — when we go out for breakfast. Luckily, we realized that Revival Cafe + Kitchen, that small cafe with a mural that we always pass as we drive through Davis Square, has a menu full of fun breakfast sandwiches, gluten-free options and coffee. While Revival does serve yogurt parfaits, its gluten-free menu extends to oat toast with almond butter, banana and honey, overnight oats, zucchini cardamom muffins, almond flour cake and even a kimchi bowl! Along with its gluten-free menu, Revival offers a variety of other breakfast sandwiches, pastries and coffees.

In the wake of the pandemic, customers have to place their orders online at Revival Cafe. Orders are typically ready within 15 minutes; however, my order was ready in about five! Given that the cafe is within walking distance of campus, I recommend placing your order as you walk to Davis, and it should be ready once you get there. Another step that Revival Cafe has taken to be COVID-19 safe is to close its indoor seating and instead open up an outdoor seating area. My friends and I were planning to eat back on campus, but seeing Revival’s cute outdoor seating, we decided to eat there. 

What are my hot takes? 

What I ordered: The Plain Jane (egg and Monterey Jack on Revival’s homemade muffin) with egg whites. The sandwich was so simple, yet so good! The muffin was basically a better, less dry version of a croissant, and unlike every other breakfast sandwich place I’ve ever been to, substituting egg whites was free! 

What I want to try next: The Bagelicious: egg whites, a “broccoli situation,” cheddar and spicy aioli, all on Revival’s house-made bagel. I think I would order this just to find out more about this “broccoli situation.” 

Coffee: I was feeling basic and just got an iced coffee with lots of oat milk, and it was really good! I would order the same coffee again; however, the coffee menu is full of drinks like the toasted coconut almond mocha and the iced praline crunch latte which I might need to try! 

Pastry: Revival’s mudslide cookies are gluten-free chocolate walnut cookies that look delicious!