Coffee Talk: Dewick MacPhie Dining Center

Kayla Drazan / The Tufts Daily

Everyone talks about Carmichael Dining Center’s breakfasts (which are great, I mean … they have fresh berries every morning). However, Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center doesn’t get enough credit for its breakfasts.

In wake of the pandemic, Dewick has undergone some changes. Some of the things I miss the most include the cereal section, the toast and panini bar, the soft serve machine and of course, Sundae Sundays. However, some changes that the dining hall has implemented have been pretty fun. I’m personally a fan of the individually packaged Greek yogurts, chia seed puddings and the occasional smoothies that Dewick now offers. As it looks like the COVID-19 restrictions may change next fall, I am not sure how the dining halls will look, but I certainly hope they will continue to allow students to leave the dining halls with their food. It’s always nice to be able to eat outside or, if you’re low on meal swipes like I am, to take extra food back to your room. 

Here are some of my favorite things from Dewick: 

Savory: If I am in the mood for something savory, I will pick up an everything bagel, eggs (preferably fried eggs), spinach and roasted tomatoes. Then, I will assemble my own bagel sandwich. While nothing beats the bagel sandwiches from Bagelsaurus and Davis Square Donuts & Bagels, these DIY sandwiches are a close second — or third!

Sweet: My go-to sweet breakfast is pancakes (or gluten-free french toast) topped with vanilla Greek yogurt, bananas, cinnamon and berries if possible. My friends usually make fun of me for putting yogurt on my pancakes, but I definitely recommend trying it! I can proudly report that I have even converted a former skeptic into a pancake and Greek yogurt fan.

Coffee: I have recently come across a new coffee combo that can be created at Dewick: Hazelnut coffee with chocolate almond milk. The coffee itself smells like roasted hazelnuts and adding chocolate almond milk to it gives off major Nutella vibes. 

How I finesse Dewick: I think ahead. In order to conserve my dwindling meal swipes, I usually try to pick up extra food that I can snack on later or eat for lunch. For example, I ask for non-toasted bread or bagels to use for sandwiches and bring back extra yogurts and cereals to my room. This may seem extreme, but I even ask for extra pancakes and take them back to my room where I stick them in the freezer. The following morning, I throw them in the microwave for a minute and 30 seconds and they are good to go!