Coffee Talk: Blackbird Doughnuts

Kayla Drazan / The Tufts Daily

With 61,500 Instagram followers (@blackbirddoughnuts), Blackbird Doughnuts is something everyone must try at least once while in the Boston area. Blackbird has multiple locations throughout Boston, including one in Harvard Square. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to leave campus (in a socially distanced way, of course), go grab a doughnut from Blackbird! A quick glance at the shop’s Instagram highlights tons of fun doughnuts. In addition to the classic doughnuts that it offers year-round, its March menu includes flavors such as mint chocolate chip, tiramisu and Irish soda bread, among others. Seriously, these doughnuts put Dunkin’s to shame.

Arriving at Blackbird for the first time, I was impressed with the compliance with COVID-19 guidelines. Customers waited in a socially distanced line and markers on the floor signaled where they should stand. After placing your order, you are quickly handed your doughnuts and directed outside, where Blackbird offers a few tables for outdoor seating. With the beautiful weather we have been seeing recently, who wouldn’t want to sit outside while enjoying the best doughnut of their life?

Besides their unique doughnuts, Blackbird Doughnuts’ menu is quite extensive. Like any worthy doughnut shop, Blackbird offers hot and iced coffee, cold brew and teas. But its menu gets a little bit adventurous with options like the apple cider slushie or the frozen hot chocolate (my roommate ordered a frozen hot chocolate and she gives it very fond reviews!).

Here are my hot takes:

The best doughnut: The tiramisu doughnut was phenomenal. It is stuffed with the perfect amount of coffee cream and topped with coffee icing, powdered sugar and cocoa powder. I rate it 10/10 for sure. 

What I want to try next: Every month, Blackbird offers new doughnut flavors on its monthly menu, which often center around that month’s holidays. For example, the Irish soda bread doughnut corresponded with St. Patrick’s Day. So, I am waiting to see what is on its April menu. Perhaps some Easter-inspired doughnuts? I will definitely be going back to try any new flavors! 

How I finessed the menu: This is a hot take for sure, but the best part about Blackbird is that you can add soft serve ice cream to any drink on the menu. Of course, I added soft serve to my cold brew coffee and it was possibly the best coffee I’ve ever had. Inspirational. Game-changing. I mean, it was basically a milkshake!