Coffee Talk: Bagelsaurus

Kayla Drazan / The Tufts Daily

Sunday mornings are for bagels. That’s why, a couple of Sundays ago, I found myself biking through the pouring rain to Porter Square. I was on my way to pick up an egg and cheese on an everything bagel from Bagelsaurus, and I can attest: It was well worth it. If you won’t take my word for it, take Guy Fieri’s; the man himself visited Bagelsaurus on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (2006–).  

Partially because of the cafe’s popularity, and partially because of their responsible compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, treating yourself to Bagelsaurus requires some planning in advance. On weekdays, customers can order their bagels for pickup as early as 8 a.m. I recommend ordering before 10, because they sell out quickly. However, if you’re not a morning person, don’t worry! On weekends, customers have to place their orders a day ahead of time. Meaning, you can order your bagel before going to bed and select a later pickup time, allowing you to sleep in! 

So why do I go through all of this trouble just for a bagel? First of all, a bagel from Bagelsaurus is never just a bagel; it is an experience. Their bagels are light and fluffy; their eggs are just a little bit runny; and their cheese is melted perfectly. Every bagel I’ve had from Bagelsaurus (which has been many) has been accompanied by the most photogenic cheese-pull, and I have the pictures to back it up. 

However, the best part about Bagelsaurus is its menu. If you’re getting tired of menus limited to bagels and cream cheese or bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, Bagelsaurus’ menu is filled with innovations like the “Eggspañola,” which is stuffed with a perfectly fried, free-range, over-medium egg; Maplebrook feta; pimenton aioli; and parsley gremolata. They also sell baked goods and, of course, coffee. For anyone who is dairy-free: They have oat milk!

On to my favorite part, what I order:

The best bagel I have ever gotten: The “Classic Jumbo,” which is packed with a free-range, over-medium egg, Cabot cheddar and their signature mustard butter. I added roasted tomatoes and ordered it on a cheddar garlic bagel. The bagel itself was honestly the best bagel I have ever had and the roasted tomatoes were a game-changer. 

What I want to try next: The “Charcuter-Brie” which comes with French brie, fennel salami, salted butter and arugula. Personally, I’m planning to swap the salami for one of their beautiful eggs and save myself 50 cents!