Goldilox shop owners discuss new Medford bagel source

Lindsey Gaudet and Ed Thill, co-owners of Goldilox Bagels, pose for a portrait in the store on Sept. 8. Mengqi Irina Wang / The Tufts Daily

Goldilox Bagels, a new up-and-coming breakfast and lunch option in Medford, plans to celebrate its soft opening this Friday, Sept. 13. Established by Boston-based couple Lindsey Gaudet and Ed Thill, Goldilox Bagels will serve freshly-made bagels and coffee near campus on 186 Winthrop St.

Prior to making the decision to found Goldilox, Gaudet said that the pair had discussed the idea of opening their own shop for years.

“We had talked about having some sort of food establishment off and on for more than five years. Ed went to cooking school and worked off and on cooking jobs. I had a corporate America job and we would tell each other, ‘I just want a bagel shop, or I just want a diner!’” she said.

Thill has worked in food distribution his entire life, but this is his first time having his own shop. As the resident bagel-maker, Thill said that he has slowly modified and improved the Goldilox bagel recipe for years. Gaudet described Thill’s recipe as the right mix of all the characteristics of a good bagel.

“It’s a good mix of the right crust, chew, fluffiness, breadiness. Sometimes you get a bagel and it’s really hard, and some people like that. Other times you get a bagel and it’s super chewy, and other people like that. Ours is a good mix of all of it,” she said.

Their shop will be open mornings and early afternoon, with fresh bagels made on-site daily. Thill said that the Goldilox coffee is sourced from Massachusetts-based roaster Speedwell Coffee. With both espresso and drip coffee, Thill said that Goldilox will have a wide range of coffee options, including lattes and iced coffee. Gaudet added that they will also be offering chai from local source Boston Chai Party.

Because of the store’s proximity to Tufts, Gaudet mentioned that they are excited to interact with the Tufts community. Junior Nina Pittas met the couple earlier this year and said that she has been working with them soon after their initial meeting.

“I met Lindsey and Ed in February at a yoga event that my friend was hosting. They had their bagels there to advertise them in the Medford-Somerville area, and they were really, really good. They also had sea salt chocolate chip cookies, which were also really good,” Pittas said.

Pittas explained that she thinks the small business mentality of Gaudet and Thill creates a welcoming community in Goldilox.

“It’s really fun because it’s a husband and wife opening their own little bagel shop, and that creates a really nice atmosphere. I went to Bruegger’s when I was growing up, and while their bagels are really good, it has that big-chain atmosphere. The customer experience is not as good because it wasn’t a small business. Goldilox is such a nice vibe, and every time I go in there they’ve done a little bit more renovation, and it feels just a little homier,” she said.

Pittas emphasized that she was excited to find a small bagel shop that was near her, as the next-closest bagel shop for her would be Bagelsaurus in Porter Square.

“I never found any small bagel shop that I really liked until I went to this yoga event. Their bagels were there, and they were really good. They also had fun cream cheeses to go with them. And that was just bagels and cream cheese. With the toppings, I’m sure it would be even better,” she said.

As Goldilox is a small new business, Pittas talked about how Tufts students should come try them out and get to know the community there.

“You can try a different kind of bagel and also meet new people. Lindsey and Ed are really cool and will be around the shop a lot. They are very integrated in the community of their shop and won’t be behind-the-scenes owners,” Pittas said.

Across the hill from Goldilox stands competing establishment Magnificent Muffin and Bagel (MagMuff), a student favorite with a long-standing reputation among the local community as a quality breakfast joint. With lines that usually go out the door and down the sidewalk, its customers trust the quality of the shop. Tufts sophomores Grace Murray and Hannah Kerber talked about how MagMuff is widely known in the local area.

“We go to MagMuff because it’s close and it has an amazing reputation,” Kerber said.

When asked how Goldilox plans to compete with local bagel establishments, Thill mentioned that Medford does not have its own bagel shop where the bagels are made in-house, since most bakeries outsource their production.

“I haven’t heard of any other bagel shops in Medford [that do so]. MagMuff is not making their bagels in-house, for example,” he said.

Thill and Gaudet said that they are really excited for the opening of Goldilox Bagels after months of waiting, renovation and preparation. Adding to their case for why Tufts students should try Goldilox over Magmuff, Thill cited his background in the industry.

“Try our bagels. We’ve done plenty of market research. Our bagels are our own thing, and we’re right in your neighborhood, so come on down,” Gaudet said.