Failing Big: Back to the start

With the halfway mark of first semester upon us already, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on where I started this journey and to see how much has happened in such a short amount of time. This column is from my application to the Daily in September.

I’m interested in graphic design, marketing and the intersection of the two: advertising. Late last semester, there was a light at the end of the tunnel: a Facebook post in the Tufts 2020 group about a new marketing board being created that needed members. Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) was looking for students to help advertise their events, like Fall Gala and Spring Fling, as well as to establish a strong brand identity. It seemed too good to be true; I had just taken an ExCollege course on creating brand identity, and the majority of my portfolio pieces at the time were advertisements I had done for my internship the summer before. Truly a match made in heaven, club-wise.

Despite the two tons of rejection I was carrying on my shoulders, I applied, dutifully filling out questions about myself and my schedule (embarrassingly open). After an interview where I’m pretty sure I discussed my dogs more than my designs, I was offered a spot on the team. My failing streak was broken! I could accomplish anything I set my mind to!

Just kidding. While I was beyond thrilled to finally be a part of something larger at Tufts, other rejections continued to roll in. Plus, I still had the social deficits I had allowed my rejections to cause. My anxiety about sophomore year was eased, but only slightly. I knew larger action still had to be taken.

So this is me taking action. This Daily column is the third new thing I have applied for in the past week and a half at Tufts, after a sex health representative position and a job at The Rez, the latter of which is way too cool for me and — though I’m still waiting for the “We’re sorry” email — most likely a failure.

In the upcoming week, applications are due for 180 Degrees Consulting and the Tufts Community Union Senate trustee representatives. Am I ready to be burned again by two organizations that have already turned me down? Absolutely not. But will I be submitting those applications? Absolutely. As someone with nothing left to lose, putting myself out there can only set me up for success.

So that’s my philosophy for sophomore year. Instead of asking why, I’m asking why not. I’m putting myself in situations that I never saw myself entering, talking to strangers in class and attending (almost) every general interest meeting that comes across my Facebook news feed. And while I expect many, many more failures along the way, I have high hopes for where this year of “Why Not” will take me.

(If you were wondering, no, The Rez did not hire me.)