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Last updated: 5/3/2022 at 11:22 a.m. (EST)

Cases are declining on the Medford/Somerville campus as the spring semester comes to a close at Tufts with 7 new cases reported on Saturday. Currently, the 7-day average of positive COVID-19 has also decreased significantly with around 20 new cases per day, down from 30 the week before. The av

COVID-19 cases are on the decline following a surge on the Medford/Somerville campus. The university reported 25 new cases on Friday, down from 79 new cases on April 12, when Tufts set a record for the most positive cases reported in a single day. The previous record was set on Jan. 3 and April 8, when the university reported 68 cases in one day.

The average number of positive COVID-19 tests per day has declined almost 35% with an average of 32 students testing positive per day in the week before Friday. This on-campus rise in cases comes as COVID-19 numbers see slight improvements across the county and the state. Cases have gone down by around 3% in Middlesex County and around 4% in Massachusetts over the past week. A total of 322 individuals were in isolation on Friday, with many students reporting that they have been instructed to isolate at an off-campus hotel or in their dorm rooms.

Tufts announced new COVID-19 isolation procedures in an email to the university-wide community on April 13 as The Mods and hotel rooms used for isolation neared capacity. If The Mods or hotel isolation options are full by the time a student tests positive, their quarantine procedure will depend on where they live. The university announced that some students may be asked to isolate themselves in their on-campus residences.

Flora Meng


Location New cases 7-day trailing average 1-week trend 2-week trend % Fully Vaccinated
Medford/Somerville Campus (4/30) 7 19.86 -32.20 -59.12% -
Medford (4/23) 14 29.71 -34.18 +20 78% (3/24)
Somerville (4/29) 39 43.14 +12.27% -39% 82% (3/24)
Middlesex County (4/29) 802 635 +176.09% +14 79% (3/28)
Massachusetts (4/29) 3583 2696 +36.16% +30.43 78% (3/28)
Date in parentheses indicates date with most recently updated data. Per 100k and trends calculated from seven-day trailing average.

The Daily's COVID-19 dashboard is a collaborative effort that was started in Spring 2021 by Alex Janoff and Alex Viveros. Yanqing Huang, Flora Meng and Chris Tomo have since contributed to the project. Please email c[email protected] with questions about our reporting.