Coffee Talk: The Scoop N Scootery

Kayla Drazan / The Tufts Daily

What do I miss the most about pre-COVID-19 campus life? Easy: Sundae Sunday. First-years cannot understand the pain I have every Sunday night when I leave Dewick-MacPhie Dining Center without a fat bowl of ice cream. So once I found out about the Scoop N Scootery, which delivers massive ice cream sundaes to your door until 2 a.m., I was immediately a fan. 

When I say these sundaes are massive, I mean it. The smallest size on their menu is deceivingly labeled the “mini.” To put this into perspective, picture those white, round containers that Dewick uses to pack fruits in. Now, imagine that container filled to the top with ice cream and then topped with an insane amount of whipped cream and toppings. According to the Scoop N Scootery, that’s a “mini.” 

Besides being huge, these sundaes are so much fun. Like any good ice cream shop, you can build your own sundae by choosing from a list of ice creams and frozen yogurts. However, what sets Scoop apart from any other ice cream shop I’ve been to is their toppings; you can add classic toppings to your sundae like strawberries, Nutella and marshmallows, or you can spice it up with something crazy like blueberry muffin crumble, cinnamon Pop-Tarts or even cannoli cream! To make this even better, you can choose to add a “core,” meaning that they will stuff a thick slice of red velvet cake or a brownie in the middle of the sundae. To finish, you can choose one from their classic, Nutella or cinnamon-flavored homemade whipped creams.

If you are like me and easily overwhelmed by too many choices, the Scoop N Scootery does the hard work of sorting through their toppings for you and offering pre-selected sundaes. For chocolate and peanut butter lovers, Scoop has a sundae called the “4 Horsemen” that has peanut butter and Oreo ice cream packed with a brownie core and then topped with sugar cookie bites, chocolate chip cookie bites, Oreos and fudge. If you’re a fan of Dewick’s rice crispy treats, “The Garland” is a sundae with s’mores ice cream topped with marshmallow fluff, frosted rice crispy treats, doughy sugar cookie bites, fudge, graham crackers and whipped cream.

What do I order?

The best sundae: the “Red Riding Hood,” which is cookie dough frozen yogurt with a fat slice of red velvet cake, all topped with homemade whipped cream. I add “doughy bites” which are just pieces of sugar cookies packed on top. 12/10. 

Another one of my favorites: the “A La Mode.” Vanilla ice cream and freshly baked apple pie topped with a caramel drizzle and their homemade whipped cream! 

What I want to try next: the “Havana Banana.” Moose tracks frozen yogurt topped with cannoli cream, bananas, pie crust and tons of Nutella! 

How I finesse the menu: Order with a friend! Besides being more fun, if you order a “mini combo” and order two sundaes, you will save a few dollars from your sundae and can split the delivery fee!