Love It or Haute It: Flannels

Fall has been slow to arrive this year, but temperatures have finally started to dip. Symbols of fall are popping up all around us: Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks (and pumpkin spice coffee at Dewick!), pictures of apple-picking on my Instagram feed and crunchy leaf piles all around. Today, we discuss the classic flannel that is so very indicative of the cool fall weather. 

Beans: Flannels mean one thing: fall has arrived. And with the amount of flannel happening on Tufts campus, fall has definitely arrived. There is nothing like cozying into a nice oversized flannel, putting on a beanie and going out into nature. If you are outside in the fall but not wearing a flannel, you aren’t really taking full advantage of Boston’s greatest season. As my loyal readers know, I am a huge fan of stripes. Flannels, in a way, are a different and fresh take on stripes. The only difference is this pattern utilizes both the horizontal and vertical axis. Truly revolutionary and totally radical. When I look out over the Prez Lawn in peak November, I expect to see all the colors of the flannel rainbow. The flannel possibilities are truly endless. They keep you warm without committing to full-on jackets. And then you can stay in denial about how cold it actually is outside. Some say the winter solstice defines the start of the season, but I disagree. So long as people have on a flannel as their outermost layer, winter has not yet arrived. The collar also provides formality without sacrificing the fun flair of a patterned shirt. It can usually substitute for a white collared shirt when wearing a suit. So, grow out those Movember beards early, slip on some Blundstones, have a photoshoot at an apple orchard, jump into a pile of dead leaves, drink so much apple cider you puke and by golly put on a flannel and enjoy the fall.

Coco: Flannels are one of those clothing items that conjure up memories that make you feel as warm inside as the flannel makes you warm on the outside. I do not think that anyone would argue that they should be on the cover of Vogue for their high style, but I think most people can appreciate the perks that a good flannel provides. They are warm and cozy but make your otherwise couch-potato look slightly more presentable, which is always a plus. Instead of rolling up to class in your sweatpants and crusty sweatshirt, swap in a flannel and people will be asking you what the occasion is because of how impeccably dressed you are. Take this concept one step further and swap the sweatpants for leggings or jeans, throw in some brown boots and a scarf, and you’ve got yourself looking like a true fall girl on Instagram! Congratulations! All in all, I think that the flannel is truly an item for the everyman. Whether you are going out to chop lumber or pick pumpkins, the flannel will not let you down.