Keeping up with the 617: Why the Dombrowski firing will be a good move

This entire Red Sox season has been a complete flop. Deemed a World Series hangover from their spectacular 2018 season, the Red Sox struggled to gain any momentum and are currently sputtering toward the finish line as injuries and poor play begin to pile up. Fans and bloggers alike believed the Sox would see the writing on the wall and catch fire in the dog days of the MLB season. Instead, the team looked deflated each night, and their bullpen struggled to close games down the stretch.

Meanwhile, Dave Dombrowski — better known as Dealin’ Dave — made one minor move at the trade deadline, which blew up in his face as Andrew Cashner was nothing more than a dumpster fire.

Dombrowski then had the AUDACITY to request for an extension after sitting on his hands during the deadline. Since his contract is up at the conclusion of this season, the Red Sox are going to let him walk anyways, due to a lackadaisical effort this calendar year. Parting ways with Dombrowski makes sense for two reasons, one being that the Red Sox farm system was so depleted by Dombrowski while he was in office that we are left with just one top 100 prospect, Triston Casas, who hasn’t even been promoted to Double-A Portland yet.

In short, the farm system is bare, as Dombrowski emptied the Sox’s farm system to free open cap space for aces and sluggers as well as extensions for Xander Bogaerts and Nathan Eovaldi. Additionally, Dombrowski would’ve handled the pending free agencies of J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts terribly. In all honesty, keeping either of them will be a large headache, as the extensions of Eovaldi and Pearce are taking up some of the needed space on the salary cap.

Dombrowski would have handled this predicament with a careless attitude, and would most likely have trade Betts for a couple of washed-up veterans and a bag of chips. Meanwhile, he would have been stubborn toward Martinez’s camp,and offer him just a tad above what he earned a year earlier. Not what you want to see out of a successful general manager like Dombrowski.

Now, with Dombrowski out of the picture, the Red Sox have earned a clean slate heading into the 2019 offseason and are hopeful to increase their prospect pool and retain key offensive players. The vacant General Manager (GM) spot in Boston will most likely be a difficult job to fill; the predicament the Red Sox have heading into the offseason is not ideal. Two-star players are hounding the front office to make decisions regarding their contract statuses, and the fanbase is critiquing every move the Red Sox make.

But a new GM that will build up the farm system — while still creating a team that is capable of competing for a wild card spot — is beneficial for the Sox. A reformed bullpen, as well as some back end starters for the rotation, are much needed for the next season, as well as the inclusion of Betts or Martinez in the lineup.

But letting Dombrowski walk was ultimately a smart move for the front office, as the team gets a clean slate in the GM position and is hopeful of gaining more prospects to gear up for another World Series run in the future years.