Love it or Haute it: Chunky sneakers

Chunky shoes are the rage these days. They come in all different sizes and variations: chunky sneakers, boots, heels and sandals. But the sneakers seem to have risen above the rest and asserted themselves as an essential item for celebrity and hypebeast street style. So today we, Coco (Colette) and Beans (Madison), decide: Do we love it or haute it?

BEANS: Honestly, I’m not sure I will ever truly see how the chunky sneaker is fashionable. If the chunky sneaker is high fashion, call my dad Yves Saint Laurent. He’s been rocking those Walmart kicks since before the hypebeasts knew their ABCs. So my question is, why? Why spend so much money in order to look like my dad, Dan the man, circa 2002? I’d like to see these hypebeasts’ budgets because these shoes are in no way practical or economical. Think about a classic sneaker. What can’t you wear with it? Jeans, leggings, suits, dresses, all looks are complemented with any kind of sneaker, except those of the chunky variety. With a chunky shoe, you’re basically limited to wearing vintage Dickies pants or ripped flare jeans. This is simply an impractical choice. I guess if your goal is to continually flex on your peers, go crazy and get a chunky sneaker. For me though, when I see chunky shoe, I am honestly confused and concerned. They simultaneously show how much money people are willing to waste, while also looking as cool as my dad. So go off I guess?

COCO: Initially, I did not love the chunky-sneakers look. I have always been a big fan of chunky: chunky boots, heels, earrings and sandals. However, I just thought that these sneakers, affectionately called “dad” sneakers, ruined otherwise cute outfits. I am happy to say that my opinion on these sneakers has since changed. Numerous celebrities, namely Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, have been spotted stomping the streets in these kicks and I think I speak for many when I say that they truly sold the look. I am especially a fan of sneakers with thick platforms and think they can complete an outfit and give it a sporty, casual vibe. I think that my vertically challenged friends would really enjoy an chunky shoes because they could give them a few more inches. For example, my friend Beans, my column co-writer, has somewhat of a short frame, although she will tell you that she is average (5’4” on a good day, but realistically 5’3”). The extra few inches she would gain wearing a chunky sneaker may be just enough for her height to match her big personality. Finally, a chunky sneaker is in fact a sneaker. So, all the comfort and support you find in your cozy pair of Asics, you could also find in your chunky pair of sneakers, while also making a fashion statement.