All in good taste: Bagelsaurus review


I am almost appreciative of the long line outside of Bagelsaurus that winds its way around the street in Porter Square. After a slow start to my Sunday morning, I’m eager for any excuse to prolong starting my homework.

My first piece of advice regarding Bagelsaurus is not to be discouraged by the line. There is almost always a line, particularly on weekends. I can assure you it is worth the wait. If you do want to skip the line, either go on a weekday or try and go between 1 and 2 p.m. There will, however, be fewer bagel options during this time. Also, don’t go after 2:30 p.m.! Even though the small shop closes at 3 p.m., they can run out of bagels beforehand, meaning the shop will close early. I have made this blunder myself, and there is no pain more agonizing than arriving at Bagelsaurus and seeing the “sold out” sign posted on the door. As for transportation, Porter is one T stop away from Davis Square, a 10-minute car ride and, if you are feeling extremely ambitious, about a 30-40-minute walk from campus.

Now that I have the logistics out of the way, on to the bagels. There is a reason that the bagels have been listed in Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston multiple times. They are mouthwateringly good. I honestly feel you cannot go wrong with any of the sandwich options. I typically opt for the “Classic Jumbo” on a cheddar garlic bagel, which consists of a fried egg, Cabot cheddar cheese and mustard butter, and I add avocado to the order.

On my most recent visit, after waiting about 15 minutes in the line I eagerly order my regular choice at the counter and my friend opts for a chicken salad sandwich, which includes dill, currants, dijonnaise, housemade pickles, leaf lettuce and red onion. There are metal cups and a water cooler, but also juice and coffee can be ordered to accompany your bagel. There are only a few small two-person tables. Instead of hovering and pouncing as soon as someone stands up (which is a completely viable option), my friend and I wait for our food before crossing the street to a small church with steps that make for convenient perches.

At this point, I had spoken about the wonder that is a Bagelsaurus to my friend on too many occasions. I know that she is cynical, and I wait expectantly for her first bite. After a long pause, she sighs with content resignation and admits that there are “no words.” Satisfied, I dig into my own sandwich. I couldn’t agree more with my friend’s evaluation. Bagelsaurus sandwiches are a masterful mix of flavors. The bagel itself is neither too chewy nor too hard. Having received the needed sustenance to begin a grueling day of homework, my friend and I reluctantly return to campus, but we know there will always be next Sunday.