Wonder Women: Ashima Shiraishi

If you’ve bought a CLIF BAR recently, you may have noticed that the iconic brand has released limited packaging featuring six world-class women athletes. One of those athletes is Ashima Shiraishi, a remarkable 19-year old Japanese American rock-climber who many refer to as the future of the sport.

Keeping up with the 617: 2020 Celtics Mock Draft

The Boston Celtics hold three first round picks this year, which is not uncommon for general manager Danny Ainge. The Celtics will most likely be aggressive on Wednesday.

2020 NBA Mock Draft: Uncertainty at the top

The 2020 NBA draft is coming up, and, like with this year’s free agency class, there is a lack of star power near the top. There are plenty of 'boom or bust' prospects, and this mock draft will try to find the perfect home for this year’s top rookies.

Sharp from the Sofa: Underappreciated greatness of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl champion and two time MVP. He’s also the most talented and criminally underrated quarterback in NFL history. After yesterday’s Week 10 game against the Jaguars, Rodgers is 10 touchdown passes away from joining the 400 touchdown pass club.

Jumbos garner MLB attention

Junior Peter DeMaria and senior Ryan Daues have attracted attention from scouts in many Major League Baseball organizations. These major league aspirations are monumental for a program that has only had three players drafted to play professional baseball in its history. 

Hoops Traveler: The world’s largest democracy

Bollywood. The Taj Mahal. Cricket. These are some of the things that India, the world’s largest democracy by population, is known for universally. But today, as a proud overseas citizen of India, I want to make sure basketball goes on that list, too.

NFL Week 9 Recap: Too close for comfort

There were many close games in Week 9, as eight matchups were decided by a touchdown or less. Somehow the Dallas Cowboys gave the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers a run for their money with a fourth string quarterback and the Carolina Panthers came within two points of the offensive powerhouse Kansas City Chiefs.

The Turf Monster: Fantasy football playoff primer

Read Aiden Herrod's own knowledge and conventional industry wisdom alike to deliver to you the ultimate guide to winning your leagues as we move past the halfway point of the NFL season into weeks which dictate the playoffs for fantasy leagues.

Keeping up with the 617: The return of Alex Cora

The re-signing of Alex Cora is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he led the Red Sox to a franchise record of 108–54 and finished the year with a World Series ring. However, his name was linked to the Houston Astros cheating scandal that rocked the baseball world just under a year ago.

LeBron won his fourth ring: What does that mean for his basketball legacy?

Now that James has helped to defeat Trump in the 2020 presidential election by working to stop voter suppression — closely following his fourth championship win in the same year — it’s time to reevaluate his basketball legacy.