The digital era’s new toxic relationship

Five hours. Two hours, 48 minutes. Thirteen hours, 7 minutes. However long or short our screen time for different social media applications may be, many of us are users of social media. These are platforms through which we can share ideas, express ourselves, spread awareness about certain topics, connect with other people and more.  But […]

The impunity of the wealthy: The Pandora Papers

Last week, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published its largest global investigation to date: the Pandora Papers. More than 600 journalists from 117 countries have spent the past several months reading through almost 12 million documents including images, files, emails and spreadsheets collected from 14 sources which reveal the hidden assets, tax evasion and […]

The strength of a mezuzah

When the first mezuzah was ripped from a Harleston Hall resident’s door frame, I had multiple conversations with my editor, considering an article in response to the heinous act of cowardice. However, due to Tufts’ swift response to the action, and my unfortunate status as a busy second-year biomedical engineer, I eventually decided that, although […]

We have ignored the nuances of government, and people at the border are suffering as a result

Before being elected into office, President Joe Biden promised to bring urgent change to America’s broken immigration and asylum system. In short, our current president pledged to the public that within his first 100 days, he could undo the cruel and senseless policymaking of the prior four years. Very high on his laundry list of […]

Intersectionality in the face of tragedy

In June, 22-year-old Gabby Petito and her fiance Brian Laundrie embarked on a cross-country road trip. For the majority of the trip, Petito maintained regular contact with her friends and family, but her communication abruptly stopped at the end of August. Laundrie returned home from the road trip alone on Sept. 1, offering no mention […]

“Lang lebe die Königin” — Long live the queen

Sixteen years in power. Only monarchs, autocrats and dictators last this long in office. The exception is Angela Merkel: the German chancellor who has had exceptional success in navigating the many crises she has faced. Merkel has overseen consistent growth in the German economy, which kept the country firmly on top of all European Union […]

Widespread cases of institutional sexual abuse: Universities must do more to protect their students

Content warning: This article discusses sexual abuse and assault. On May 13, a federal class-action lawsuit was filed against the University of Michigan in response to the 950 former students that have accused the late university doctor Robert Anderson of committing acts of sexual abuse. Attorneys for the survivors claim it is the largest case […]

Why we love (and need) football

Our generation is the most well informed and technologically advanced in human history. We’re also the softest. Maybe it was the over-praising helicopter parents (thanks Generation X), or the participation trophies or the fact that social media can make a person’s actions when they’re 15 cost them a job when they’re 30.  Whatever the cause, […]

The exacerbation of political polarization in Canadian elections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called an early election barely two years into his term on Aug. 15. Trudeau triggered this snap election in the hopes of winning a majority in the House of Commons, thus regaining the party majority which was denied him in the 2019 election. Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Director Chrystia […]

Coup de théâtre in Beirut

Joy, disbelief, indifference or skepticism. These were the reactions of many Lebanese individuals to their home country’s recent news. After thirteen months of an inactive caretaker government, Lebanon finally has a new government. Following a year of depressing news headlines and worsening domestic issues, it may be the last chance for my country to set […]