Alumni Q&A: Amy Spitalnick, Part I

The Alumni Series aims to create a diverse collection of experiences at Tufts through highlighting notable alumni. Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length. Since graduating from Tufts, Amy Spitalnick (LA ’08) has worked as press secretary for lobbying group J Street and communications director for the Office of the New […]

Editorial: Tufts students should be better neighbors

The majority of Tufts upperclassmen live off-campus in Medford and Somerville, due to the limited on-campus housing. While Tufts students make a serious effort to get involved in community events and issues, the growing number of students being pushed off campus is increasing town-gown tensions. Somerville residents interviewed by the Daily expressed common concerns stemming from student […]

Op-Ed: Real justice in Palestine

As part of its Israel Apartheid Week, Tufts Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP) is protesting cooperation between American and Israeli police departments — again. SJP’s campaign is part of a broader one by Jewish Voice for Peace called the “Deadly Exchange,” which peddles a conspiracy theory claiming racist policing in the United States is the result […]

Op-Ed: Believe and Support Survivors

This past weekend, Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) painted the cannon with the Palestinian flag as part of their Great March of Return vigil “to mark the one year anniversary of The Great March of Return in Gaza, and honor the martyrs who have been killed.” On the morning of April 1, SJP members […]

Peripheries: The problem with ‘spiritual’ mindfulness

Mindfulness seems to have sprung up everywhere recently as a promised antidote to the burnout generation and constant pressure to increase productivity. Companies such as Google, Accenture and Nike are incorporating mindfulness into the workplace to boost creativity and provide an outlet for stress. It is undoubtedly beneficial for us to consider methods of stress reduction. Many […]

America is Dying: A growing distrust

The story of Christopher Duntch, known as Dr. Death, is unnerving. As a neurosurgeon in the Dallas area, Duntch botched dozens of surgeries, leaving his patients paralyzed, in pain and even dead. Scalpel in hand and with absolutely no signs of remorse, this man continued to practice for years despite seriously injuring 31 human beings, […]

Editorial: The Board of Trustees should have public meetings

The Board of Trustees wields a great deal of power in determining the future of Tufts; according to its website, “the Board appoints the President, who leads and manages the institution; approves the University’s mission and purpose, institutional policies and changes in academic programs; guards the University’s finances; and sets an example of generous financial […]

Spaceship Earth: Get mad about markets

As capitalism has grown and expanded in the past few centuries, it has sought new markets to privatize and sell its wares. Initially, land was a common market that became privately owned and then sold or rented to others. Labor also developed as a market, and under neoliberalism, aspects of our own individual identities have begun […]