Editorial: Tufts should prioritize students’ physical fitness

Exercising in college — everyone’s favorite oxymoron. It is an activity that most people wish to incorporate into their weekly routine, but are unable to, due to their long list of commitments and a lack of motivation. This is a sad reality considering the wide range of advantages that physical activity offers: improved mental health, […]

Op-Ed: Tufts Democrats endorse on Massachusetts ballot questions

The Tufts Democrats met to discuss the three ballot questions for Massachusetts last week.  The first deals with patient limits for nurses, the second with campaign finance and the third with transgender rights. The following are our endorsements: Question 1: Yes Ballot question 1 limits the number of patients assigned to registered nurses in Massachusetts […]

Red Star: What socialists want

A specter is haunting America: the specter of socialism. All of the rulers of America have entered a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Trump and his fascists, Chuck Schumer and the neoliberals, billionaire ideologues and FBI hacks. In the 2.5 years since Bernie Sanders’ candidacy reintroduced socialism to the American media, the socialist movement has grown dramatically. Socialists have ousted machine […]

Op-Ed: Tufts’ treatment of Facilities workers

Editor’s note: During the author’s time on Tufts’ grounds crew in summer 2018, he interviewed members of his immediate team tasked with maintaining the lower campus, as well as ground workers across the campus. This opinion piece includes quotes from sources who wished to remain anonymous for their personal safety. When prospective students arrive at […]

Anita’s Angle: Trouble for big tech

This earnings season, investors in public technology companies had to curb their excitement for the first time in a long while. Revenue growth is cooling down at Amazon, Google and Snapchat. Twitter is losing active users. Facebook is releasing its earnings report this week, and many analysts expect the trend of decelerating revenue growth from the second […]

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: Medford’s proposed bag ban does not go far enough

An Oct. 17 Daily article reported that Medford will likely be joining neighboring municipalities in implementing a partial plastic bag ban, affecting “thin film” plastic bags, by the end of the year. I’m always excited when a state or municipality takes the initiative to protect our environment, but in Medford’s case, I’m disappointed. Though it […]