What this election taught us Cartoon
Editorial: What the 2020 election taught us

While Biden’s victory may be a step forward, there is still much work to be done; Biden receives a broken nation rife with systemic racism, wealth inequality and political division. Restoration of American trust in democratic institutions will fall upon the upcoming administration.

The Countdown Graphic
The Countdown: The grift lives on

Trump may be toying with a potential 2024 run, but his money and influence in Republican primaries going forward will metastasize without any barrier.

DHS Proposed Rule Editorial Cartoon
Editorial: Protect duration of status for international students

International students are an irreplaceable part of the Tufts community; their knowledge and relationships undoubtedly better our campus and this country. Not only will the proposed rule result in an incredible loss of opportunity, but it will ultimately fragment communities integral to the growth of this country.

Weekly Rewind Graphic
The Weekly Rewind: Bundles be gone!

Billboard announced in July that it would no longer allow “bundles,” or the grouping together of merchandise and concert tickets with an album to increase sales. This decision, which went into effect on Oct. 9., was controversial, since artists often use bundles to ensure chart-dominating performances even with lackluster tracks and albums.

Op-ed: Why I am volunteering to give myself COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented, nerve-wracking times. We may be socially distancing, wearing masks and washing our hands excessively, but we cannot kill this virus without a vaccine. If we want a return to any semblance of normalcy, we need to consider human challenge trials.

Philosophy in Focus Graphic
Philosophy in Focus: Time to celebrate

In “The Theory of Moral Sentiments,” Adam Smith posits that there is a significant difference “between those qualities and actions which deserve to be admired and celebrated, and those which simply deserve to be approved of.”

Sobremesa: Why the youth vote matters

Just as the United States has transformed the spectrum of eligible voters many times in the past, Americans today revisit the question of who should be given the right to vote in order to restore political efficacy.

The Countdown: So, now what?

After days of staring at Steve Kornacki and John King explaining incoming vote totals, Americans from New York to Atlanta, from Boston to Los Angeles danced in the streets as the curtain closed on Donald Trump’s four years in office. Now what?

The Weekly Rewind: Music or sport?

Is going No. 1 on the U.S. charts something artists should strive for when making music? The short answer is no. This damages the intent and quality of music and the relationship between an artist and their fans.

Spring EPF Editorial Cartoon
Editorial: Extend Exceptional Pass policies to spring 2021

To alleviate student stress in the face of prevailing academic challenges, Tufts must extend its exceptional pass/fail (EP/F) policy to the spring semester in order to continue its trend of empathy and academic flexibility in this time of pervasive uncertainty and volatility.