Pretty Lawns and Gardens: What is it with 2050?

Time horizons should never be conservative, generalized or arbitrary, but ambitious, specific and planned. This is why attempting to make our world economy carbon-neutral and green by 2050 bothers me. Why 2050? It’s a long way off, it’s clearly arbitrary and it’s hardly ambitious. But perhaps it’s fair — 30 years to transform an energy […]

Editorial: A call for a more equitable course registration process

As enrollment time creeps closer, you can feel tensions rise. Every Jumbo knows that 15-minute scramble right before you hit the “Enroll” button, and that horrible feeling when the class you desperately needed to take is full — and so is the wait list. Senior year is a time to fill all those major and […]

Op-Ed: Trump administration’s proposed anti-immigrant rule hurts children

Overlooked in the weekly political chaos, a regulation has been quietly proposed by the Trump administration that will deny green cards to any lawfully residing immigrants who access key “safety net” programs. These programs — which include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Section 8 housing and Medicaid — […]

Takeaways: Looking

In his landmark work “Orientalism” (1978), Edward Said unpacks statements and works of many Europeans who say outrageous, hilarious or downright racist things about peoples of the Middle East among whom they see no need to distinguish. Of these, one quote stood out to me enough that I still think about it sometimes. This statement […]

Letter from the Editor

Dear Daily readers, With the busy lives we lead on this campus, it is all too easy to forgo our mental health. Approaching deadlines, exams and adulthood forces us to put aside our feelings, our pain and our sorrow for later. We learn to ignore it. We learn to tell ourselves it’s not a big […]

Op-Ed: ‘Hi, this is Ears for Peers, how can I help?’

Content warning: This article discusses mental health, self-harm and assault. “Hi, this is Ears for Peers, how can I help?” That’s how I start most of my calls as an Ear. Then, my main job is just to listen. With mental health crises sweeping the nation and hitting many universities especially hard, many people might be […]

Op-Ed: Take care, everyone

Content warning: This article discusses mental health. Let’s just acknowledge it: College can be a very stressful time of life.  Academic work requires time and attention; friendships and relationships need to be cultivated and maintained; summer jobs or internships require planning; and maintaining contact with family and friends from home is no small task.  As if […]