Repeal and Replace: Tufts Dining price gouging

Dear fellow students, There is something audaciously wrong with Tufts Dining. The organization feels emboldened and entitled to mistreat dining workers and price gouge Tufts students. As dining workers prepare to vote on a strike this week, I wish them luck and hope the university will finally make the right decision. Meanwhile, there are other […]

Op-Ed: How migration alters gender dynamics

Migration has the capacity to provide labor and education opportunities that can alter gender dynamics and shift power within families and societies. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), gender identity and the societal implications of gender “significantly affect all aspects of the migration process, and can also be affected in new ways by […]

Spaceship Earth: The positives of being carbon-negative

With protests and public opinion on climate change finally rising to impactful levels, the goals of these movements need to be defined. As we prepare ourselves for the oncoming conflict, defining what “fighting climate change” really means becomes critical for the creation of a movement with a clear and achievable goal. We must ask whether […]

Op-Ed: Transparency and the university budget

When housing prices increase, where does the money go? Why are we in a deficit, and what is the university doing to change it? Decisions made on our university’s budget are often obscured from student view. While of course there are some aspects of university spending that should not be disclosed to students, such as […]

America is dying: Language is key

The healthcare debate frequently takes the forefront of partisan politics, but there are many reasons why language like “Obamacare” and “Trumpcare” is problematic. Associating presidential administrations with entire healthcare systems creates bias and misinformation. According to a report by the New York Times, one-third of Americans do not know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act […]

Op-Ed: Transparency, Part 2: The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has wide-ranging powers, from deciding the new buildings that will pop up on campus, to establishing new academic programs, to selecting our university’s president. Yet, we don’t know much about them and rarely hear directly from them. The student body’s only points of contact with the board are three undergraduate trustee […]

Peripheries: Kashmir, an ongoing crisis

Last month, the deadliest suicide bombing in decades struck Indian-occupied Kashmir. Then, India crossed the Line of Control to conduct a retaliatory airstrike in Pakistan. This escalation of tensions between the two countries has been unprecedented in the past three decades. However, while this geopolitical dynamic between the two nuclear-armed countries should certainly raise alarm, […]

Op-Ed: Transparency and the student voice

Tufts prides itself on its students’ activism, self-advocacy for their liberal world view and desire to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, the university also stifles our ability to do great activist and advocacy work to make Tufts a better place. By keeping budgetary, staff and academic decision-making processes and rationale hidden from students, the Tufts […]

Editorial: Students should join workers in action for a fair contract

Last spring, Tufts Dining workers voted to unionize with nearly 90 percent of ballots in favor of joining UNITE HERE Local 26. Negotiations for a contract started in August, but the school has not agreed to many of the terms set forth by the workers. Employees and activists have found that the university is unresponsive to or […]