Op-Ed: Phil Miller for TCU President

I was catching up with Phil Miller earlier this year when I asked how things were going at the University of Oxford. He told me that parties are called “bops” at Oxford; I laughed out loud, and insisted that he bring them back to Tufts. He also mentioned that he had been elected to represent […]

Editorial: Advising should be more comprehensive

Pre-major advising in its current form does not provide adequate support to students who are deciding which classes to take. Though it is designed to help students find interesting classes before they select a major, pre-major advising often falls short. A single meeting with an advisor isn’t enough to give students a clear picture of […]

Op-ed: Shannon Lee for TCU President

I first met Shannon during my senior year of high school, when we were both assigned as “big sibs” — think FOCUS leaders with much less training but more posters — for a first-year homeroom. I knew her as the person who made the first-years laugh and get settled in, but little did I know […]

America is dying: A broken record

We pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest. We revere the robotic surgeons, the state-of-the-art medical devices and the high-tech operating rooms. The speed of innovation in modern society makes it difficult to keep up. We are very much so existing amidst a digital revolution. But, here’s the thing: More advanced technology does not […]

Spaceship Earth: Earth Day, nearly 50 years later

Although every day should be treated like it is Earth Day, the day we have officially designated to celebrate this space rock we all live on is now upon us. As we all take an extra bit of time to make sure we are doing the best we can for our planet and thinking about […]

Editorial: First-years should have the option to choose roommates

The Class of 2022 is the first class of students mandated to be randomly assigned roommates in their first year. The Office of Residential Life and Learning (ResLife) changed their roommate selection policies last year, hoping to group first-years of disparate identities and thus “broaden their horizons.” The policy takes the pressure off of incoming […]

Repeal and Replace: Tufts’ tuition hikes

In a recent email to the student body, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences James Glaser and Dean of the School of Engineering Jianmin Qu attempted to justify a mystifying tuition increase of 3.8% for the upcoming academic year. Beyond exceeding this year’s consumer price index increase by a factor of two, the […]

Editorial: Reading period is too short

It’s the end of the semester — classes and extracurriculars are winding down and finals are rapidly approaching. Before we know it, the libraries, Mayer Campus Center, dining halls and dorms will be full of students cramming for their final exams. Reading period begins on Tuesday, April 30 and ends on Thursday, May 2, giving […]