Op-ed: Food security is about more than food

From preschool through higher education, schools have a responsibility to nurture both minds and bodies. Students can’t learn well when they’re not well-nourished. After all, “alma mater” translates to “nourishing mother.” On the whole, our own nourishing mother, Tufts University, takes this responsibility seriously. But we could and should be doing more. You may have […]

Editorial: Tufts should revamp its credit transfer system to prioritize equity, transparency

Yesterday we discussed the deficits within the distribution requirement system, drawing attention to its rigid, inhibitory nature that prevents students from pursuing passions in depth. This exhaustive requirement, coupled with the clear difficulties in the pre-matriculation credit process, affects Tufts transfer students in particular. Transfer students who are already challenged with the college adjustment process […]

Funding Our Future: Freed of guilt, free to travel

I often feel paralyzed by money when I’m on campus. As a first-year, I’m on the Premium Meal Plan which allows me to eat all of my meals in the dining halls. I have $75 in my JumboCash account each semester which is just enough to do my laundry. But what about exploring Boston? What […]

Editorial: Tufts should reassess the distribution requirement to promote equal opportunity, academic freedom

Tenets of academic freedom and exploration comprise the core of a Tufts education. Tufts aims to provide this education through the Arts and Sciences distribution requirements, which entail the completion of two three-semester-hour-unit courses in five areas of study: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and art. These requirements help students discover new passions and […]

Shades of Gray: Faux-liberalism and colorblindness

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re black, white, green or purple. I don’t see color — we’re all human beings!” If I were a betting person, I would bet quite a lot of money that the vast majority of students of color on campuses across the political spectrum have heard some variation of this […]

Primary Colors: Tuesday may break Bernie Sanders

Tomorrow, voters will go to the polls in six states: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington. In total, 352 pledged delegates will be allocated, which pales in comparison to the nearly 1,344 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday last week. Last Tuesday, Bernie Sanders underperformed; there is no denying that. Moderate politicians […]

Primary Colors: The best 4 days of Joe Biden’s political life

Joe Biden first announced he would run for president in June 1987, only to bow out three months later amid a series of embarrassing scandals and gaffes. About 20 years later, he announced he would run for the 2008 nomination. On the night of the Iowa caucuses, Biden received no more than 1% of the […]

Op-ed: The art of protest

Works of art grace many buildings on Tufts campus. You can see them at Tisch Library walking past the Combined Degree Exhibition, on the second floor of the Campus Center, at the seventh floor of Dowling Hall and even next to Eaton Hall. Wherever you go on campus, it is not difficult to find artwork […]

2020 Vision: Super Tuesday shakes things up

As the dust settles after the biggest single day of voting for the Democratic primary contest, the field looks dramatically different than it did just days before.  To begin, there are fewer candidates. Notable moderate challengers Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped out of the race before Tuesday, perhaps due to their mathematical lack of […]

Editorial: Tufts must pursue post-graduation preparedness by adding ‘adulting’ courses to its curriculum

Although some regard academia as an environment detached from the pressures of the “real” world, graduation and the complex challenges presented by adult life linger on the horizon and minds of undergraduates. For many Tufts students, topics such as financial management, budgeting, taxes, retirement planning and other practical concerns seem unmanageable and intimidating. The lack […]