The Honeymoon Period: The most fragile coalition

For President Biden’s first 100 days, I will be covering this seemingly unworkable dynamic: a sclerotic Senate that caters to more conservative Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, an increasingly populist, left-wing House caucus and a president whose campaign relied heavily on the notion that he could get things done.

Conspiracy Theory Viewpoint Cartoon
A difference in opinion is debatable, a difference in reality isn’t

It is important that we unite against the conspiracy theories permeating American society. Even if government institutions are unable to build a consensus to condemn elected officials’ roles in spreading blatant, violence-provoking misinformation, we must set standards of accountability within our own communities.

Test-optional policies make college admissions more holistic, equitable

Proponents of standardized tests tout them as the fairest way to measure merit, serving as an impartial assessment of how hard students work. But, in reality, standardized tests are epicenters for cruel optimism and self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Op-ed: Tufts must condemn anti-Asian racism

For a community that often feels silenced, erased and rendered invisible, I demand that the university visibly and meaningfully support Asian students, educators and staff during these traumatic times.

Op-ed: An open letter to Tufts faculty and administration calling for lightening of coursework

Some professors and the university assure us that they value our mental health, yet demonstrate the opposite when they set the impossible expectation for us to complete a similar amount of work as in a previous, pre-pandemic semester.

Tufts administration, faculty must continue to support students during the spring semester

While the continuation of EP/F into the spring is an important step forward, it is also vital that professors respond to feedback from the fall semester and adjust their schedules and syllabi for this semester.

Op-ed: Making the right choices for the common good

You have an individual responsibility and a collective one. Choosing to follow the COVID-19 protocols will help keep you safe. Choosing to follow the COVID-19 protocols will also help keep others safe and increase the odds that everyone can complete the spring semester in person.

GameStop’s rise and fall in the not-so-free market, what it means for young investors

It is especially concerning that Robinhood, whose mission states that they seek to “make investing friendly, approachable, and understandable for newcomers and experts alike," isn’t supporting its primary clientele.

Tufts’ COVID-19 vaccination plan provides reason for optimism, continued caution

Jordan wrote that the majority of the Tufts community will fall into the third phase of vaccine distribution, which includes higher education workers and the general public. This phase is likely to begin in April.

Op-ed: Medford must act now to protect its residents from eviction

It is a terrible thing for anyone to experience housing insecurity at any time, for any reason. But allowing evictions to continue in the midst of a pandemic is a particularly egregious failure.