Letter from the Editor in Chief: A semester of growth and gratitude

Dear Tufts community members and Tufts Daily staff, I’m writing to you today to mark the conclusion of another semester at Tufts — and of my term as editor in chief of this newspaper. I’d like to use this opportunity to reflect on some of the paper’s accomplishments this fall and to recognize our staff […]

Op-ed: Protests in China reveal possibilities for change

​​On Sunday, Nov. 27, a rare anti-lockdown, pro-free speech protest broke out in Beijing. Demonstrators crowded the Liangmaqiao diplomatic district, holding up pieces of blank, white paper to show their opposition to China’s draconian zero-COVID policy. Protests also broke out in other major Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu following a fire in […]

5/11/2014 – Medford/Somerville, MA, 02155
Letter from the Editors: Announcing the inaugural Tufts Daily Diversity & Inclusion Report

The Diversity & Inclusion Report embedded below represents The Tufts Daily’s first comprehensive effort to gather insights into the composition of our staff and their experiences in our organization. The report was compiled by a group of the Daily’s current and former student leaders under the purview of the paper’s Intentionality & Inclusivity Committee.  The […]

Op-ed: Why Djokovic isn’t the GOAT despite Federer’s departure

During his trophy acceptance speech at the 2017 Australian Open, newly crowned champion Roger Federer acknowledged the competitive nature of the match against longtime rival, Spain’s Rafael Nadal in a simple yet meaningful way: “Tennis is a tough sport, there are no draws. But if there was going to be one, I would have been […]

Op-ed: Gun violence prevention — youth action in place of reaction

Talia Wilcox is a sophomore studying international relations. Content warning: This article discusses gun violence and mentions suicide. Only five students returned to my classroom the day after my large public high school received a bomb threat. One month earlier, the Thousand Oaks massacre had occurred nearby at Borderline Bar and Grill, killing 12 college […]

Op-ed: The 2022 midterms proved it is Gen Z’s moment. It’s time to seize it.

Mark Lannigan is the president of the Tufts Democrats. Want real change? Run for office. I wrote back in May 2021 about why it was so important and increasingly possible for young people to run for office. With the 2022 midterms behind us and a wave of progressive Gen Z victories under our belt, I […]

Op-ed: Massachusetts must do better on mental health

Justin Hong is a junior studying American Studies.  America faces a mental health crisis. Rates of anxiety and depression — especially among young people — are spiking. This burgeoning crisis has the potential to handicap our generation with long-lasting impacts. With the rollout of the new 988 mental health crisis number this summer, our country […]

Op-ed: The death of a monarch and the long shadow of empire

Tathagata Dutta is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History and a dissertation fellow at the Center for Humanities at Tufts for 2022–23.   In his condolence message to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II, President Joe Biden defined her legacy with the words, “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was more than a […]

Letter from the Managing Board: What you can expect from the Daily this fall

To our readers, Welcome or welcome back to the Hill! We at the Daily have been hard at work all summer preparing to deliver intriguing, engrossing, revelatory journalism to you this fall. Since a newspaper’s first responsibility is to the community it serves, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what you […]

Letter From the Editor in Chief: Welcome to the Tufts community

To the newest members of our community, Whether you’re a first-year, transfer student or new hire, it’s my privilege as editor in chief of The Tufts Daily to welcome you to campus and introduce you to our newspaper. First, I want to take a moment to recognize what a strange and special time this is […]