Letter from the Editor in Chief: Welcome back to the hill

Hi, everyone! My name is Alex Janoff, and I am the Editor in Chief of The Tufts Daily for this upcoming spring semester. As the Tufts community returns to campus over the course of the next week or so, I — personally — have started to make that oh-so difficult but necessary mental switch from […]

Letter from the Editor in Chief: End of semester reflections

Dear students, faculty, staff and all others that make up the Tufts community, The last time I wrote to you, in September, I was a bit more bright eyed and bushy tailed, a freshly minted junior not yet sure what the school year would bring me. I didn’t know what to expect in terms of […]

Op-ed: Mentors matter

Enhanced knowledge. An impressive resume. A high paying job. All these things come up time and time again when talking about what someone gets out of a college degree. But what about mentors? Taking advice from someone with more knowledge and experience than you may seem terrifying for many college students. But for some, finding […]

Op-ed: The vulnerable status of Roe v. Wade and the bleak state of American democracy

Content warning: This article mentions sexual assault. In the wake of the omicron variant threatening to paralyze the world, the story of the Mississippi abortion case is somewhat overshadowed. Yet, the Supreme Court’s inclination to uphold the Mississippi abortion law — one that would overtly undermine Roe v. Wade — marks a grave reality of […]

Op-ed: End the legacy supremacy

The past year has welcomed remarkable changes to Tufts. From the unfurling of its anti-racism initiative to its test-optional diverse applicant pool, the academic landscape is shifting more rapidly than students, and probably faculty, can remember. On April 14, another milestone was reached when the Tufts University School of Medicine eliminated legacy status from consideration […]

Op-ed: The progressive leader Somerville needs: Will Mbah for mayor

I moved back to Somerville to make it my home about a year after graduating from Tufts in the COVID-19 Class of 2020. I came back for the colorful three-story houses, the little libraries, the community gardens, the small businesses and the public art. More than all that, though, I came back for the progressive […]

Op-ed: TCU Senate: Silence on racism and antisemitism speaks volumes

On May 14, 2021, members of Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine painted the Tufts cannon as part of a vigil honoring the lives of Palestinians who died in the two-week-long conflict referred to by Gazan militant groups as the “Sword of Jerusalem Battle,” and by the Israeli Defense Forces as “Operation Guardian of the […]

Op-ed: I am once again asking you to build a dorm

Dear reader, I really didn’t want to think about student housing at Tufts ever again. I really didn’t. When I graduated two years ago, I left behind not only my lottery and off-campus housing woes, but also a little leftist organization called Tufts Housing League. We aimed to raise consciousness among fellow students that, among […]

Op-ed: A study on the ‘Arming Study’

Although debates on policing and community safety did not start with the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, which were the result of George Floyd’s murder and a history of police killings of Black men, they sparked a renewed and sharp focus on these two topics. Here at Tufts, this interest resulted in, among other things, […]

Op-ed: So close yet so far

I was partying in Paris the moment I found out that Tufts had overenrolled the Class of 2025. Speakers were blasting reggaeton as I heard the distinct ringtone I had set for Tufts emails. I took my phone out of my pocket and read the headline. “Tufts Class of 2025 Housing Assignments.” I skimmed the […]