Op-ed: Dear TCU Senate and TCA, mind your own business

Tim Buckley, the CEO of asset manager Vanguard, recently came out in support of his firm’s choice to not subscribe to environmental, social and governance investing. “Mr. Buckley … knows that Vanguard can’t promise to be a fiduciary to its clients while also committing to align its assets with the 2050 net-zero target,” said the […]

Letter to the Editor: Moral degeneration? Give me a break

When I read the first column in the new misCONceptions series, I was irked by it. This column’s authors surely knew they’d take a lot of heat for expressing their opinions and I admire that greatly. As much as one might disagree, they have every right to continue publishing their work in the Daily. In […]

Letter from the Editor in Chief: Responsible journalism in times of protest

The First Amendment ensures that every Tufts student has the right to protest through peaceable assembly. It is the same amendment that gives the Daily the right to report on any protest that may be relevant to its audience. To neglect to cover newsworthy student activism would be to disregard our responsibilities as a newspaper. […]

Op-ed: Join the global climate strike to end fossil finance

“An important goal of the conversion to oil,” political theorist Timothy Mitchell writes, “was to permanently weaken the coal miners, whose ability to interrupt the flow of energy had given organized labor the power to demand the improvements to collective life that had democratized Europe.” In his seminal work “Carbon Democracy,” Mitchell provocatively argues that […]

Op-ed: Pediatric hospital bed shortages in Mass. reveal a critical public health failure

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, another crisis bubbles just below the surface. Pediatric inpatient and ICU beds are at a critical level nationwide — capacity is strained to the brink as respiratory syncytial virus cases rise in parallel with a growing trend of pediatric hospital bed closures. From 2008–18, pediatric inpatient units across the country […]

Op-ed: Bashar al-Assad is manipulating you

Across social media, calls have been mounting for the U.S. and the EU to lift sanctions against the Syrian government. One particularly influential post, which accumulated over two million views in just three days, claimed, “the US and EU refuse to lift the sanctions which prevent Syrians from receiving direct aid from many countries. Remember […]

Op-ed: How Gov. Healey can go above and beyond on housing and climate change

Jacob Fridman is the president of Tufts New Liberals.  Massachusetts has a new governor: Maura Healey, who was sworn in earlier this month as the first elected female governor of the state and the first openly lesbian governor in the country. With her governorship, Democrats now have a unified state government for the first time […]

Letter from the managing board: Our semester in preview

Dear fellow Tufts community members, First of all, thank you for taking a minute to pick up this copy of The Tufts Daily (or for reading it online, if that’s more your style). We are excited to be back! This semester, like last semester, we will be publishing new content every weekday and printing once […]

Op-ed: Political unrest in Peru and lack of global coverage in media

On Dec. 7, 2022, the people of Peru were shocked to watch a presidential announcement on their televisions declaring the dissolution of Congress and the establishment of an “emergency government.” In an effort to remain in power, President Pedro Castillo resolved what could be deemed as a ‘self coup d’etat,’ hindering the legislature’s rumored plans […]

Letter from the Editor in Chief: Welcome back to the Hill

Dear Tufts community, Welcome back to Medford/Somerville, and welcome back to your beloved source of campus and local news, the Daily. My name is Julia Shannon-Grillo, and as the Daily’s 87th editor in chief, it is my duty to commemorate the new semester by sharing what I hope the Daily can provide for you this […]