Editorial: Study-area weekend hours should match weekday hours

The work ethic at Tufts is pronounced; study spots in Tisch Library, Ginn Library, Eaton Hall and the Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) are almost always buzzing with people. However, the open hours of these locations often do not meet students’ needs for quiet areas in which to do work. When dorm hallways are filled […]

Editorial: TCU Senate and ECOM should improve transparency and budget focus in elections

Among the expenses included in the cost of attendance each year for Tufts undergraduates is the Student Activity Fee; the fee for the 2019–20 school year is $382. While this fee may not seem significant relative to the total yearly cost of attendance, it adds up. Collectively, all students’ activity fees amount to a budget […]

Editorial: Democratize access to athletic training facilities, health and safety resources

Deep within the first floor of the Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center lies the Mugar Sports Medicine Suite, which houses two services: Tufts Sports Medicine and physical therapy services provided by the external group Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Associates (OSPTA). Upon initial review, these operations seem very different. The Tufts Sports Medicine Department provides ad-hoc […]

Editorial: Install radar speed signs on College Avenue and Boston Avenue

Most students on Tufts campus are aware that when they cross the street, they’re likely to get honked at and perhaps experience a near miss with a speeding car. At intersections throughout Medford and Somerville and across our campus, including one of the busiest intersections, the Boston Avenue and College Avenue crossing between the Memorial […]

Editorial: FlixBus should be a wakeup call to aid students in accessing affordable transport

Transportation costs, especially during the holidays, can be difficult for college students to afford. At Tufts, with so many students hailing from beyond the Greater Boston area, these costs can mount rapidly as transportation companies hike up prices during peak seasons. Recently, the private affordable bus company FlixBus made Tufts a stop on its Boston […]

Editorial: Tufts must divest to balance environmental, fiduciary responsibility

In an age of Greta Thunberg protests and Jane Fonda’s arrest, the effects of climate change have become widely known and are the topics of everyday conversation and classroom discussion. The global push to reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste is stronger than ever, encouraging individuals, universities and even nations to contemplate how their money impacts our […]

Editorial: Thoughtful, decisive, transparent leadership is needed to stem the tide of hate

Last week the Daily urged compassion and action in the face of hate. The discovery of yet another act of hatred at Tufts, this time targeting the African American community, compels us to write again on the treatment of hate on our college campus. On Thursday, Oct. 10, University President Anthony Monaco and Provost Nadine […]

Editorial: Tufts should mandate flu vaccination, improve logistics

During the early months of 2018, a particularly devastating winter, an estimated 80,000 Americans died because of the flu. The previous recent record death toll stood at 56,000. In some families, the idea of getting yearly flu-shots has been ingrained since childhood, while for others, the flu shot is viewed as something optional — unnecessary even. […]

Editorial: Tufts must reduce costs of on-campus dining options to increase financial accessibility

Tufts students budget for a wide array of items every year — everything from textbooks to housing. In the past, student outcry about the high costs has initiated student-led solutions such as the Tufts Textbook Exchange. Though these initiatives can be effective in reducing the expenses they target, many other burdensome expenses still demand attention, […]

Editorial: We must face hate with strength, solidarity and compassion

For the second time in less than a month, a Tufts student has been the victim of an act of naked, aggressive and invasive hate. On the night of Oct. 2, a student found a homophobic slur carved into their dorm room door. Just over two weeks ago, on Sept. 15, a student returned to […]