Editorial: Tufts must fight for fair prices for its students

You recognize the Barnes & Noble brown paper bags: the ones you’ve seen in the hands of passing students who’ve just purchased their psychology and Spanish textbooks or littering the recycling bins in your dorm. If you’re lucky enough, you might not have had to carry one of these bags, having found your books on […]

Editorial: Equal opportunity must mean equal access

Colleges are institutions where students of radically different backgrounds come together to learn, progress and grow to become leaders in society. Every student that attends university should have equal opportunity to experience the ordinary and extraordinary, whether that is going to the dining hall or attending highly anticipated discussions with politicians. Unfortunately, students with disabilities […]

Editorial: Sensitivity is necessary when mandating instruction in diaspora cultures

Tufts University prides itself on diversity, and when it comes to classes in non-Western cultures, the university does remarkably well about hiring instructors with roots to the heritage they teach. It is regrettable that this excellence does not extend to classes on South Asian culture, half of which are led by instructors of Western descent. […]

Editorial: Miller and Houston renovations left students in unbearable conditions

Throughout the past year, Tufts has renovated many underclassmen dorms. Given these recent renovations, it is apt to surmise that Tufts values safe and comfortable student living spaces. Though these projects resulted in beautifully modern dorms, last year, students lived through the renovations of Miller and Houston Halls, sharing space with dust and noise, dehumanized […]

Editorial: TUPD, stop infantilizing students

The Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) recently posted images of a mock swearing-in ceremony on its Facebook page. Chief Kevin Maguire, right hand raised, is pictured facing a stuffed toy elephant in police uniform. “Officer Jumbo,” the post reads, “joins us from the field of 3 ring entertainment where his final position was dignitary protection. […]

Editorial: First-Year Legacy Reception highlights Tufts’ elitism

The Tufts Class of 2023 matriculated into Tufts University on Aug. 28, and while the majority of the newly minted class spent time after the ceremony attending various seminars and bidding farewell to family members, a select group of new students and their families walked down hill to the Science and Engineering Complex, where this […]

Editorial Cartoon
Editorial: President Monaco, open your door

Dear University President Anthony Monaco,  Each semester you open your door to the Tufts community for office hours. You’ve written that “Office Hours serve as an opportunity for members of the Tufts community to participate in an informal open discussion.”  Unfortunately, your door is only open for one hour per campus per semester. Just this […]

Editorial: Hate on our doorstep

Saturday’s Straight Pride Parade, hosted by a group of far-right agitators called Super Happy Fun America (SHFA), was controversial, hateful and grim. Led by John Hugo and Mark Sahady, both from Boston, SHFA announced plans for the parade in June, shortly before Boston’s annual Pride Parade. SHFA continued to court controversy over the summer by […]

Editorial: Welcome Home and Welcome Back

Class of 2023: Welcome home. Welcome to Tufts University, to a community where — not to sound like an admissions brochure — you can truly be yourself. We’re doers and fighters, artists and entrepreneurs, athletes and poets, activists and scientists and much more. It’s into this community which you’re about to plunge for the next four […]