MisCONceptions: Introduction

America is dying. Whether you believe it is ill due to climate change, rising bigotry and predatory billionaires, or moral degeneration, family breakdown and a loss of unity may vary depending on your political ideology. However, we fear that in a time of increasing polarization, marked by the demonization of the opposing side in echo […]

K-Weekly: PURPLE KISS is back! 

After about seven months of anticipation, PURPLE KISS finally came back with its fifth EP, “Cabin Fever,” on February 15, 2023. At only 16 minutes in run time, this EP serves as a fierce reminder that PURPLE KISS is one group that will always release a banger with a sound so addictive that you feel […]

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The Strike Zone: Beijing’s precarious position

By transitioning from a centrally planned, collectivist economy under Mao Zedong to a free market system of “capitalism with Chinese characteristics,” China has undergone an economic explosion since the late 1970s, and many scholars see the nation’s continued rise as inevitable. China’s GDP per capita is quickly rising, and its annual growth has long outpaced […]

The End of the World Has Just Begun: The imperial backyard

Empires are built out of chaos, and when they fall, chaos often replaces them. As we soon may learn, this lesson applies to Russia and its periphery. Ever since the 19th century, Moscow has ruled over the Caucasus mountains, much of Central Asia and its Far East territories, and to this day has remained the […]

Ukraine at War: What is known about the spring offensive?

Kryvyi Rih, a large industrial city in Ukraine where my immediate family lives, is located 43–49 miles from the frontline, so many of the wounded soldiers receive treatment in its hospitals. Both of my parents are doctors, and our conversations about their work often leave me speechless. Recently, my mom was testing new methods of […]

Around the Corner: We cannot abandon nuclear power

Our efforts to fight global warming, while increasingly significant, have not been enough. The prospect that warming will be halted at 1.5 degrees Celsius, the boundary between the bad and the disastrous, is growing less likely by the year. Indeed, the World Meteorological Organization estimates that there is a 50% chance that temperatures will reach […]

The End of the World Has Just Begun: From fistfights to more?

In the waning weeks of 2022, a video circulated online of Chinese and Indian troops stationed in the Himalayas engaging one another with sticks as weapons. The clash happened near the Line of Actual Control in Arunachal Pradesh, part of the disputed territory between the two states. Although this belligerent behavior seems par for the […]

Winkler’s Weekly Symphony Guide: Mackey’s concerto saves the night

On Jan. 28, the Boston Symphony Orchestra finished the month with a familiar formula for programming at this point. Steven Mackey’s “Concerto for Curved Space” opened as the contemporary work, Dmitri Shostakovich’s “Violin Concerto No. 2” followed, continuing the BSO’s Shostakovich cycle and Johannes Brahms’ “Symphony No. 4” closed as the vetted canonical work. As […]

Ukraine at War: Ukrainian women share their stories of Russian captivity 

Within the Oct. 17 war prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia, 108 Ukrainian women returned home, marking the first all-female exchange for Ukraine. After months of Russian captivity, the Ukrainian servicewomen and civilians who came back in both this and other exchanges continue to share horrifying stories about their enemy’s military crimes. The conditions of […]

The End of the World Has Just Begun: Jalisco New Generation Goes International

In the frenzy of reporting on Joe Biden’s neglect of classified documents​​, the media seemed to forget about the president’s visit to Mexico. However, as recent news indicates, the backdrop of that event may shape up to be the most pressing threat to U.S. national security.  Before Biden’s arrival in Mexico, Ovidio Guzmán, a son […]