Ukraine at War: At Boston Marathon, Ukrainian athletes show resilience in midst of war

As Ukrainian military forces are preparing for the awaited counteroffensive, Russia continues to shell the country daily. Despite the constant attacks, Ukrainians try to live their lives, coping, in part, by collecting large sums of donations for the army and presenting the strength of the country not only on the battlefield but also in international […]

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The Strike Zone: China’s role in the Russia-Ukraine war

During the first year following the Feb. 24, 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, China maintained a neutral stance, as Beijing attempted to undercut democracy without provoking Western economic sanctions. However, China’s true stance in the war was put on full display in March of this year when President Xi Jinping visited President Vladimir Putin in […]

MisCONceptions: On Millie Bobby Brown and matrimony 

Editor’s note: MisCONceptions is a column with four contributors. This article was written by Katherine Brown. I didn’t think I shared anything in common with Millie Bobby Brown until recently. As someone who also got engaged at 19 and announced the news with a Taylor-Swift-captioned Instagram post, I’ve encountered pushback when people discover I’ll be […]

Around the Corner: The Case for an AI Ban

2023 is the year of AI. Tools like Chat-GPT, Midjourney and others have become ubiquitous in our society and popular culture; from South Park to Snapchat, AI has captured discourse like never before. The rapid advancement of technology has opened the door to possibilities that were once restricted to science fiction. AI’s recent developments have […]

The End of the World Has Just Begun: Western Europe goes under

President Donald Trump’s actions towards the United States’ Western European allies, such as his mocking of German energy policy at the U.N., left relations strained, with a lasting impact even under President Joe Biden, but this may have been because of a structural reason that no one saw. Namely, Western Europe’s place and significance in […]

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The Strike Zone: Brasilia — a modernist utopia?

Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, completed its construction in 1960 with the intent of using modernist architecture as a tool to forge a futuristic utopian society. The city was designed around urban planner Lucio Costa’s airplane-shaped “Plano Piloto.” A series of residential “superquadras” along the plane’s wings contained dwellings, hospitals and schools and were connected […]

Ukraine at War: Ukrainian women rescued 31 children kidnapped by Russia, many more still cannot return home

This spring, a team of Ukrainian women took a dangerous trip to Russia and Russian-occupied Crimea to bring home some of the Ukrainian children who were illegally kidnapped from the other regions occupied by the Kremlin. Although around three dozen rescued kids are now able to reunite with their families, thousands or even hundreds of […]

MisCONceptions: Don’t forget about local politics

Editor’s note: MisCONceptions is a column with four contributors. This article was written by Nicholas Rishi. The majority of Americans believe that the federal government should play a major role in issues such as healthcare, the economy, the environment, infrastructure, national security and more, according to data from Pew Research Center. Yet, since 2005, Gallup […]

Ukraine at War: Russia to station nuclear weapons closer to Europe

The discussions around the Kremlin’s threats to utilize nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine were seemingly fading, as for a few months, Russia limited its mentions of intentions to use them. On Saturday, March 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an agreement with Belarus to store tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. While Putin justifies […]

The End of the World Has Just Begun: What inflation?

Since the beginning of the year, the White House has been crowing about progress made against inflation, as recently as a few days ago. Unfortunately, even if the numbers do not lie — and there has certainly been discussion about the extent to which current calculations are truly representative of inflation rates — this story […]