Dreaming of Sandman: Still lost in the story

A story inside a story. Think “The Princess Bride” (1987) or when a rambling friend gets lost in the details of a night recap. “The Sandman: Convergence” (1992) arc is a collection of three stories with individual plots, connected with this concept. In “The Hunt” (1992), a grandfather and granddaughter squabble over a story that […]

A Better Consensus: Navigating a (probable) post-Roe world

It is highly likely that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will overturn Roe v. Wade and leave the legality of abortion to the states. The nationwide legalization of abortion could no longer be the law of the land. Twenty one states will automatically implement some level of abortion restrictions, ranging from total bans to enforcement of […]

K-Weekly: Fostering a community with KoDA

While I typically use this space to write about Korean songs and artists that I think everyone should be listening to, today’s column will center Tufts’ very own K-pop dance association cover group, while recognizing the community it has built.  The Korean Dance Association, or KoDA, is a student-run group that covers popular dances from […]

The Strike Zone: Urban China and the hukou system

During the last four decades, China has undergone a radical change, metamorphosing from a predominantly agrarian nation to a city-centric, economic powerhouse. The Chinese Communist Party has actively facilitated this trend of mass urbanization.  Since the early 1980s, more than 260 million rural workers have migrated to urban areas, and by 2030, one billion people […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Barbie has a nightmare

Barbie sees a talking dog, Martin Tenbones, from her dreams get shot in the streets of New York City and she’s horrified, naturally. The twisted fifth volume “The Sandman: A Game of You” (1991–92) begins: Gaiman’s imagination is beautiful and perverted­­ –– a perspective just as important as fairytale happy endings. A gang of women, […]

A Better Consensus: We need filibuster restoration

There’s a growing consensus in the Democratic Party to eliminate the Senate filibuster. Even President Biden is now open to at least reforming it. The filibuster is when the minority party in the Senate prolongs debate on a bill, resolution or nomination and runs out the clock, as the majority party usually cannot get the […]

The Journey: If the walls could talk

As Thanksgiving approaches on an annual basis, I naturally tend to find myself reflecting on everything I have to be grateful for. Last year, during my pandemic-laden freshman experience, I spent my first college Thanksgiving away from home. Although I was with friends I had met just a few weeks before, we shared a sense […]

K-Weekly: Vibe out with Jessi’s ‘Nunu Nana’

As I have mentioned many times before, the world of K-pop is vast and is much more than simply pop music in Korean. K-pop has Latin, pop, alternative, rock, hip-hop and rap influences. The industry is built to mesh these sounds together and try to create distinct sounds. One artist who most definitely has her […]

Dreaming of Sandman: Dream tests our power

And the dead heads sing. Why? Because power, kings and gods have complications. “Thermidor” (1991) is the first part in the four-issue anthology “The Sandman: Distant Mirrors” (1991–93). Each explores rulers’ intentions. Thermidor, the 11th month of the French Republican Calendar, no longer exists, chopped from modern vernacular like French heads. In this story, Johanna […]

A Better Consensus: Let’s do a public option instead

President Biden finally reached a deal for his Build Back Better bill on Medicare drug pricing. Medicare, the program that gives health insurance to everyone over the age of 65, would be able to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices on life-saving drugs. It would also limit how much seniors would have to pay […]