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Sobremesa: Breaking barriers

Immigration has always been fundamental to the growth of the United States, yet the rights of U.S. immigrants continue to be challenged. Since his 2016 presidential election campaign, President Donald Trump has advocated for “building the wall.” Now, in a time of changing presidential administrations, the protection of the rights of undocumented immigrants has been thrown into question.

TCU Editorial Cartoon
Editorial: TCU crisis illustrates need for participation in student government

Even in normal times, civic engagement in student government elections is essential to enacting real change on campus. Student representatives act as the rapport between the Tufts community and administrators; they voice the change that the student body wants. In addition to its influence on campus, student government also has the potential to influence changes in the surrounding Medford and Somerville communities.

Op-ed: Vote YES to End the Deadly Exchange at Tufts

From Tufts Students for Justice and Palestine: On Nov. 24, we as the Tufts student body must declare ourselves opposed to our administration’s involvement in the Deadly Exchange and complicity in the occupation of Palestine.

The Countdown Graphic
The Countdown: 2024 speculation begins

With Trump already signaling that he may run in 2024, many wannabe Republican candidates have to weigh their options. So, who are they?

Winter Break Housing Editorial Cartoon
Editorial: Tufts, accommodate students who cannot return home for winter break

It is understandable that Tufts faces considerable restrictions that may prevent them from expanding on-campus housing, including reserving time to clean residence halls and giving Tufts staff well-deserved time off after working for months to keep our community safe. However, by still decreasing on-campus operations and limiting students to designated residential halls, Tufts can address these restrictions while still allowing more students to remain on campus.

Weekly Rewind Graphic
The Weekly Rewind: Should we separate musicians from their music?

Gabby Barrett and Charlie Puth’s duet “I Hope” (2020) reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, a feat for Barrett, an “American Idol” alumna. However, during a politically divisive time, it is important to bring to light Barrett’s public support for President Donald Trump. As a musician with a massive influence, Barrett’s political stances are disappointing.

Letter to the Editor: The real constitutional crisis was the friends we made along the way

Our country is nothing without our choices to live together, at every level. So vote! Vote for the treasurer of your student group (hell, run for treasurer!) because you like the events you put on and want to see them funded. Vote for TCU senators, so they will fund the things you think are important. Create a student group. Write a constitution. Propose a referendum. 

Philosophy in Focus Graphic
Philosophy in Focus: The president is not a king

Trump's base’s unwavering devotion more closely resembles the admiration of the British monarchy than any kind of thoughtful support for a democratic leader. 

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Sobremesa: Navigating a sharp landscape

Hostile architecture harmfully targets homeless individuals, especially those struggling with addiction or financial insecurity. In order to combat this coldhearted movement, we need big-picture, systematic change.