Op-Ed: Real justice in Israel

On April 5, 2019, there was an op-ed published in the Daily called “Real justice in Palestine” that attempted to portray Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) as hypocritical for hosting a drag show as part of its “Deadly Exchange” campaign. It engaged in quite a lot of victim-blaming of innocent Palestinians, stereotypical discrimination […]

Editorial: There is power in a union

In the last two years, hundreds of thousands of American workers have gone on strike, including thousands of teachers in red states and large cities, 7,000 hotel workers in eight large cities and 30,000 grocery workers in New England. Meanwhile, the Industrial Workers of the World has launched an ambitious campaign to unionize fast food […]

Op-ed: A call to civic action

The American political system has consistently failed to equally represent all of its citizens. Oftentimes, communities of color and low-income communities are not given a fair say in political decisions. During the Flint water crisis, city officials have lied to their constituents about the quality of their drinking water, despite complaints from community members. Large-scale […]

Op-ed: A lasting tribute to Alex Bhak

On April 2, 2016, we lost Alex Bhak, a beloved member of the Tufts community. Alex was a friend, scholar, gym buddy and so much more. Although we only knew him for a short time, the impression he left upon us endures in the spirit of health and self-improvement he fostered and in the group […]

Op-ed: Leaving with a sour taste and no degree

Dear Tufts, You welcomed me on your hill, a bright-eyed first-year 7,605 miles from home. From sharing life stories in Global Orientation to the illumination ceremony, from eating my first Sunday sundae at Dewick to jamming to “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy, from sunset picnics at the docks to joining my favorite clubs, I fell […]

Letter from the editor

To the Class of 2019 and all members of the Tufts community, Today marks the graduation of the Class of 2019. As you look back on your four years at Tufts, you may be thinking about the moments you spent within various communities on campus — your first-year dorm room floor, your sports team, your […]

Editorial: Tufts betrays itself through Sackler ties

The time has long since passed for Tufts University to sever ties with Purdue Pharma. After the January lawsuit brought against Purdue by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey revealed the corrupt relationship between the Sackler family and Tufts University, students and faculty throughout our university, and at the Tufts University School of Medicine in particular, […]

Statement on ‘Op-Ed: Real justice in Palestine’

To the Tufts community, especially our Arab, Muslim, LGBT and Palestinian members, The Tufts Daily published the op-ed titled “Real Justice in Palestine” on April 5, 2019. “Real Justice in Palestine” drew a false equivalency between countries with largely Muslim populations and Arab countries, and further suggested that such places are uniquely homophobic, in contrast […]

Peripheries: The phenomenon of ‘crisis philanthropy’

The wealthy donor community has come together in the wake of the destructive fire that wrecked the Notre Dame cathedral last week. Three of France’s richest families vowed to donate over $500 million. The CEOs of fashion giants, oil companies and banks have pledged equally impressive sums of money toward the rebuilding effort. The reaction […]