Letter from the Editor in Chief: Congratulations, Class of 2021

Dear Class of 2021 and the Tufts community, Since last August, there have been innumerable major events occurring at national and global levels that have had a profound impact on our community. COVID-19 certainly threw a wrench in many plans for the academic year. Tufts responded with an in-depth plan to invite students back to […]

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Democracy in The Daily: Fighting a nasty hangover

Head is pounding, sunlight hurts, body aches and there’s a mysterious bruise. Sitting in bed with a Pedialyte and a treat from Magnificent Muffin won’t fix it — it’s a hangover that can’t be slept off. It’s not going away unless we fight it off. It’s not from The Pub, the Burren or Mike’s; it’s […]

Financial Aid Viewpoint
The need for increased resources for students navigating financial aid systems

The financial aid system is notoriously difficult to navigate. At Tufts, a school with one of the wealthiest student bodies in the country, this problem poses a particular threat to the equality of education and opportunities for students across campus. According to a study published in 2017 by The New York Times, the median family […]

Op-ed: Tufts needs to do better for its students with chronic illnesses

Can you imagine, for a moment, what it would be like to be invisible? Yes — invisibility is often people’s superpower of choice, but what if it wasn’t a choice? Our names are Emma and Avani and we are two people who know what it’s like to feel invisible. To our friends, professors, coaches, peers […]

Editorial: For the sake of its students and its neighbors, Tufts must build more on-campus housing cartoon
Editorial: Tufts’ housing plan must take into account the interests of students and neighbors

Building more housing on campus is an issue of economic justice, as the current shortage leaves few options for low-income students at Tufts and for low-income renters who are being priced out of our surrounding communities. These problems risk getting worse in the years ahead with the Green Line’s imminent arrival to Medford, something that could contribute to further surges in housing prices. 

The hidden antisemitism plaguing college campuses

Growing up Jewish wasn’t easy. Honestly, I’ve learned to deal with blatant antisemitism. Coming from a community that was overwhelmingly white with few Jews, actions like penny throwing and distasteful jokes about the history of my people were quite commonplace.  I was never one to hide my identity; even as a progressive Jew, I have […]

Letter to the Editor: A call to action on Puerto Rico’s status

As a Puerto Rican who has worked at Tufts for the better part of a decade, I was heartened to read Sara Kessel’s April 22 Opinion article: “The issues of statehood in D.C. and Puerto Rico are not the same. Stop conflating them.” I commend her for writing about this often ignored topic, and I […]

Editorial: Graduating seniors deserve better from Tufts

As members of the Class of 2021 enter their final days at Tufts, now is an appropriate time to reflect on what its members have accomplished in their time here. Finishing college in circumstances that no one could have even imagined four years ago, Tufts’ graduating seniors have shown respectable resilience in the face of […]

A note to the Class of 2021

To the Class of 2021:  As we face the arrival of a unique Commencement season at the end of a painfully unique year, it might be difficult to know how to feel about this quiet ending to what has surely been a monumental part of your life.  This past year has affected all of us […]

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Building Blocks: School security

Content warning: This column discusses mass shootings and gun violence.  In 2012, 20 students and six adults lost their lives in the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting. Sadly, this event is not an isolated one. In 2018, one of the nation’s deadliest school shootings occurred in Parkland, Fla., leading to the loss of 17 precious […]