Anita’s Angle: What opinion means to me

I have spent almost four years in the Daily’s Opinion section, sharing my takes with the Tufts community. This week, I started wondering why it matters, after a friend of mine shared with me that he doesn’t normally read opinion writing. He prefers data, numbers and objective information from which he is free to draw […]

Letter from the Managing Board

Dear Daily readers, Since 1980, it has been the Tufts Daily’s mission to bring clarity to conversations, balance to issues and fact to debates. In our semester as the Daily’s Managing Board, we hope that we’ve upheld our values and principles as promised to you, our readers. We have been blessed with a dedicated staff who pursue […]

Op-Ed: Introducing the SLUSH Fund

We’ve all heard it: “Tufts isn’t the same place it used to be.” We write this as a group of TCU Senators spanning all four class years at Tufts. While we’ve all spent our time at Tufts in different ways, we recognize that there is so much potential to make Tufts a place we’re more […]

Red Star: Building socialism, Part 2 of 2

American health care is a catastrophic failure because it makes care a commodity and suffering a source of profit. Medicine cannot be commodified as exchange rests on contractual relations among informed consumers. These relations cannot exist in medicine. Socialized medicine makes it possible to treat illnesses with care, without an eye to profitability. In Britain, before the Blairites began […]

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: What is it with 2050?

Time horizons should never be conservative, generalized or arbitrary, but ambitious, specific and planned. This is why attempting to make our world economy carbon-neutral and green by 2050 bothers me. Why 2050? It’s a long way off, it’s clearly arbitrary and it’s hardly ambitious. But perhaps it’s fair — 30 years to transform an energy […]

Editorial: A call for a more equitable course registration process

As enrollment time creeps closer, you can feel tensions rise. Every Jumbo knows that 15-minute scramble right before you hit the “Enroll” button, and that horrible feeling when the class you desperately needed to take is full — and so is the wait list. Senior year is a time to fill all those major and […]