Anita’s Angle: Universal but not so basic

Elon Musk, Milton Friedman and Bernie Sanders walk into a bar. They’d argue all night, but there is one idea they’d likely agree upon: universal basic income (UBI). It has been widely touted as a preemptive solution to the looming threat of automation and a means to fight poverty. It sounds like a catch-all fix, […]

Letter to the Editor: A response to ‘Tufts should expand career advising for humanities, social science majors’

I would like to thank the Daily for offering its opinion on the work of the Career Center in its Oct. 10 editorial. When I arrived at Tufts over two years ago, I made a concerted effort to reach out to student leaders, student organizations and individual students to seek feedback on how we could continue […]

Red Star: Down with the Court

Content warning: This column mentions sexual assault. With Kavanaugh confirmed, the left faces two choices: court packing as soon as the Democrats have the numbers or long-term abolition. The Republicans have put a far-right judge, who is an enemy of workers, women and minorities, on this unelected board of lawyers. Kavanaugh is emblematic of their movement […]

Op-Ed: PILOT parity for Somerville, Medford

Municipal governments usually fund the services they provide through taxes, and Tufts’ host cities of Somerville and Medford raise the major portion of their budgets through real estate taxes. Due to a controversial Massachusetts law, nonprofit organizations are not required to pay property taxes to the communities they reside in. Instead, the municipalities must raise […]

Editorial: Tufts should expand career advising for humanities, social sciences majors

On Sept. 28, the Tufts Career Center hosted its ​Fall Career Fair​, which strives to establish connections between students and prospective employers. Unfortunately, many students have expressed that the Career Fair did not present ample opportunities for them, particularly those studying the humanities and social sciences. The most important takeaway, according to an interview conducted […]

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: Where is the Kindle curve?

Amazon’s Kindle debuted in 2007. It was expensive and pretty ugly. Today, after more than a decade of development, the Kindle is an affordable and high-quality product, but I’ve always had a lingering question: Is the Kindle an environmentally sound option? In this week’s piece, I will investigate what it means to be environmentally sound, […]

Op-Ed: I too left Tufts — in 2015

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault and suicide. Dear Ms. Katherine Sloan Snedaker, Your brave op-ed on Oct. 1 moved me very much because your experiences were so similar to mine and because my experiences prove that Tufts has misled you about the extent to which it has changed how it handles sexual assault […]