This week in Science: FDA okays e-cig, first malaria vaccine approved, toilet bats discovered

FDA authorizes e-cigarette marketing for the first time The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted market authorization to an electronic cigarette company for the first time on Tuesday, approving certain products for sale in the United States. The FDA approved three products from R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company’s brand, Vuse, in an effort to diminish the […]

Like humans, this species of songbird can understand rhythm, Tufts study finds

Imagine two metronomes: one ticking with each beat equally spaced apart and the other clicking with a messy, inconsistent rhythm. Most people would find that the second metronome sounds out of place. But would an animal be able to tell the same? A recent study shows that the ability to recognize rhythm may be intrinsic […]

Highly processed foods make up 67% of youth diets, Friedman study finds

As smartphones, online shopping and cryptocurrency have become more prevalent in the past 20 years, so too have ultraprocessed foods, which make up the majority of youth diets. The percentage of child and adolescent diets composed of ultraprocessed foods — those made with refined ingredients and additives — has increased from 61% to 67% in […]