TCU Senate adjusts allocations board structure, prepares to fills vacancies

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate heard updates from its executive board, discussed filling the vacancies left by senators spending the semester abroad as well as basic budgeting and parliamentary procedures in their first meeting of the semester on Sunday. TCU Senate heard no resolutions or supplementary funding requests at its meeting. Instead, the TCU […]

BREAKING: Tufts begins review of investments in fossil fuel industry

Tufts University decided this week to convene an investment advisory committee which will review Tufts’ investments in the fossil fuel industry and advise the Board of Trustees’ Investment Committee on its findings. The decision to activate the Responsible Investment Advisory Group (RIAG), which the Board of Trustees voted to establish in November 2019, follows nearly […]

Fire at Danish Pastry House causes short-term closure

The Medford Fire Department (MFD) responded to a fire at the Danish Pastry House (DPH) Tuesday afternoon. According to DPH’s owner, Ulla Winkler, a ventilation hood served as the source for the fire. MFD confirmed this in an interview with the Daily, adding that the fire started in the bakery section of the establishment. Winkler […]

Tufts pays $2 million for new MBTA station naming rights

The Green Line Extension station on College Avenue will be named “Medford/Tufts,”  which Tufts announced on Jan. 2 it had paid for at the cost of $200,000 a year for 10 years. Rocco DiRico, director of government and community relations at Tufts, explained the process which led to the inclusion of Tufts’ name in that […]

Tufts awarded $1.5 million NSF grant for interdisciplinary data science institute

 The Tufts Center for Transdisciplinary Research in Principles Of Data Science (T-TRIPODS) will celebrate its launch on January 31, following the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) $1.5 million grant awarded to Tufts in October 2019 to establish the center. Funding for T-TRIPODS comes in three annual $500,000 installments from the NSF, which fund alternating and overlapping cycles of […]

Tufts community reacts to Stern report, removal of Sackler name from buildings

Members of the Tufts community responded positively to Tufts’ decision last week to remove the Sackler name from its graduate biomedical sciences school, its medical education building and associated programs, in response to months of discussions by the Board of Trustees which occurred alongside former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Donald K. Stern and Attorney Sanford F. […]

TCU Senate calls for divestment from ICE, supports DACA

The Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate called on Tufts to divest from companies affiliated with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and articulated support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients and students with undocumented status in two resolutions. TCU also filled vacant committee chair positions and heard State of the TCU addresses from executive […]

Tufts students attend 2nd climate strike

Student activists gathered outside Sophia Gordon Hall to attend a second global climate strike on Friday. The Tufts contingent, organized by Sunrise Movement Tufts in conjunction with Tufts Climate Action (TCA) called on world leaders to work to end climate change. This event follows the strike that occurred on Sept. 20 earlier this semester. A […]

Report reveals loose conflict-of-interest policies, deference to donors benefitted Purdue Pharma

An independent report released Thursday indicates that a systemic lack of oversight at the Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) and a culture of appeasing donors allowed the Sackler family and its controversial pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma, to buy influence and bolster their reputation long after their central role in the opioid crisis came to […]

Tufts removes Sackler name from buildings, programs, establishes endowment

In the wake of former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Donald K. Stern and Attorney Sandy Remz’s report on Tufts’ relationship to the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma, Tufts has decided to remove the Sackler name from its health sciences campus, effective immediately, in addition to the establishment of a $3 million endowment focused on substance […]