Tufts announces ban of direct investments in coal, tar sands companies

Other promises from Tufts include investing $10 to $25 million to climate change-related positive impact funds in the next five years and, to increase transparency, creating a dashboard that reports on the progress of the actions, according to the email.

Somerville City Council votes to decriminalize entheogenic plants

“As our community confronts record-shattering opioid abuse, depression, and suicide, decriminalization represents a huge step forward for public health and criminal justice," a group of Somerville residents wrote in a letter to the City Council in support of the resolution.

Medford Public Schools launches pooled COVID-19 testing program

“Pooled testing will provide Medford and Somerville with a reliable way to quickly and accurately detect early infection in students, teachers, and staff while costing only about one-third as much as individual testing," Sedore wrote in an email to the Daily.

TCU Senate discusses upcoming initiatives, hears supplementary funding requests

TCU President Wiener discussed ongoing planning for Wellness Week, which is scheduled to take place during the week of March 22 when students would ordinarily be on spring break.

New coronavirus variants prompt concern from Tufts health officials

The potential presence of highly transmissible variants in the community is something the university remains conscious of. Caggiano and Jordan mentioned that the samples collected through surveillance testing and provided to the Broad Institute do not provide information as to whether an individual is infected with a variant.

STOP Spillover project, led by Tufts experts, begins work

The $100 million project works to understand and address the risks posed by zoonotic diseases, which are transmissible from animals to humans, that can spill over and cause epidemics. 

Tufts examines relationship with online degree providers

At the center of that concern has been Tufts’ relationship with online program management providers, including Noodle and 2U. Both programs have been essential in assisting faculty and administrators to launch Tufts’ new online degree offerings.

Monaco issues statement condemning ‘unacceptable’ interruption of Zoom meeting

“We will work with law enforcement to ensure the perpetrators are appropriately charged, and if they are members of our community, they will also be held to account through our disciplinary processes,” Monaco wrote in the email.

Venerable Priya Sraman, Buddhist Chaplain, leaves Tufts for Emory

Dreher, a senior, said that Venerable Sraman made himself accessible to students who had questions about topics ranging from Buddhist practices and spirituality to problems in their daily lives. 

The Women’s Network to launch chapter at Tufts

Vinick created the network to address inequities that women often face in the workplace, particularly in achieving leadership positions.