Administrators, student organizers partner to aid disadvantaged students

The Tufts administration, collaborating with the identity-based centers and Tufts Mutual Aid (TMA), has taken steps in recent weeks to provide assistance to students from low-income and minority backgrounds amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The need for assistance arose as a result of the abrupt announcement last month from University President Anthony Monaco that classes […]

Tufts Health Service transitions to telemedicine, continues COVID-19 testing

Tufts Health Service will conduct outpatient visits through telemedicine indefinitely and implement new procedures for handling and testing potential COVID-19 patients to protect the safety of patients and clinicians from the spread of the coronavirus.  The policy was implemented on March 23 after being announced by Executive Vice President Mike Howard in a March 20 […]

Following opposition to virtual ceremony, Tufts to reschedule Commencement

In an abrupt departure from the administration’s previous decision, University President Anthony Monaco announced that an in-person commencement will be postponed until the danger of the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. The Tufts community initially received an email on March 26 notifying members of the Class of 2020 that commencement would only take place virtually this year, […]

TCU Senate budgeting, elections to continue

Elections for the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate and other student government positions will begin this month as scheduled. The student organization budgeting process, however, will now continue online, according to TCU Treasurer Sharif Hamidi. TCU Senate hopes to complete the student group budgets by the end of the semester so student groups will have […]

Research, teaching assistants continue work as university suspends on-campus research

The Tufts research community has suspended all nonessential on-campus research activities in accordance with new guidelines outlined in a March 19 email from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) as of March 20 at 5 p.m. The new measures have been taken in a concerted effort to minimize opportunities for transmission of […]

Faculty choose optional pass/fail over mandatory

Faculty in the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) on March 23 approved temporary changes to Tufts’ academic policies for most undergraduate students, effectively ending the debate raging among students about which alternative grading system would work best for Tufts’ undergraduate student body. Among the changes approved by the faculty was a temporary […]

Confusion, anger rife as low-income international students among those forced off campus

Students from countries hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as several low-income international students, are frustrated that Tufts rejected their housing extension requests, sending them scrambling for plane tickets or a bed to sleep in. In his March 10 email to the Tufts community, University President Anthony Monaco announced that students would need […]

Monaco vows to house patients, respond to local needs as coronavirus outbreak worsens

University President Anthony Monaco announced his plan to relieve increasing strain on local hospitals by opening up Tufts’ residence halls to quarantine patients with low-level cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, in an op-ed published in The Boston Globe on Wednesday, March 18. In the op-ed and in a subsequent interview with the […]

Tufts administrators discuss university response to coronavirus pandemic

Editor’s Note: This event was live-streamed on Facebook at 12 p.m. EDT. Read the Daily’s complete transcription here, or watch the video on Student Life’s Facebook page here.  In a Facebook Live session on Monday afternoon that focused on answering students’ questions regarding Tufts‘ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, University President Anthony Monaco was joined […]

Transcript: Tufts administrators discuss university response to coronavirus pandemic

Editor’s note: Tufts administrators participated in a remote discussion via Facebook Live on Monday to answer students’ questions about how the university will operate amid the coronavirus pandemic. On March 10, Tufts canceled in-person classes and instructed students to leave campus in an attempt to contain the outbreak of COVID-19. The remote discussion was moderated […]