Somerville to implement body cameras for police after years of negotiations

The agreement came after more than five years of negotiations between the city and the Somerville Police Employees Association, one of two police unions in the city. While the Somerville Police Superior Officers Association stated publicly that they would be willing to accept body cameras, it was important to reach the agreement with the Somerville Police Employees Association because it represents patrol officers who make up a larger percentage of the police force and spend more time on the streets, Niedergang said.

ORLL changes housing arrangements for 2021–22 academic year, rising sophomores scramble

West Hall, which has previously served as sophomore housing, will now be used to house incoming first-years, and Carpenter House, which housed first-years, will now house sophomores. As a result of these changes, many rising sophomores faced difficulties during the housing selection process. Rising sophomores who had planned to apply for a quad in West Hall were forced to shift their plans when the Office of Residential Life and Learning announced at the last minute that it was no longer available for rising sophomores.

Somerville and Revere organize vaccination clinic for veterans

The clinic offered vaccines to any and all veterans provided that they were registered for VA health care. The clinic was designed to efficiently distribute doses to a population that was both deserving and in need of vaccination. Marc Silvestri, director of veterans services for the City of Revere, discussed the process of realizing this goal.

University to end COVID-19 testing, on-campus housing prior to Senior Week

Though Tufts is making students who live on campus move out of their on-campus housing before these events, most of the senior class lives in off-campus houses in the Medford/Somerville area. TCU Senate President Sarah Wiener, Vice President Grant Gebetsberger and Treasurer Sharif Hamidi conducted a survey and found that 95% of respondents had finalized plans to stay in the Medford/Somerville area for Senior Week.

TEDxTufts adopts virtual format to host annual speakers conference

The theme, "REBOOT," was a nod to both the virtual aspect of the event as well as the potential for growth and change coming out of the pandemic. "All of our speakers are very different," executive organizer Saherish Surani said. "Everything is about the current moment that we're in, but also how to look at it again and decide where to go." 

Tufts admits record-low 11% of undergraduate applicants

The record-low acceptance rate follows a 35% increase in the number of applicants, which rose in part due to Tufts' SAT/ACT test-optional policy and the robust array of virtual engagement programming offered to prospective students. It is the most ethnically and racially diverse undergraduate class ever admitted to the university.

TCU Senate budgets over $2 million to student organizations for next fiscal year

TCU Senate then allocated over $2 million to fund more than 200 TCU-recognized student organizations for the 2022 fiscal year. Rather than voting on each of the organizations’ budgets individually, the Senate divides them into 10 groups, called councils, in addition to a final category for umbrella organizations. Each council represents a specific type of student organization.

Tufts professor Brian Schaffner conducts policing surveys in Medford, Somerville

Brian Schaffner, Newhouse professor of civic studies, conducted surveys last October and November of Medford and Somerville residents on their experience and perception of policing in their respective communities, as well as their opinions on future reforms. The survey reports, released on March 15, state that while residents of both cities are “somewhat satisfied with policing,” they see inequalities in how different populations are treated by the police, and they overwhelmingly support the creation of a civilian review board.

Tisch Council for Philanthropic Leadership announces fundraising plans

With the grant focus in place, TCPL’s goal is to eventually select a specific organization to donate the proceeds of its fundraising efforts. According to Tisch College's official description of the organization, TCPL “function(s) as a foundation board that allocates funding to nonprofits in Tufts' surrounding communities.” In addition to its grant-making efforts, the council also “organizes service projects, coordinates a philanthropic leadership speaker series, and promotes conversations about the social sector.”

Office of Sustainability and Eco Reps launch Earth Month programming with Zero Waste Week

Woolston explained that the public nature of Zero Waste Week — in which one’s trash is easily visible to others through the bags provided by the Office of Sustainability and Eco Reps — allows for participants to reevaluate their relationship with trash. Woolston further noted that one of the biggest challenges for those who have engaged with Zero Waste Week in the past has been the embarrassment that people feel about their waste.