In Photos: Local eats

Dear Class of 2025: Congratulations on your admission to Tufts! One thing that you'll learn during your first year of  college: Dining hall food can get old fast. The Photo section of The Tufts Daily has put together a list of some of our favorite eateries near Tufts' Medford/Somerville campus to help expand your culinary horizons.

In Photos: A snowy start to the semester

Over the past month, the Tufts campus has seen several snowstorms. Here are a few photos captured at the beginning of the spring semester by members of the Daily's photo section. This spread depicts how students gathered safely to sled and enjoy the snow. 

In Photos: Winter in Houston and San Francisco

“COVID-19 poses extreme challenges for international travel. Thus, it’s been a year since I last went back home. As winter break approached, I couldn’t imagine being alone in Boston, especially during the holiday season. So I went on a solo trip and indulged myself with splendid views of the South and West Coasts. I took […]

Photos from the summer

Here’s what Tufts Daily photographers were up to this summer.