Tufts Career Center hosts #Adulting series, expands on skills needed beyond college life

On Wednesday, April 3, Tufts seniors headed to Orleans Restaurant in Davis Square to enjoy hot appetizers, two free drinks (for those 21 and over) and the company of their recently graduated peers. The occasion was Jumbo2Jumbo, an evening dedicated to open networking and conversations between current Tufts students and young alumni. Jumbo2Jumbo marked the conclusion […]

Ripple Effect: Between a state and a hard place

What is the United States? Well, 50 states and D.C. of course, but there are also 11 unincorporated unorganized territories, four unincorporated organized territories and one incorporated unorganized territory. Of these, five are inhabited. About four million American citizens inhabit these Pacific and Caribbean islands — conquered, claimed or bought by the U.S. as it ran out […]

Teach-in CORES bridges gap between Tufts, Somerville community, hosts ESL classes

Tufts understands the significance of English language competency development, with the English for Academic Purposes program providing specialized training, support, classes and activities to help enhance the experience of international or multilingual students. But many Tufts students want to extend that help to other members of the Somerville community. Teach-in CORES at Tufts is an […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Grad School

I do not have to ask if you are thinking about graduate school. If you are reading this paper and live in Somerville, you are thinking about grad school. It is a straight-up fact that this town makes you want to pursue a master’s degree, and the longer you live here, the worse it gets. […]

Alumni Q&A: Nobel prizewinner in economics, Eugene Fama

The Tufts Daily (TD): What were some memorable classes or professors you had at Tufts? Eugene Fama (EF): I started out as a Romance languages major and then took an economics course, and I loved it, and ended up with a dual major. I fell in love with economics and I’ve been with it ever […]

Making my (Den)mark: Finland

One of the coolest parts of the DIS study abroad program is that we have a lot of traveling built into our academic schedule. This past week, I went on a class field trip to Finland. I remember when I signed up for this particular core class on child development, I was kind of iffy […]

Ripple Effect: The enemy of my voter

The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the conflict in Yemen have many questioning the United States’ relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A large plurality of Americans view Saudi Arabia as an unfriendly nation or an outright enemy, according to a YouGov poll, yet a long succession of administrations have treated the […]

Tufts Lifting Club aims to expand weightlifting community, make gym more accessible

The Tufts Lifting Club is aimed at encouraging and promoting health and wellness on campus by creating a community for those interested in weightlifting and powerlifting, according to club president Daniel Moon, a junior at Tufts. He spoke to finding a small community in the gym and the desire to expand that experience to the wider Tufts community. […]

Through new Podium of expression, students aim to improve media consumption, engagement

American confidence in the media continues to decline. A 2018 Knight Foundation survey found that 69 percent of U.S. adults’ trust in news media decreased in the past decade. In light of widespread cynicism toward media organizations, Tufts undergraduates Jia Wen (Covie) Goh and Daniel Lewis have dedicated the past year to changing the landscape of American media […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Broadway Bridge

Welcome back! I hope your adventures over spring break have returned you to Tufts rested and ready to finish the semester. While you were out, Somerville was hard at work brewing a traffic nightmare in the form of the Broadway Bridge closure. I know most students do not drive, or even venture too far past […]