Human: Motivation

Call me idealistic, but, for me, passion is the primary motivator when I’m considering my future career. It started when I received a LinkedIn notification — yes, LinkedIn. One of my acquaintances had shared a post about how you should not pursue your career based on your passions but instead based on what makes you […]

Fletcher students organize conference to discuss gender in international affairs

After Dipali Anumol and Kristen Mosher met in Gender Theory & Praxis, a wide-ranging gender studies course at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, they applied to be the lead coordinators of the fourth annual Conference on Gender and International Affairs. Referencing their prior experience working together, including as volunteers for last year’s conference, the duo believes that their complimentary skill sets […]

Human: Self-assessment

I’ve arrived at the time of year where I’m caught in the endless grind between midterms and finals and a new sort of grind: looking for internships and jobs. To make this more difficult, what I am studying at Tufts does not have a straightforward, obvious path to employment. Tentatively, I checked out Tufts’ Career […]

Waste Less Dinner promotes sustainable eating on campus

Sustainable eating at Tufts has increasingly been a combined effort between the administration and the student body. One result of these efforts has been Waste Less Dinners. Hosted by Tufts Dining, Tufts Eco-Reps and the Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative, Waste Less Dinners have been a part of the larger campaign for sustainability at Tufts. According to […]

The Tide: Sharice Davids

Tuesday’s election was historic for many reasons. The Democrats picked up the highest number of seats in the House of Representatives since the post-Watergate election in 1974, and Republicans gained crucial seats in the Senate. But the real story of last week’s election is that of a changing America. On Jan. 3, 2019, there will be more women, […]

The Weekly Chirp: Finch forecast

In 21st century science, we love to use advanced technology and complex models to predict what will happen in the future — in other words, we like forecasting stuff. Perhaps the most common example of this is the daily weather. After considering a set of variables — such as time of year, barometric pressure and past […]

Coping with Disasters, Part 2: Puerto Rican students discuss fears, community support after Hurricane Maria

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a two-part story. Part 1 was published on Nov. 7 and can be found online. For those affected by natural disasters, the days, weeks and even months after the incident can be trying times. For students at Tufts who are unable to be with their families, these periods can be especially […]

El Centro: Over tea, not fire

At Tufts, we call ourselves quirky. We say that we’re striving for equality and for inclusion. We say we want diversity. But who really is this “we”? Who is included in this narrative? In one of my seminar courses, I sit in the same seat every class. I won’t say that there is no shuffling, but […]

Coping with Disasters, Part 1: Students speak on their experiences, university response

Editor’s note: This is the first part of a two-part story. Part 2 was published on Nov. 6 and can be found online. Disasters are an unfortunate but all-too-common part of life. For those affected, the days, weeks or even months after the disaster can be trying times. For Tufts students on campus, it can be especially […]

The Weekly Chirp: Female power

Human history owes its success to women. While historically not occupying traditionally powerful roles, women have always held the true power in families and social groups, which are ultimately the major factors leading to the perseverance of our species. With the rise of the feminist movement and younger, more progressive generations, this power is finally […]