Caffeinated Commentary: 1369 Coffee House

I was very excited about this week’s coffee shop because many people recommended it to me! I ventured over to 1369 Coffee House, which has been rated “Best Coffeehouse in Cambridge” by Scout Magazine three times according to their website. The original shop is located at 1369 Cambridge St., hence the name. I went to […]

Kolumn: When without feet

The martlet is a mythical bird found primarily in English, French and German heraldry. Depending on the country, there is some dispute as to which bird species martlets belong to. Martlets are unique in that they don’t have feet. This characteristic has lent the martlet many symbolic meanings and features in cultural rhetoric, even to […]

The winter 2023 edition of The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs covers sustainability, energy policy

Founded in 1975, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs has published cutting-edge scholarship on contemporary issues in foreign diplomacy for almost 50 years. Past contributors and interviewees are a distinguished bunch: prime ministers, ambassadors and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright can be counted among their ranks. Esteemed by the Fletcher community but somewhat unknown […]

What I Wish I Knew: There is never enough time and never enough money

If you’re preparing to study abroad, don’t do what I did and make a list of pretty much every single country in Western Europe and say, “these are all the places I want to visit.” That’s unrealistic, and unless the person reading this is Rockefeller himself, it’s not affordable either. That being said, you can […]

Tufts’ connection to slavery, Part 2: The Royall Slave Quarters and the Tufts family

Located less than a half-mile from the Joyce Cummings Center, the Royall House and Slave Quarters was an integral part of the Ten Hills Farm that functioned as a slave plantation and encompassed current land now a part of the Tufts campus. The Slave Quarters serve as a painful reminder of the impacts of slavery […]

Let’s Talk Art: Photography with Tommy Kha

Howdy! My name is Carmen, and I know very little about art. Last semester I was lucky enough to take a course at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and attend the Artist Talk Series that they host every semester. The art world can feel like a black box, but listening to artists […]

Student content creators share their lives at Tufts through YouTube

Editor’s note: Emma Boersma is a contributing writer at the Daily. Sabina Saktaganova is a videojournalist at the Daily. Boersma and Saktaganova were not involved in the writing or editing of this article. We’ve all been there, aimlessly scrolling on YouTube until an intriguing thumbnail leads us down a rabbit hole of videos ranging from […]

Dreams come true in Davis Square: Shirley Eat More Sunshine

Shirley Eat More Sunshine, located at 22A College Ave., is a new addition to the slew of eateries around Davis Square, selling sandwiches, baked goods and drinks. Named after the owner’s grandmother, this sandwich spot took over the space that The Oat Shop previously occupied, and is open on weekdays 11 a.m.–2 p.m. and weekends […]

Caffeinated Commentary: Nine Bar Espresso

I’ve been intrigued by Nine Bar Espresso for a while now because there is always a line on the street, even though it’s just a walk-up window; so, I figured the coffee must be extraordinary. According to the employee I asked, there used to be an indoor eating area open to customers, but it’s been […]

Tufts students turned professors reflect on their undergraduate memories, campus changes, traditions 

Tufts professors come from a variety of different educational backgrounds and areas of interest that lead them to universities all around the world. For some faculty members, this meant returning to lecture at the same place where their passions for research, academia and learning all began. Taylor Levesque (LA’15, AG’17) always dreamed of going back […]