The Sidechat storm: An anonymous social media application takes over Tufts campus

Sidechat is arguably the hottest online development to have struck Tufts’ campus this year. It is a smartphone application where users can post short messages and images completely anonymously in a domain accessible to anyone with an active Tufts email account.  On Sidechat, usernames do not exist. Other features include anonymous commenting, direct messaging between […]

Innocent Pleasures: Nature’s poetry

Spring: The flirt of the seasons, in turns coquettish and bold and shy, is now upon us — at long last! Though loath to be disparaging of any such earnest enthusiasm (and respectful of the very real impacts of seasonal affective disorder), I cannot number myself among those rejoicers.  I’m not immune to its charms: […]

Students, faculty discuss geopolitical implications of South Korean presidential election

On March 9, Yoon Suk-Yeol won the South Korean presidency. Along with domestic social movements and housing policies, foreign policy existed as a central voting consideration in the presidential election. Most notably, South Korea’s role in the international sphere is shaped by its complex relationship with the United States, its only treaty ally, and China, […]

Kate in Paris: On my own

This week, while I am on my Tufts-in-Paris spring break, I have found myself with five whole free days to spend in Paris, ones which I am trying to use to soak up the remaining time I have left in this incredible city. As the end of my program nears — there are only about […]

Student filmmakers thrive at Tufts

The Film and Media Studies program has seen significant growth during the past few years.  Natalie Minik, a lecturer in the FMS program, noted how the program has grown since she first came to Tufts in 2015 as a part-time lecturer in both the FMS program and the Experimental College. “There was a lot of […]

Kolumn: Making reconciliation the zeitgeist

Last Friday night, I gave myself a study break and went to see “Everything Everywhere All at Once” (2022) at the Somerville Theatre. The film was great. Plot-wise, it contains many conflicts, ranging from a bicker in a laundry shop to an existential crisis. Although based on a fantastical setting, most of the scenes are […]

Potty Talk: The chosen potty

In honor of Passover, the Jewish festival of digestive problems, I have taken it upon myself to review the bathrooms of Tufts’ Jewish community at Hillel. AMBIANCE The most notable element of the bathrooms here are signs that hang above the toilets that read, “Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean, your aim will […]

The ABCs of grade inflation at Tufts

If the letters ‘ABC’ send a chill down your spine, perhaps you’re a Tufts student and currently in the middle of midterm season. As Tufts becomes an increasingly competitive institution, here we will take a look at grades at Tufts in the national context of grade inflation. Looking broadly, a 2010 study from the Teachers […]

Talking Transit: An ode to cargo bikes

I want to take today to continue last week’s trend of positivity and talk about one of my favorite developments in car-free living: cargo bikes!  Of course, cargo bikes are anything but a novel concept — they are literally just bikes with space to store stuff. But they hold enormous potential to solve issues posed […]

Gap years promote personal growth, transformative experiences

With the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students were forced to reconsider their plans as schools shut down, internships were canceled and lockdowns were implemented around the globe. From Medford to Dubai, many Tufts students took gap years to gain professional experience, to prioritize their own physical and mental health and to explore […]