Since You Last Saw Me: Reflections on the last 4 years

There are going to be a lot of takes on the election, and from a political standpoint, I’m not sure I can be all that additive. From a personal standpoint, though, I will always recall the 2016 election and its aftermath as the background for the development of the nuanced political opinions and convictions that my peers and I now hold.

Students fill poll worker shortage in 2020 election

A number of students reached out to JumboVote and Tisch College asking if there were ways to get involved as poll workers and if there was any training available.

Tuff Talks: Girl talk

Dear J: My boyfriend smells weird and I don’t know what it is; how do I tell him that he smells peculiar?

Students, CMHS provide mental health workshops during time of high stress

For many years, CMHS has offered free groups and workshops open to all students. This semester, CMHS has modified these groups to better reflect the times and increased their offerings. In addition to these groups, CMHS started a new service called Ask a Counselor.

Little Bit of History Repeating: Lenny Bruce

No subjects were off-limits for Bruce's honest, off-the-cuff observations and social commentary, including “taboo” topics like politics, religion, race, sex and drugs (average fare for comedians now).

Offline October challenge puts online shopping on hold, prioritizes election mail

The initiative was a partnership between three campus organizations: JumboVote, a voter education and voting advocacy group; Tufts Labor Coalition (TLC), a workers’ rights advocacy group; and the Eco-Representatives (Eco-Reps), an environmental education and sustainability advocacy group.

Since You Last Saw Me: A treatise on sad pop bangers

Every sad pop banger that takes itself seriously culminates in collapse. The restrained verse-chorus-verse-chorus decorum must break into a bridge of absolute desolation. The artist can no longer channel the emotions through clean precision; the fabric of the song tears in the same way you rip off a Band-Aid. It becomes a sort of glorious, self-gratifying mess.

Tuff Talks: More dating

Dear J: How can I bring up to my crush that I have feelings for her?

Schildkraut says competitive local elections key to healthy democracy

It might seem like general election season is uneventful in Massachusetts. Republicans in the state have little incentive to run candidates in races other than the governorship, where they historically win quite often, and select legislative districts. 

2020 Electoral Map

As of Nov. 2, Donald Trump is projected to win 163 electoral votes, with 38 of those votes leaning toward him. Joe Biden is projected to win 290 electoral votes, with 64 of those votes leaning toward him. Only 85 electoral votes are considered “toss-ups.” For more detailed coverage on states to watch, see page […]