SAD: Wintertime brings seasonal affective disorder, winter blues

Content warning: This article discusses various depressive disorders and suicidal thoughts.  As the temperature drops and snow begins to stick to the ground, the changing season indicates that winter is coming and it is time to adjust the clocks from daylight saving time. While winter brings the holiday season and an abundance of outdoor activities, […]

We spoke with 2 alumni working in advocacy and organization. Here’s what they said.

Each year in its Commencement edition, the Daily highlights a handful of exceptional graduating seniors: what they studied, how they impacted campus and how they hope to change the world.  Recently, the Daily caught up with two of its interviewees from 2018: one, a Fletcher student studying human security and technology policy, and the other, […]

Cognitive and brain science: A primer

Most liberal arts colleges have psychology, computer science and philosophy majors. Few, however, have cognitive and brain science (CBS) or similar majors, which are often more simply called cognitive science. These courses of study give students the opportunity to analyze different parts of each of the three fields with the lens of trying to understand […]

Humans of Tufts: Apurva Iyengar ’25

Sophia Grekin (SG): “Can you tell me about something you’ve overcome?” Apurva Iyengar (AI): “I think in high school there was this pressure … to do what other people were doing, especially just in academic circles in terms of taking AP classes and stuff like that. I took a gap year and a big part […]

Social media: Our frenemy

Social media has been integrated in our lives for so long that sometimes we forget just how much it influences us. Whether it’s a quick scroll through Facebook between classes, a glimpse at a friend’s private Snapchat story for the latest updates on their life, or an hour-long TikTok binge watching people from around the […]

Spoonfuls: Soup Shack

When I was a first-year, I wasn’t comfortable eating alone in dining halls. It terrified me. I didn’t want to be seen overloading my plate, or appear lonely and friend-less. Often, I just didn’t eat because of it. I kept crackers and granola bars in my room to satiate myself, or planned meals days in […]

After the storm: Environmental injustices in Massachusetts’ sewage system

After a storm, sewage systems can get overwhelmed with water. Instead of pouring excess sewage into basements, the system is designed to discharge sewage into nearby rivers — the same bodies of water that are used for drinking and recreational purposes. The contaminated water has been linked to an increase of various diseases. Due to […]

New think tank ‘The Lantern’ explores the intersection of science, technology and society

Many Tufts students have taken their unique passions and used innovation to create new organizations, and The Lantern is no exception. The think tank, which developed out of a discussion group started by two like-minded students, aims to provide the Tufts community with greater knowledge and awareness of how science and technology intersect with society. […]

Potty Talk: New potty on the block

Having formed some of our most cherished childhood memories at Jewish Community Centers (JCC) throughout the country (but really just Northern New Jersey, the most densely JCC-ed region of our great nation), we were excited to hear that Tufts was getting our very own JCC. Given the prevalence of IBS within the Jewish community (including […]

Winter term provides students with unique opportunity to take courses over winter break

Tufts University has had a winter term in place for three years, in which students take credit classes for three weeks in January. With some international students not being able to return home for holiday break and some students wanting opportunities to continue their education, winter term has gained considerable attention. In the past, these […]