Medford Mom: An Ode to Troy Bolton

Hot take: “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” (2008) is the best film of the High School Musical trilogy. The production value is incredible, the soundtrack is stellar and the plot is only mildly ridiculous. I will always tear up when, at the end of the film, Troy tells the crowd at the spring musical […]

Applejam Productions puts on mix of on-campus concerts

On certain weekend nights, the Arts Haus living room, cluttered with the typical jumble of homework, snacks and backpacks, quickly transforms into a free concert venue outfitted for over 100 college students.  These bi-monthly shows are coordinated by Applejam Productions, the self-described “DIY booking agency” run by a handful of Tufts undergraduates. At its helm […]

Revisiting introversion and extroversion: Learning from each other, part 2

Alright, back to my introverted brother. Last time I left off by stating that the less-than-ideal condition of our sibling relationship wasn’t just because of my brother, but also because of me. Here’s what I realized: I was trying to impose my own idea of an ideal sibling relationship on my brother, without thinking about […]

Tufts cheerleading team: From bringing school spirit to bringing it at nationals

The cheerleading team is an integral part of the school spirit at Tufts. At each football and basketball game, you can find it cheering loudly on the sidelines, pumping up the crowd and showing off its stunts in between quarters or at halftime.  When not standing by the court or the field, the Tufts cheerleading […]

From Seniors to Citizens: Something else

Senior spring to social security. On the hill to over the hill. Graduation to … grandchildren? Here’s what seniors have to say before all is said and done. Not for the first time, Eric Sinton is prepared to move on. “I got to Tufts, took a lot of classes, learned some stuff, made a bunch […]

Revisiting introversion and extroversion: Learning from each other, part 1

Introverts can learn from each other just as much as they can learn from extroverts and vice versa. As I’ve mentioned before, introversion and extroversion are on a spectrum, meaning that every introvert has a different threshold for stimulation. Understanding and respecting people’s differing capacities for stimulation and the way that this might impact their […]

Tufts groups begin preparations for election night 2020

Four years ago, Tufts was not ready for the outcome of the presidential election and the impact it had on the community. Students and faculty were shocked by the results, and the school didn’t have the resources to support people in their reactions. Coming into this year’s elections, multiple campus groups are collaborating to plan […]

What’s Next: A brokered convention

The 2020 Democratic primaries have seen over two dozen candidates vying for the nomination. Now, the field has been winnowed down to four candidates, and with 2,448 delegates up for grabs in the various primaries in March, you would think we would have a clear nominee soon. Unfortunately, this is probably unlikely. Bernie Sanders is […]

Students share culture through food at International Food Festival

What better way to kick off the start of the Parade of Nations weeklong celebration than the International Food Festival, a lively and vibrant celebration of cuisines from the numerous cultures that make up the Tufts community. The event, headed by the International Club (I-Club) at Tufts, strives to provide an opportunity for students of […]

Bite-sized stories: Leona’s quick ‘n easy beans

We have featured ambitious bakers and seasoned chefs, but even these people, like most of us, sometimes need a quick and nutritious no-fuss meal. We can’t all be pro-chefs for three meals a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, all the months in a semester. Luckily, Leona Tu is a pro when […]