Romance studies department responds to criticism of new French, Spanish minors

Tufts’ Department of Romance Studies recently announced the creation of new French and Spanish minors. This decision, which had been called for by the student body for many years, has led to significant praise and celebration by students who have the opportunity to pursue these minors, while also drawing criticism on the minors’ restrictive eligibility requirement. Interim […]

El Centro: Political exclusivity

I was recently chatting with a friend about the issue of political exclusivity at Tufts. He expressed his frustration with the lack of range in political debates and discussions surrounding identity at Tufts. Interestingly enough, he echoed similar sentiments that I’ve heard shared by people of color, by women and by people with accents foreign […]

Students, administrators respond to Trump administration’s proposed definition of gender

The Trump administration is reportedly looking to introduce a narrow definition of gender “as a biological, immutable condition” determined at birth, according to an Oct. 21 New York Times article. The Times explained that the new definition can eradicate federal recognition of an estimated 1.4 million transgender and non-binary Americans which could lead to implications […]

The Tide: Jahana Hayes

Every year, the White House hosts the country’s greatest public school teachers, with at least one coming from every state. In 2016, during the last year of his presidency, Barack Obama stood next to former United States Secretary of Education John King Jr. and awarded the nation’s highest teaching distinction to Jahana Hayes. Hayes, a history and government teacher at […]

The Weekly Chirp: Crazy extinct birds

There’s no doubt that the avian biodiversity that exists today is absolutely breathtaking. From the sword-billed hummingbird in the Andes to harpy eagles in the Amazon and colonies of emperor penguins in Antarctica, the list of amazing birds truly never ends. If you think you’ve seen it all, check out the birds of paradise in Papua New […]

Human: Strengths, shortcomings of theory of mind

How aware are you of other people’s perception of you? Do you know if you sometimes take up too much space? Talk too loudly? Not loudly enough?  Here’s an example: I’m having a conversation with someone and they won’t stop talking. I can get about two sentences in, and then somehow they’ll find a way […]

Students interested in data science find community on campus with new major, club

This fall, 250 first-years began the next step in their educational careers here at the Tufts School of Engineering, according to the Office of Institutional Research. The Class of 2022 is unique as it is the first cohort of Tufts engineers who have the new major in data science available to them from their first […]

Human: Motivation

Call me idealistic, but, for me, passion is the primary motivator when I’m considering my future career. It started when I received a LinkedIn notification — yes, LinkedIn. One of my acquaintances had shared a post about how you should not pursue your career based on your passions but instead based on what makes you […]

Fletcher students organize conference to discuss gender in international affairs

After Dipali Anumol and Kristen Mosher met in Gender Theory & Praxis, a wide-ranging gender studies course at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, they applied to be the lead coordinators of the fourth annual Conference on Gender and International Affairs. Referencing their prior experience working together, including as volunteers for last year’s conference, the duo believes that their complimentary skill sets […]

Human: Self-assessment

I’ve arrived at the time of year where I’m caught in the endless grind between midterms and finals and a new sort of grind: looking for internships and jobs. To make this more difficult, what I am studying at Tufts does not have a straightforward, obvious path to employment. Tentatively, I checked out Tufts’ Career […]