Tales from the T: One easy trick to fix our buses (planners hate him!)

Two weeks ago, the MBTA released a revised draft of its Bus Network Redesign, an ambitious plan to design a better bus network for Boston with improved coverage, frequency, equity and connectivity. The T’s end goal is to run more buses, more frequently, serving more people (particularly low-income populations most reliant on transit) and serving […]

Liz in London: Sense of Home: The soul of a city

About a year ago, in the depths of the computer science internship application season, Ming Chow, patron saint of the Tufts CS Jobs Piazza, spoke to the Introduction to Security class about the steps to finding an internship or job. The first thing he mentioned was choosing a city.  Now, being a sophomore who would […]

The Sink baristas: An inside scoop (or more accurately, an espresso shot)

At Tufts, we run on The Sink. Our favorite student-run coffee shop serves the campus caffeine day to night. The Sink space is eclectic from its distinct playlists to its famous special lattes — there’s no wonder why the line fills the Mayer Campus Center. The magic behind both the drinks and the background playlists […]

Lex Eat!: Del Frisco’s who?

“Bistecca alla Fiorentina,” aka the best steak you’ll ever eat.  This past weekend I got a chance to visit Florence, located in Italy’s Tuscany region and only an hour and half train from Milan. Some people visit the city to see its iconic terracotta-tiled Duomo or Michelangelo’s David — I went for the steak.  Like […]

Votes that count: Tufts students from swing states

Midterms are upon us, and while most Tufts students — and most Americans — come from solidly Democratic or Republican states, the swing state voters on campus will have a disproportionate impact this Tuesday. Out of the 6,676 undergraduates at Tufts in fall of 2021, 524 were from states where the margin of victory was […]

Perils, pessimism and panic: American democracy in 2022

Disclaimer: Hannah Cox is a contributing writer at the Daily. Cox was not involved in the writing or editing of this article. Democracy is a concept that Americans have been accustomed to since the nation’s founding. For many, democracy is an incontrovertibly robust form of governance that establishes fair representation for all and withstands internal […]

Open dialogues: Conservatism at Tufts

American politics have become vividly polarized in recent years, as “the correlation between party and ideology has really tightened,” according to Tufts’ Professor of Political Science Deborah Schildkraut.  Open-minded dialogues between people of differing ideological stances are lacking, both at Tufts and across the nation. Indeed, ‘conservatism’ has taken on strong connotations in many people’s […]

New Faculty Profile: Sarah Corrigan explores lamenting and laughing in new special topics course

When she was originally asked to teach Theories of Humor and Laughter at Emerson College, a course intended for aspiring comedians, Harvard Ph.D. candidate Sarah Corrigan felt more than out of place. While she was excited to teach the course, her research centered around modern forms of lament and lamentation; consequently, she wasn’t sure if […]

Tufts’ Master of Philosophy program promotes philosophical passion, community

“If I could choose one book to bring with me to a desert island, … it would absolutely be Plato’s ‘Republic.’ … I teach it every year, and I still discover new and exciting things, it still makes me think; it is by far my favorite book ever,” said Christiana Olfert, associate professor and director […]

Liz in London: Sense of home — the little things

Packing up every material good you will need for an entire semester into one large suitcase and a carry-on is stressful. To approach the problem, I made a color-coordinated spreadsheet that masterminded every outfit combination I could make with my given inputs. Needless to say, there was little room for room decorations. My “Natasha, Pierre […]

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