Kognito prepares Tufts community to support peers in distress

In March 2020, Tufts Health and Wellness sent an email inviting students to participate in Kognito: a 30-40-minute online mental health education program that teaches students, staff and faculty how to engage a student who approaches them with mental health-related distress. In the program, the user interacts with a simulated student, and has the opportunity […]

Exceptional pass/fail raises questions about equity in grades

As a first-year at Tufts and an international student from Costa Rica, Isaac Rodriguez Zuniga has faced many challenges in college life during the COVID-19 pandemic. With English as his second language, Rodriguez Zuniga often encounters language barriers in class; the muffling effect of masks and Zoom lectures with over 200 participants do not make […]

Jonathan Kenny, late chemistry professor, leaves lasting impact on environmental studies and his students

As a mentor to those who participated in his research, Kenny’s friendships with students blossomed outside the scope of chemistry. He made an effort to reach beyond the classroom walls to get to know students and guide them along their paths.

Young people shift national politics through activism, community organizing

The Center of Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) shows an increase of almost 10% in youth turnout across the country. Young people as defined by those between 18-29 years old, made up 14%, 15%, and 21% of the voting population in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia respectively, and their overwhelming support for Biden helped secure his victory by a razor-thin margin.

Fletcher students cover pandemic’s effect on global affairs in ‘TwentyTwenty’ podcast

Elizabeth Dykstra-McCarthy, a student at The Fletcher School seeking a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy with an environmental policy focus, as well as the executive producer and host of the podcast, first got the idea for Fletcher TwentyTwenty during a conversation with her friend during lockdown.

Students report noncompliance with university guidelines amid COVID-19 surge

Although Tufts has mostly done well with controlling the virus through frequent testing, social distancing guidelines and a hybrid learning model, the past several weeks have shown a spike in cases on the Medford/Somerville campus, as well as an increased number of students in quarantine as a result of contact.

Campus sees spike in waste due to COVID-19 guidelines, takeout dining

This semester has seen an observable increase in waste on the Medford/Somerville campus, particularly as it relates to Tufts Dining’s adaptations in response to the COVID-19 guidelines. Kristen Kaufman, the recycling and waste reduction coordinator at the Office of Sustainability, said the office defines waste in terms of total accumulated waste production, including landfill, recycling, […]

Professor Eitan Hersh invites grandparents of students to attend course virtually

Hersh first got the idea to invite his own grandfather, who is 96 years old and lives alone, to class. He said he thought it would give his grandfather something to do, who had never had the chance to see him teach before. The pandemic, and the ways academia has become more technology-based as a result, changed this.

How to enjoy art during the pandemic

As with so many other businesses in the COVID-19 era, art has found a way to move online. Old and new galleries have adopted online viewing, sales transitioned to e-commerce and streaming services saw a surge in demand. And there appears to be demand for virtual art appreciation models: Google searches for “online art gallery” in the United States surged 455% between March and May this year.

Since You Last Saw Me: When writers carry pitchforks

I love Pitchfork because its writers are “poptimists” and rap enthusiasts; they take the things I enjoy seriously, but always leave room for melodrama and Camp. For these reasons, I couldn’t give it a more glowing review.