Human: The brain

Last Thursday, I attended a talk on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) by Matthias Scheutz, professor of computer science and director of the Human-Robot Interaction Lab at Tufts. Towards the end of the talk, someone asked Professor Scheutz whether he thought there would ever be a point at which AI can replicate human thinking, to which […]

Tufts community members discuss role of distribution requirements in modern liberal arts university

Students and professors come and go on the Hill, but debate on the merits and flaws of distribution requirements for undergraduates in the School of Arts and Sciences has remained a constant over the years at Tufts. In total, graduation requirements — including distribution, writing, language and world civilization requirements — take students with no […]

Students, CMHS staff discuss positives, shortcomings of on-campus counseling services

According to its website, about 25 percent of Tufts students seek support through Counseling and Mental Health Services (CMHS) each year. Many students have criticized its focus on short-term care, inconvenient hours and long wait times for appointments. However, both students and CMHS staff note the difficulties of expanding the scope of on-campus services. Other […]

El Centro: Major fashion

While some students at Tufts pursue a single major from the 70 options they can choose from, many are passionate about a multitude of things and decide to add a minor, double or triple major. At times, people with a single major without a minor feel compelled to say that they’re “just” a computer science […]

The Weekly Chirp: Parasitism

Put simply, babies are parasites. Don’t believe me? Just look at your own life. For your nine months as a fetus, you sat inside your mom literally doing nothing, not to mention the fact that you were connected to her via an umbilical cord siphoning away all her nutrients. Then you were finally born, but […]

Tufts students launch startup offering long-distance shared rides

CarTrek is one of the newest entrepreneurial efforts coming from Tufts, specifically from a team of four students who brought an idea for a class project to life. The company offers a long-distance carpooling service, connecting drivers with riders going in the same direction for trips between one and five hours. Junior Olive Baerde developed the […]

Human: Clutter and declutter

Do you need the silence of the Tisch Library reading room to get any studying done? Or do you prefer to sit at Kindlevan Café, immersed in your work with background chatter as ambient noise? Or are you a homey person who likes the comfort and convenience of your own room? Essentially, do you need […]

Students, faculty discuss upcoming presidential runoff election in Brazil

Brazilians will vote in a runoff election on Sunday to decide the 38th president in the country’s complex democratic history. The clear front-runner, who won in the first round of voting by 17 points, is Jair Bolsonaro, a former army captain and current member of the Chamber of Deputies who has been nicknamed the “Brazilian […]

Students, survivors discuss the impact of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault. In the aftermath of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s subsequent confirmation to the Supreme Court, Tufts students shared how this emotional process impacted them. Junior Celia Bottger noted that while she was upset to hear Ford accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault, […]

El Centro: Dressing up

Button-downs, t-shirts, suits, shorts, heels, baseball caps, sweaters, blouses, jeans, khakis, miniskirts, ball gowns. Every day we have the choice to wear any type of combination of tops and bottoms, gowns or even onesies. Yet, it is harder to find someone who is not wearing Tufts gear nor jeans nor leggings nor North Face jackets […]