Senior Profile: Bhargava conducts international research with focus on economics and human rights

After four demanding yet rewarding years, graduating senior Atrey Bhargava is ending his undergraduate career as the Wendell Philips Speaker of the 2021 Baccalaureate Ceremony at Tufts. Every year, this honor is awarded to one senior who demonstrates “both marked ability as a speaker and a high sense of public responsibility,” according to the University […]

Tales from the T: New train just dropped

I think by now it’s time to address the elephant in the station — and I don’t mean Jumbo’s flattened corpse. Let’s talk about the Green Line Extension, or GLX: What is its history, what will it bring, why did we spend $2 million to name one station, I mean seriously, who on Earth thought […]

Senior Profile: Wiener soars during time at Tufts

To say that Sarah Wiener was busy during her time at Tufts would be an understatement. Throughout her four years here, Wiener has become the Tufts Community Union president and a Tufts Wilderness Orientation leader, started a swim group, given campus tours, taught an Experimental College class and double majored in philosophy and political science, […]

Reflecting on civic education this year with CIRCLE’s Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg

A goal of Educating for American Democracy is to make students feel empowered to be active participants in democracy when they grow older. According to Kawashima-Ginsberg, civic education and culture at the college level are a vital next step in the process of fostering democratic ideas among young people. She noted that, at Tufts, a culture of civic engagement already exists but can be improved upon.

Senior Profile: Abraha rises to challenge, advocates for marginalized students

Many seniors are excited to enter the workforce when they graduate from Tufts. They have interesting new roles, are moving to new places or are looking forward to being financially independent. Graduating senior Eve Abraha is anticipating her next steps after graduating for a different reason, though. “I’m so excited to have a full-time job […]

Transferable Skills: Audience of one

They call it Commencement instead of graduation. I guess it’s based on this idea that the transition from college bubble to adult stratosphere is full of amazing possibilities. I guess it is. I wanted to write a doozy of a column, extolling some lesson about transition and reminiscing about the journey we are about to […]

From roommates to best friends: Stories of seniors who lived with their first-year roommates throughout college

As the school year comes to a close, many goodbyes are in order. For a lucky few seniors, changing roommates was never necessary. Now they are facing the harsh reality of saying goodbye to the only roommate they’ve ever known.  Here are the stories of Anna Joseph and Ruby Belle Booth, Cole Taylor and Harsh […]

Senior Profile: Gomez talks engineering, mentorship and everything in between

Since high school, graduating senior Mateo Gomez knew that he wanted to study civil engineering in college. He also knew he wanted to move away from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Boston seemed like the perfect place.  Tufts was an easy choice.  “Tufts was the only engineering program I found, at […]

Local sororities disaffiliate from national organizations, hope to build more inclusive communities

The Ivy and Thalia, two newly established local sororities, started accepting members this spring. Last fall, members of these new organizations disaffiliated from the national chapters of Alpha Phi and Chi Omega, respectively, partly in response to the criticism of Greek life on campus. Zoe Reid, a director of the membership application process for The Ivy, as well as Kelly Bernatchez and Ryen Delaney, co-executive directors of Thalia, hope that the local organizations will be more equitable and inclusive spaces for female-identifying and nonbinary students.

Tufts Mock Trial finishes 2nd at nationals in most successful season yet

Tufts Mock Trial’s A team placed second in its division at the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) National Championship Tournament. The tournament took place over Zoom from April 16 to April 18.  This second-place win finished off a season that Tufts Mock Trial co-president and A team co-captain Bennett Demksy described as one of the strongest seasons in Tufts Mock Trial history. According to Demsky, the team placed better in tournaments than it had in previous seasons and achieved a higher number of individual awards than ever before.