A cappella groups release new albums after a long hiatus

Calling all a cappella lovers! Get your Spotify and Apple Music out because the Jackson Jills and the Beelzebubs have both recently released excellent new albums! The Beelzebubs’ “Prevaill” (2022) and the Jackson Jills’ “Couches and Crosswalks” (2022) both debuted on Nov. 11 at midnight.  In addition to practicing and performing gigs, a cappella groups […]

Liz in London: An anticlimactic milestone

During a four-hour road trip with my boss this summer, I was asked if I liked beer. He meant the question in a millenialized-Boston-craft-brewery type of way, and I awkwardly responded that no, I did not like the few sips I have had (none of which would count as beer to him). My 23-year-old housemate […]

TEMS: Getting to know Tufts’ first responders

Tufts Emergency Medical Services is known as TEMS on Tufts’ Medford/Somerville campus. TEMS works to help provide medical care for Tufts students. It is completely student-run, with oversight and supervision from Captain Mark Roche of Tufts University Police Department and Dr. Stacey Sperling of Tufts University Health Service.  TEMS’ operations, training and finance, among other […]

College mental health crisis, Part 2: Power in peers

The COVID-19 pandemic has left enduring effects on the mental health of college students across the country, with one in five young Americans reporting that the pandemic has had a significant negative impact on their overall mental health. In response to the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tufts looks to student organizations and peer […]

My weekend Odyssey to Indiana: 19 hours on a train

When I told my friends I was planning to take a 19-hour train to Indiana over the weekend, their first question was why. They were more understanding when I added that the flights cost between $800 and $1,400. I don’t have a grand to drop on a weekend trip to Indiana. Amtrak tickets were $55 […]

College mental health crisis, Part 1: Recovering from a global pandemic

Although a sense of normalcy has returned to Tufts following semesters of mask-wearing, virtual classes and physical isolation, some health officials have declared the arrival of a second pandemic: a mental health crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in mental health illnesses worldwide. As waitlists for psychotherapy sessions increase and mental health professionals […]

Lex Eat!: An obnoxious take on tiramisu

I’m usually not huge on sweets — I’d take a bag of chips over a piece of cake any day — but when it comes to tiramisu, I’m in. When it’s done right, it has all the components of a great dessert: light, creamy and not too sweet. If tiramisu is on the menu, I’m […]

Upperclassman housing is a complicated endeavor for many Tufts students

After a year of adjusting to life on the Hill, Tufts undergraduates return to campus as sophomores with a greater sense of familiarity — and obligations. As they settle into a new dorm, it’s not long before they are confronted with the task of planning where to live the following academic year.  At Tufts, it’s […]

A new take on cafe society, à la Tasty Cafe

Just steps away from the heart of Tufts campus lies Tasty Cafe & Kitchen, a hub of community, social interaction and good food, which are not to be missed as a Tufts student. Upon entering, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the beautiful white marble counters and then to the coffee bar, where delectable […]

Liz in London: Solo travel in Trastevere

In London, my phone is used for Google Maps, music and sudoku. My preferred no-service-friendly app to use on flights, on the Tube, in a queue, sudoku is conducive to zoning out and reflecting while I absent-mindedly fill in the dependencies. And, dear reader, I have played a lot of sudoku in the last two […]

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