Inside the extraordinary house on College Ave., the Museum of Modern Renaissance

There is a strange house on College Avenue, right near Powderhouse Square. The house at 115 College Ave. has always been a little bit mysterious to the Tufts students who walk by it on their way to Davis Square. The brightly colored building stands out from the adjacent apartment building and other houses nearby. It […]

Personal Praguenosis: Hard goodbyes

I’ve said before that film production is about collaboration. If you can’t work with others, inspire them and bond with them, film is not the career for you. I’ve decided to stay in Prague over the summer, but come Sept. 1, I will find myself in Boston, and my closest friends will disband to Stockholm, […]

9th annual TEDxTufts conference celebrates new ideas, connections

TEDxTufts hosted its 2023 conference, titled “[De/Re] Construct,” on March 11–12, which featured 10 groundbreaking talks given by speakers from across the Tufts community, ranging from undergraduate students to faculty to alumni.  This year marks the ninth conference of TEDxTufts, an independent, entirely student-run organization. The group, which is made up of about 45 Tufts […]

Kolumn: Destigmatizing giving up halfway

On my computer, there is a folder in which I put my writing pieces. Simply judging by the number of Word documents that exist in that folder, I appear to be a writer who is welling up with ideas. But in fact, one hand is enough to count the finished ones. I gave up on […]

Senior capstone project plays with gender as Jumbo Drag Collective takes the stage

Drag performance has finally come to Tufts! After taking Associate Professor Kareem Khubchandani’s Critical Drag course in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program last semester, seniors Julian Hammond and Lee Romaker — or Aster R*sk and Ari Ola — have continued the class’s work and collaborated for a capstone project: the Jumbo Drag Collective. […]

Let’s Talk Art: Photography and filmmaking with Farah Al Qasimi

On March 10, Tufts’ School of the Museum of Fine Arts hosted photographer and filmmaker Farah Al Qasimi in its Artist Talks series. A storyteller at heart, Al Qasimi uses her art as a language to communicate social and environmental issues in her home country, the United Arab Emirates. This language, both visual and auditory, […]

What I Wish I Knew: Moms are meant to be missed

At this point in my adult life, I don’t live with my parents. I haven’t spent more than a month and a half consecutively at their house since before college. So I expected to miss them when I went abroad. In fact, I expected to miss them a little more than usual based on the […]

Growing up with technology: Skip the iPads and bring on the robots

Growing up, Tufts sophomore Gabriela Perez remembers watching television at home. The shows and movies she watched influenced her perception of different people across the globe as well as a variety of societal concepts. “TV was, at first, exposure to different cultures. With different Disney movies, for example, my only exposure to Asian characters that […]

What the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist means for museums around the world today

Eighty-one minutes. On the night of March 18, 1990, 81 minutes was how long it took two thieves dressed as police officers to steal 13 of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s most prized artworks. The thieves ran away with up to $500 million worth of art, including multiple works by Rembrandt van Rijn, Degas, as […]

Personal Praguenosis: Wake up, the Earth is flat

As an American abroad, you hear a lot of stereotypes: Americans are loud, narcissistic, obsessed with guns and can’t even point out another country on a map. There’s a whole host of often unflattering adjectives that come with the territory of “American.”  About a month ago, I was standing outside during a film shoot to […]