Eco-Reps foster accessible vegetarianism through initiatives such as Meatless Mondays

The history of meatless meals in the United States can be traced back to World War I, when American families were asked to ration the scarce supply of meat. Today, a renaissance of meatless days has been framed in terms of environmental conservation. Public school districts in New York City, Baltimore and Los Angeles have […]

Oops We Did it Again: Return of the right

According to the Chinese artist Peng Wang, “the most tragic thing for a nation is to have no memory.” Spain, which on Nov. 10 held its second general election in 2019 and fifth overall in only eight years, seems increasingly ignorant of its own past. The governing Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) lost three seats […]

Students explore media industry through weeklong Winternship Program

Many Jumbos have found the Tufts Film and Media Studies (FMS) Winternship Program to be a productive way to spend their winter break. Open to all majors from first-years to seniors, students applying to the program can spend a week in January interning at companies such as The Boston Globe, United Talent Agency, BBK Worldwide […]

JumboCash: Let’s talk taxes

Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In investing, taxes are particularly important because they have a dramatic impact on how much of a return you actually put in your pocket. In this article, I will explain the capital gains tax, as well as […]

Bill’s Food Shop brings convenience, community to Conwell Avenue

Part business, part family, part history — walking into Bill’s Food Shop is like stepping onto a 1950s TV set. It seems to be frozen, with artifacts carefully curated over time. After all, Bill’s Food Shop, located at the intersection of Conwell Avenue and Hillsdale Road, has been central to the West Somerville community for […]

JumboCash: What is ‘socially responsible’ investing?

As global temperatures heat up, so has the divestment movement on Tufts’ campus, which demands that Tufts sell its investments in companies involved in extracting fossil fuels. With many socially conscious investors seeking to avoid fossil fuels with their own money, asset managers have begun creating new funds investing in stocks that meet ethical criteria. […]

Q&A: GoBlu founder and ExCollege lecturer Kraten talks sustainability

Ariel Kraten is the co-founder of GoBlu, a sustainability accelerator that helps apparel and textile companies advance in responsible ways. Kraten is teaching an Experimental College course this semester called #outfitoftheday: Clothing, Sustainability, and the Global Implications of Getting Dressed. Kraten sat down with the Daily to discuss the relationship between consumerism and sustainability and what […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Fall Workout

It’s definitely a crime that spring is the unofficial time to start exercising. I get that the winter is long, and the prospect of warmer days just makes you want to go out and reinvent yourself. But come on, why do we all wait for the spring to start working out? Before we really get […]

WHEN Alliance raises money, awareness for women’s higher education

Through events like ethical fashion discussions and pop-up thrift sales, the Women’s Higher Education Now (WHEN) Alliance at Tufts aims to raise money for the Asian University for Women (AUW) while also raising awareness about the lack of educational opportunities for women from impoverished communities in Asia. AUW is a university in Chittagong, Bangladesh that […]

Bite-Sized Stories: Mahima’s plastic recipe

The night started off with Mahima Agrawal pouring an entire gallon of whole milk into a huge pot. This is how the process of making paneer begins. As we were eyeing the huge pot, waiting for it to come to a boil, she poked at the film that formed on the top of the warming […]