Daily Week Senior Profile: Justin Yu

Yu discovered some of his favorite aspects of journalism through a Features assignment. Following the devastation of Hurricanes Maria and Harvey, he was assigned to cover how the Tufts administration provided support to students who were dealing with natural disasters that affected their homes.

Coffee Talk: Danish Pastry House

Sitting thousands of miles away from campus, I wondered if my favorite coffee shop would be forced to close down. I was getting sick of whipped coffee, banana bread and all the other TikTok trends; all I wanted was to be sitting in DPH with a kringle and a hot cup of coffee.

Students grapple with uncertainty about studying abroad next year

Those hoping to study abroad next year have already made tentative plans. But for many, the uncertainty and frustration of the past year persists, whether it be navigating Tufts’ strict guidelines regarding international travel or coping with the rapidly closing window of opportunity to travel in college. 

Transferable Skills: Starting with starting

I’m writing this column to hold myself accountable. I’m writing this column to prove something to myself. I’d be really happy if you joined me on this 10-week journey and, perhaps, be a part of a dialogue.

Student entrepreneurs launch ‘it’s mac’ streetwear brand

The roommates started their brand out of their dorm room, currently littered with sweatshirts, prints and ironing materials. “If you walk into our room right now, you'll have a little difficulty getting around because there's boxes all over the floor, just packages full of sweatshirts,” Laws-MacDonald said. 

Jesse Mermell, Dave Cavell discuss congressional campaigns, new Tisch College course

Before joining together to teach a course in the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life for the spring 2021 semester, longtime friends Jesse Mermell and Dave Cavell (LA'06) were competitors in Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District Democratic primary. Their course, "Talking Points, Tweets, and TikTok: Modern Political Communications and Message Development," reflects their experiences on the virtual campaign trail.

Inspired by Amanda Gorman, students, community members come together with creative writing

Creative writers of all ages were inspired by Gorman’s poem and excited to see the craft receive well-deserved media attention. Among these writers was Lloyd Schwartz, Somerville’s poet laureate and the Frederick F. Troy Professor of English Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Tufts students volunteer, vote in Georgia runoff races

“I really was not expecting Ossoff and Warnock to win, and [when] they both did, it was so gratifying to know that the organizing that we were doing worked, so gratifying to hear that there are so many odds that went against,” Kopp said.

A cappella groups reflect on virtual auditions, bonding with new members

Digital auditions also took away some of the tradition and excitement that come with holding auditions live, something that was particularly difficult for Albanesi to come to terms with.

You Gotta Know: Alecia McGregor examines US health care through a historical perspective

The idiosyncratic failings of the U.S. health care system have always been present in the life of Alecia McGregor, assistant professor of community health. McGregor was born in a working-class North Miami, Fla. neighborhood to Jamaican immigrants, and government support was critically important to her family’s well-being. “I come from a big family of seven […]