Senior Profile: TCU President Amma Agyei reflects on her student government leadership

On the night of the 2021 Tufts Community Union Senate presidential election, Amma Agyei waits at the phone, surrounded by her friends, anxiously anticipating the outcome of her campaign. The phone rings and Amma answers, listening to the call with a blank expression. With all eyes on her, she hangs up the phone and promptly […]

Senior Profile: John Lazur fosters ‘radical hospitality’ through interfaith leadership, academic research

Growing up in a Unitarian Universalist Humanist congregation in Minneapolis, Minn., John Cioci Lazur was fascinated by the diversity of religions and faiths early on.  As part of their Sunday school program, Lazur participated in a series where they learned about different religious traditions, which included visits to and lessons about Zen Buddhist temples, synagogues, […]

Senior Profile: Claudia Guetta reflects on involvement with TUPIT

Going to prison — as a class — ended up being a life-changing experience for Claudia Guetta.  Before Guetta ever stepped foot in a prison, she grew up in Westport, Conn. with two older sisters. From a young age, her interests varied from playing musical instruments to baking with her dad, where her love of […]

Kate in Paris: The end

Endings, as I am sure we have all heard or felt ourselves, are often bittersweet. There is sadness in closing one chapter and knowing that things will likely never be exactly as they once were, and there is apprehension in the thought of what might come next. Will it match what came before? Did we […]

4 years of friendship: Class of 2022 roommates since 2018

The Class of 2022 was the first class at Tufts to have randomly assigned first-year roommates, and, despite whatever discomfort that might have caused at first, some seniors decided to live with their first-year roommate all four years.  Tejus Govani and Robby Nooney first lived together in a forced triple in Hodgdon Hall.  In an […]

Senior Profile: Emma Downs inspires change at Tufts through JumboSwipes, theater

As soon as Emma Downs discovered that Massachusetts had the nation’s highest increase in food insecurity rates during the pandemic, she knew something had to be done. The idea was simple, Downs recounted. “I realized that I had 38 [meal] swipes left, and it was a week before finals,” Downs said. “I posted on the […]

Talking Transit: Transit funding is on the ballot this fall — please vote for it

You’ve (maybe, hopefully) voted before, and you may have come across specific questions on your ballot asking whether you want a certain policy to pass. There are tons of examples of big-deal ballot questions from places like Massachusetts and California, states where many Tufts students come from.  California’s Proposition 13 is perhaps the most famous […]

2 generations of Jumbos: Faculty with children at Tufts

For the children of Tufts professors, Tufts University has played a central role in their lives. Now, many of those children have become Tufts students themselves.  Here are the stories of Abby Sommers and her father Professor Sam Sommers, Iman McPherson and her parents Professor Erin Kelly and Associate Professor Lionel McPherson as well as […]

Potty Talk: The wide world of bathrooms

In honor of commencement and the last ever Potty Talk, I have decided to turn my attention briefly away from Tufts University and toward everywhere else. In these next 500 words, I will attempt to review all of the world’s bathrooms that are not on Tufts University’s campus with my four-metric scale that some have […]

In Pursuit of Eggcellence: The finale

For my birthday this year, my mom got me an egg cup that is shaped like a knight. It has a little spoon for a lance. You take off the helmet, whack the eggshell with the little spoon until it opens, and eat the egg out of the suit of armor like a ravenous dragon. […]