Students from coast to coast protest police brutality, seek justice for George Floyd

Manhattan, New York City “You’re one of the good ones,” an officer told one of Cara Hernandez’s friends in high school after checking their school ID. Hernandez, who is African American and Puerto Rican American, and her friend, who is African American, attended a private school in the Bronx. To Hernandez, the implication was clear.  […]

First year to Senior year: Roommates face hard goodbyes after 4 years living together

This graduation season brings varied emotions to all seniors as they look back on their four years spent at Tufts. However, some seniors also have to say goodbye to the only roommate they have ever known. For these seniors, their first year roommate was integral to their college experience and supported them all four years.  […]

Senior Profile: Thorne finds community through music, memes

If you have frequented the “Tufts Memes for Quirky Queens” Facebook group, you have most likely come across Kirt Thorne. “It would have to be my numerous posts on the meme page,” Thorne said, when discussing what people know him most for on campus. “Any degree of fame, or notoriety, associated with me comes from […]

‘Community will always matter’: Group of Six continues to support students remotely

Following the announcement that Tufts would be transitioning to remote learning and students would have to leave campus, the Group of Six identity-based resource centers worked to support students in this new environment.  Director of the Asian American Center Aaron Parayno’s initial response to the announcement was thinking about what this change meant for students. […]

Senior Profile: Lee promotes sex positivity on campus, addresses health care inequalities

Senior year of high school, Aram Lee was in a predicament: Wellesley College or Tufts?  “I didn’t know what to expect from either school, but when I visited Tufts, it happened to be one of those rare sunny days where everyone’s out on the quad, enjoying the sun in the midst of a busy April,” […]

Senior Profile: Meehan enters biotechnology field despite initial discouragement

Graduating senior Emma Meehan doesn’t like being told that what she wants to do, particularly as an engineer, isn’t possible. Of the fewer than 30 graduating chemical engineers from the Class of 2020, she is the only one to have studied abroad. And as an involved member of the Tufts chapter of the Society of […]

From engineering masks to caring for patients, Tufts students fight COVID-19

COVID-19 scattered Tufts students across the country after campus’ closure forced classes online and students indefinitely indoors. From emergency rooms to engineering labs and Zoom calls, a select group of students worked tirelessly to mitigate the impact of the novel coronavirus. Below are nine of their stories. Building medical solutions For Chris Markus and Courtland […]

Senior Profile: Islam gives back through education

Senior Prince Islam is the son of two Bangladeshi immigrants, neither of whom were able to pursue formal education. Therefore, getting a good education was a priority in Islam’s house growing up.  “I went through [New York City’s] public school system, and my parents have always been very education-oriented, because of their backgrounds, because they […]

Medford Mom: The best of both of us

When my father was 17 years old, his heart stopped for a full five minutes. He was in a horrible drowning accident at the Breakheart Reservation when he was a junior at Medford High School. He was resuscitated, and he might not often admit it, but his survival was nothing short of a miracle.  When […]

Jen O’Malley Dillon keeps the Biden campaign human during COVID-19

Last month, Jen O’Malley Dillon (LA’98) was given the daunting task of leading a team of people she barely had the chance to meet. As the Biden campaign’s newly selected campaign manager, she was given just one day to meet her new co-workers before COVID-19 forced the campaign into remote working. In her one day […]