Fall Festival of Plays adapts to COVID-19, addresses themes of race, inequality

Lights, camera, (virtual) action. Starting on Oct. 30, the Tufts Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies screened three plays in its Fall Festival of Plays. Both in number of plays and their performance, this year’s format is unlike the ones before due to COVID-19.

Thanksgiving 101: A few recipes to get you started

Enjoy some Thanksgiving recipes from sophomore Hana Tzou and junior Alex Walter! It’s possible to cook most of these dishes in a dorm kitchen with minimal ingredients, so they’re optimal for your Friendsgiving plans if you won’t be traveling home to celebrate with family this year.

Navigating Fall Break: Students weigh whether to stay on campus, university shares decision-making process

In mid-October, the student body was informed that it had two choices for the break: go home and complete the semester remotely or stay and finish the semester on campus. This was a difficult decision for many students to make as it marks either a holiday away from home or almost a full month away from campus. 

Historical: Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library pays tribute to town’s rich history

Construction for the new and improved Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library is set to end in May at its historic location on 111 High Street, which has housed every iteration of the library since 1875.

Since You Last Saw Me: The new normal

In her first speech as vice president-elect of the United States, Kamala Harris said, “while I may be the first woman to hold this office, I will not be the last.” It’s a reminder that the work of representation is not done: A first cannot be a last because there are so many more female and Black and South Asian and queer stories to tell.

Students brainstorm business concepts in Tufts Ideas Competition

The Gordon Institute’s Tufts Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) is hosting its annual Tufts Ideas Competition this fall, where teams propose a financially sustainable business venture that presents a solution to a problem of their selection. Winning teams are eligible to receive cash prizes up to $1,000.

Tuff Talks: Confronting parents

Dear J: My mom is a grade-A narcissist. Everything, good or bad, is about her. How do I call out her lies without hurting her feelings or our relationship?

In-person students miss animal interaction

College students always miss their pets, but this year in particular, in-person Tufts students seem to be craving animal interaction. Even students whose families live near Tufts cannot go home and visit their pets as frequently as they may have in previous years because going home for the weekend breaks COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Little Bit of History Repeating: OK

It’s short. It’s elegant. It generally affirms. It’s recognizable in almost any language. But what does “OK” even mean?

Roy’s Pastelitos

Sophomore Roy Hidalgo was first inspired to start his pastelito business due to a combination of factors: He has a limited meal plan, lives in a suite with a kitchen and needed some extra money.