Q&A: Lecturer Beardsley reflects on career, student-centered education

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Linda Beardsley, a senior lecturer in the Department of Education in the School of Arts and Sciences, has worked as a teacher across many levels of schooling, as a state education policymaker and as a board member of a girls school in Rwanda. Her […]

Time Management and Study Strategies consulting helps students lead more organized, balanced lives

The pressures of being a student can be overwhelming. Balancing academics, extracurriculars and social activities can be tough. While a student feeling stressed can turn to Counseling and Mental Health services for emotional support, there exists another program that can be of help: Time Management and Study Strategies (TM&SS) consulting. TM&SS, run by the Academic […]

TUSC changes internal structure, provides social programming for students

Fall Gala, Tuftonia’s Day Carnival, weekly movie nights and more. The Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) organizes over 200 social events each year. TUSC aims to appeal to a variety of students. “As a student organization, they work hard to represent the needs and interests of all students and the board consists of representatives from […]

Inaugural Tufts Civic Semester cohort returns from Peru

Most first-years spend the fall semester finding their way around the hills of Tufts. Not the Tufts Civic Semester fellows, though. They completed internships, learned Spanish and stayed with host families in Urubamba, a town in the mountains of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Civic Semester, one of two overseas service programs for first-years organized by the […]

Tufts Census Action aims to increase participation in 2020 Census

The decennial census provides vital indicators for American society, influencing U.S. government representation and allocation of funds. With the 2020 census just around the corner, new student group Tufts Census Action aims to spread the word to Tufts campus and its surrounding communities about just how important an accurate census count really is. Founded by […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Finals season

Hey, if you are reading this, congratulations! You’ve made it to week one of finals and you are doing great! As a matter of fact, you are doing so great that you have time to casually read the Daily. Flaunting your free time in this season of stress is a real power move. Your boy […]

FlyingLess initiative challenges traditions of travel in academia

In 2015, two professors teamed up to start the FlyingLess Initiative, putting forward a petition that calls on universities and professional associations to greatly reduce air travel. Led by Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy professor Parke Wilde, along with professor Joseph Nevins of Vassar, the petition has over 2,500 signees as of […]

Oops We Did It Again: Hong Kong looks back

Author’s note, updated Dec. 8: I would like to apologize for my Dec. 6 column, “Hong Kong Looks Back” in which I examined the reemergence of colonial symbols in Hong Kong’s current protest movement. In the column, I failed to analyze the significance of using colonial symbols and imagery in democratic protest, and to properly explain […]

Tufts for Bernie debuts in time for 2020 Democratic primary

Tufts for Bernie has returned to campus. First formed in support of Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential bid, the student-led group was recently revived after a hiatus by co-organizers Anthony Davis-Pait, Ben Auerbach, Rabiya Ismail and Justine Chung.  The organizers draw from a wide range of previous political experience. First year Davis-Pait comes to the […]

TEC brings philanthropy, social enterprise into classroom

For students seeking to effect change from inside the classroom, a course in the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center (TEC) provides tangible opportunities to do so. In “Philanthropy, Social Enterprise, & Community” (ELS-0194) students get to try their hand at philanthropy by awarding grants of $25,000 to local nonprofits in the cities of Medford, Somerville, Cambridge and […]