Peripheries: The limits of free speech online

This week, British regulators unveiled a proposal to punish technology giants such as Facebook and Google who “fail to stop the spread of harmful content online.” “Harmful content” includes terrorist activity, violence and fake news. This proposal would create a regulatory body with the power to fine tech companies, implement other deterrents and punishments and […]

Anti-Bostonian: Tom Brady loses class of ’77 March Madness

In case you didn’t know, Tom Brady is not a young man. As he continues to test the stringent laws of Father Time, more and more jealous critics continue to bemoan his successes and continued championships. Henceforth, in the spirit of good jealousy, here will be yet another attempt to knock back the quarter: call […]

America is dying: Big Pharma, with no end in sight

When a diabetic walks into a drugstore, they could pay about $9 to fill their prescription for insulin. Then, American taxpayers could front the rest of the bill, which amounts to around $280. This scenario reveals a little-known fact: When drug prices skyrocket (for no other reason than capitalistic gain), it affects everyone. Diabetic ketoacidosis kills. […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Marathon Monday

Spring is finally happening. The weather is getting warmer, restaurants are starting to put tables outside and that one guy with the Bon Jovi covers has resumed his residency in Davis Square. You’ve probably also noticed that this is that time of year when people decide to start running. Maybe these are folks that have […]

Out on the Town: Chelsea Pupusa Festival

Trying new foods is endlessly exciting to me, and discovering pupusas was no exception. Despite this El Salvadoran dish’s decent representation in Greater Boston, I hadn’t heard of it until a few weeks ago. When I discovered the Pupusa Fiesta happening in Chelsea, Mass. this past weekend, I knew I had to get off campus […]

Spaceship Earth: Communities and the climate

When following national climate news, it can be extremely exciting to read articles about progress being made, and feel like real change is happening and that there is hope for the future. However, when bad news arises, it’s also easy to get demoralized. With a truly global catastrophe such as climate change, it often feels […]

Weidner’s Words: Pierce vs. Wade

Saturday marked a day in NBA Twitter that no one saw coming. If you were scrolling through the thread at all, you had to have noticed a weird theme in all the tweets. Saturday was the day that the entirety of Twitter turned on Paul Pierce. It started this past week when Pierce was asked on ESPN […]

Making my (Den)mark: Spring in Copenhagen

You’d think that three months into studying abroad I’d be doing fewer touristy things. While I do feel more like a real city-dweller than I did at the beginning of the semester, I’m still making my way through many more must-sees in Copenhagen. Some things are just now opening up for the spring and summer, […]

Review Rewind: ‘Swingers’

The Movie: “Swingers” The Year: 1996 The People: Jon Favreau as the recent dumpee Mike; Vince Vaughn as the womanizing Trent; Ron Livingston as Mike’s go-to friend for therapeutic relief, Rob; Patrick Van Horn as the easily angered Sue; and Heather Graham as the beautiful woman Mike meets at the end of the film, Lorraine. […]

Stat Talk: A disenchanted NBA fan’s playoff preview

As a die-hard basketball fan, I want to be excited for the NBA playoffs. But a fatalistic dread is creeping in, a feeling that has become familiar since the summer of 2016. Beyond watching our hometown teams lift the Larry O’Brien trophy, all that fans really want to see is legitimate competition: the thrill of a tightly […]