Livestreamed and Quarantined: Glass Animals

It’s inevitable that shows with a lot of hype will fall short in some way or another. At least, that’s how I felt about Glass Animals’ "Live In The Internet” livestream.

The Turf Monster: Signing off and looking ahead

If I tried to count the number of fiascos, scandals, controversies or near-heart attacks in sports this year, I’d be here all day. Today, I instead wish to look forward to 2021, a year that promises to still be difficult but with a markedly greater sense of hope.

Weekly Rewind Graphic
The Weekly Rewind: 30 years later, audiences still ‘Obsessed’ with Mariah Carey

Aided by her recent collaboration with pop superstar Ariana Grande and a viral dance challenge to her song “Obsessed” (2009) in 2019, Carey could accomplish the extraordinary: a second comeback.

Wonder Women: Naomi Osaka

Even if you barely follow tennis, chances are you may have come across the 23-year-old sensation at some point. Her victory over Serena Williams in the 2018 U.S. Open final thrusted her into the national spotlight, and she’s only been adding to her titles since then.

Keep the Cameras Rolling: Another blow to theater chains

The entirety of the Warner Bros. 2021 film lineup will be available on HBO Max for the first month of release. This includes major releases such as "The Suicide Squad" (2021), "The Matrix 4" (2021), "Dune" (2021), "Space Jam: A New Legacy" (2021), "Godzilla vs. Kong" (2021) and many more. Warner Bros. will miss out on billions of dollars of possible revenue.

Since You Last Saw Me: When writers carry pitchforks

I love Pitchfork because its writers are “poptimists” and rap enthusiasts; they take the things I enjoy seriously, but always leave room for melodrama and Camp. For these reasons, I couldn’t give it a more glowing review.

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Philosophy in Focus: All wrapped up

In “A Theory of Justice,” John Rawls discusses societal progress through collective creativity and labor. Rawls is correct that we gain strength and innovation by participating in the collective, but I would rather think of this idea as relevant to our lives and relationships on a smaller scale — reflected in 2020 Spotify Wrapped.

Keeping up with the 617: Celtics’ first week, analyzed

The first half of the 2020–21 schedule was released last week, and the Boston Celtics have an absolute gauntlet for the first three games — no surprise there.

Tuff Talks: Moving forward with new friends

Dear J: How can I deepen my communication with new friends without being weird?

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Sobremesa: The importance of equitable vaccination distribution

In an ideal world, this developed nation would have produced enough vaccinations to provide doses to all Americans as soon as possible. But given our current political climate and the limited number of doses available, one approach that has a fighting chance at providing a standard of health care equity is ensuring not only that the vaccine is financially accessible to all, but that minority voices are included in statewide task forces.