El Centro: Political exclusivity

I was recently chatting with a friend about the issue of political exclusivity at Tufts. He expressed his frustration with the lack of range in political debates and discussions surrounding identity at Tufts. Interestingly enough, he echoed similar sentiments that I’ve heard shared by people of color, by women and by people with accents foreign […]

Takeaways: American Jews reconsider American exceptionalism

While the news cycle has flipped many times over since the Oct. 27 mass shooting at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue, many American Jews are still reeling from the aftermath. According to the Anti-Defamation League, antisemitic incidents and reports of online harassment have increased in frequency in recent years. In 2016, American Jews were reported […]

Cheeses of Suburbia: I Eat Sticks Not Tragedies

Zachary Hertz (ZH): Because our penultimate guest is Chris Aragon, who went vegan to see if people could eat delicious food on a restrictive diet, I procured vegan mozzarella sticks from Veggie Galaxy in Central Square. Thoughts? Chris Aragon (CA): As a disclaimer, vegan cheese is pretty unsatisfactory. It’s not bad, but they’re still working out […]

The Tide: Jahana Hayes

Every year, the White House hosts the country’s greatest public school teachers, with at least one coming from every state. In 2016, during the last year of his presidency, Barack Obama stood next to former United States Secretary of Education John King Jr. and awarded the nation’s highest teaching distinction to Jahana Hayes. Hayes, a history and government teacher at […]

The Anti-Bostonian: The case against the Celtics’ progress

It’s almost as if the Celtics’ roster is too strong for its own good. When you literally pillage another NBA franchise, it makes sense that you’d have more talent than you’d know what to do with. But Brad Stevens didn’t build his current coaching acumen on the backs of talented rosters. He built it on […]

Red Star: Building socialism, Part 1 of 2

The socialist movement, though stronger than at any time in the last 40 years, lacks centralized direction. To build power, socialists must decide which fights offer us the chance to challenge capitalism in an economic and political way right now. One area of struggle is housing. Rising rent combined with overdevelopment in the suburbs has triggered a unique […]

Postgame Press: Thanksgiving tradition

Thanksgiving is a holiday about food, family and — since 1876 — football. Those three things are great and all, but sometimes numbers one and two are lacking in appeal. I am lucky enough to have had all three be good this year, but there is often one that is not up to par. I […]

The Starving Aesthete: r/me_irl: Bastion of progress

On the front page of the subreddit r/me_irl today, we see a touching scene; as user jmk2017 so helpfully transcribed: “Two Golden Retriever puppies, a white one and a yellow one, on a road. The yellow puppy (with a black leash) is sitting, while the white puppy (with a purple leash) is holding its front paws […]

The Weekly Chirp: Crazy extinct birds

There’s no doubt that the avian biodiversity that exists today is absolutely breathtaking. From the sword-billed hummingbird in the Andes to harpy eagles in the Amazon and colonies of emperor penguins in Antarctica, the list of amazing birds truly never ends. If you think you’ve seen it all, check out the birds of paradise in Papua New […]

Anita’s Angle: Why algorithms aren’t the new religion

“I’m spiritual, but not religious” — it’s a trendy mantra these days. Much to the disdain of our parents, young people are rejecting institutionalized religion. Although the phenomenon is much more prevalent in North America and other predominantly Christian nations, it still applies worldwide, with 41 of 106 countries reporting that young adults are less likely to […]