Review Rewind: ‘Cool Hand Luke’

The Movie: “Cool Hand Luke” The Year: 1967 The People: Paul Newman as Luke Jackson (but given the nickname ‘Cool Hand Luke’), the prison’s newcomer who builds up a reputation, George Kennedy as Dragline, the high-spirited machismo of the prison who comes to idolize Cool Hand Luke and Strother Martin as the warden who reveals himself to be […]

Making my (Den)mark: Spring Break in Spain

I just returned to Copenhagen after spending the last week traveling in Spain. This week was my free break and at the end of March, I’ll be going to Finland with my core class. My friend and I decided to go to Barcelona as the first stop of our spring break trip, followed by four […]

Lisztomania: The Future is Female

There is no doubt that the modern feminist movement has been championed by women of all backgrounds. Within the last two centuries, women have provided novel ideas and thought processes to many different fields. Many women who have led movements of suffrage or who have made breakthrough contributions to science are widely recognized — and rightfully […]

Stat Talk: Lebron James — a king dethroned?

LeBron James has an annual tradition: He coasts through the regular season, then activates “playoff mode” just in time to make a remarkable Finals run. Each year, doubters inevitably claim that he has ceded his title as the best player in the world only to end up looking awfully foolish. But his first season in […]

Shuttle Talk: Alberto Checa

If I am being honest, I don’t understand performance art. However, it is also a primary focus at the SMFA, which prides itself on pushing the boundaries of art school and exploring interdisciplinary media. Up-and-coming art students like the ones of the SMFA are the ones defining and developing the role of performance in contemporary art. […]

Repeal and Replace: Tufts Dining price gouging

Dear fellow students, There is something audaciously wrong with Tufts Dining. The organization feels emboldened and entitled to mistreat dining workers and price gouge Tufts students. As dining workers prepare to vote on a strike this week, I wish them luck and hope the university will finally make the right decision. Meanwhile, there are other […]

Hidden Panels: ‘The Doom That Came to Gotham’

The further we creep into the frigid winter of Massachusetts, the more I dread the threat of a blizzard. Each gust … whoops, I was writing in prose again. Sorry to get spooky — I guess this week’s comic, “Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham” (2000–2001) by Mike Mignola, has me attempting a chilling monologue. I […]

Off the Crossbar: The changing identity of the MLS

In the MLS’s 23rd season kickoff this weekend, the Los Angeles Galaxy commemorated its best-known No. 23 and star, David Beckham. The Galaxy unveiled a statue outside their home stadium of the international icon, who moved to the MLS in 2007 at the age of 32 in a benchmark moment for the budding league. Beckham was the […]

Spaceship Earth: The positives of being carbon-negative

With protests and public opinion on climate change finally rising to impactful levels, the goals of these movements need to be defined. As we prepare ourselves for the oncoming conflict, defining what “fighting climate change” really means becomes critical for the creation of a movement with a clear and achievable goal. We must ask whether […]

Out on the Town: Roxbury Afro-American Art Museum

Going off campus repeatedly is enriching in more ways than one. In addition to the thrill of seeing a new place, one can make connections between different institutions as they see more and more of the city. Learning about Boston’s distinguished individuals and the communities in which they live bestows character and humanity on an already […]