The Starving Aesthete: Our prophet, Hank Hill

We need a new religion. The grinding of the cosmic wheel is sustained by a continuous oiling of faith, the assumption by each individual that somewhere, deep in the bowels of the universe, something is keeping the thing spinning. But how, when the walls between us and eternity have worn so thin, can we keep […]

Postgame Press: Spread holiday cheer

Content warning: This article discusses domestic violence. The sports news cycle has been filled with bad news recently. There has been a lot of press coverage of the cases of Addison Russell, Reuben Foster and, most recently, Kareem Hunt. No doubt about it, there are some bad people in professional sports. There’s no place for […]

Takeaways: Looking

In his landmark work “Orientalism” (1978), Edward Said unpacks statements and works of many Europeans who say outrageous, hilarious or downright racist things about peoples of the Middle East among whom they see no need to distinguish. Of these, one quote stood out to me enough that I still think about it sometimes. This statement […]

Out on the Town: Walks

With finals season on the horizon, many of us here at Tufts may feel overwhelmed by our workloads. I, for one, am a ball of stress this time of year, and so I’m always looking for ways to decompress between work sessions. Over the course of the semester, I’ve walked in a few different directions from […]

Weidner’s Words: Changing perceptions

Luka Dončić has had a breakout rookie year thus far, revitalizing a Dallas Mavericks fan base that hasn’t had this level of excitement since Dirk Nowitzki willed his team to the 2011 NBA championship with a performance for the ages. Dončić has created a highlight reel full of lobs to DeAndre Jordan and stepback threes that […]

Anita’s Angle: If I say ‘blockchain,’ will you read this?

The 2018 midterm elections exposed a number of flaws in the U.S. voting process. In Palm Beach County, Fla., voting machines older than the very first MacBook overheated, setting back election officials by a full day in the race to recount ballots in the state’s disputed U.S. Senate race. We may have surmounted the hurdle of hanging […]

Human: Opinions

We are nearing the end of the semester, and I am sitting here, writing my last piece. I think it’s appropriate now to talk a bit about how we got here. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I’ve never felt ownership of my writing. Part of it is how my past education has taught me that […]

Pretty Lawns and Gardens: Taking responsibility for traveling

Many Tufts students travel home by air for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, polluting the atmosphere in the process. Air travel can make up a significant portion of an individual’s carbon footprint — a round-trip flight to a city in Western Europe will cost about two tons of carbon dioxide — so what can we do about […]

The Coin Toss: NFL Week 13

Welcome to The Coin Toss, where I make bold predictions about your favorite professional sports. First, a recap of my Week 11 predictions from before Thanksgiving break: Prediction Outcome Did I get it right? Chiefs and Rams score over 64 points Rams 54–51 Chiefs Yes! Titans defeat Colts Colts 38–10 Titans No Kirk Cousins throws three […]

Movie Theater Butter: ‘Hunger’

This Thanksgiving, instead of choosing to sit down and watch the Macy’s Parade or a football game, I settled for a slightly unorthodox choice: Steve McQueen’s 2008 historical drama, “Hunger.” “Hunger” follows the life of Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteer and activist Bobby Sands (Michael Fassbender) through his time in prison during the 1981 dirty protests chronicling […]