Girl Online: Doing things for the ‘Gram

The fall of my senior year of high school, pictures taken at the Museum of Ice Cream took over each and every one of my social media feeds. With cutesy inspirational sayings, colorful backdrops and picture-perfect lighting at all moments, how could they not? Tickets to this experience would be sold online on a month-to-month […]

Off the Crossbar: Is the title race over?

In the most anticipated match of the season, the Premier League’s elite met on Sunday for their first encounter of the year. Liverpool stood unbeaten at the top of the table with 10 wins and just one draw in their first 11 games, while Manchester City trailed six points behind. The matchup was eerily similar […]

Bite-Sized Stories: Mahima’s plastic recipe

The night started off with Mahima Agrawal pouring an entire gallon of whole milk into a huge pot. This is how the process of making paneer begins. As we were eyeing the huge pot, waiting for it to come to a boil, she poked at the film that formed on the top of the warming […]

Bhallin’ with Books: ‘The Makioka Sisters’

“The Makioka Sisters” (1943–1948) by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki follows four aristocratic women in Osaka throughout the years preceding World War II. It is truly a wonderful read. The Makioka family is upper-middle class. However, the wealth that they once enjoyed in their father’s prime has been in decline along with the aristocratic way of life. Decline […]

Looking for Life, Destroying Life: When a nine-year-old gets pregnant

Content warning: This article discusses child sexual abuse. “I told my grandmother that I want to study and marry after turning 18. My grandmother said no, and also that marrying would be good for my health … my family is hell-bent on chasing me away from the house … they abuse and curse me every […]

Postgame Press: Thanks for playing

Despite the superstition, it seems like touching the Western Conference trophy in the NHL is not actually a curse. Whether or not that is true, the truth behind the superstition is that the Western Conference trophy is not the one that players are playing for. Players want championship trophies and the second place ones are […]

The Equalizer: MLS posts losses, investors buy more?

It’s on its last legs, but I’ll always remember a scene from the satirical comedy “Silicon Valley” (2014–). “Sesame seeds rely on particular microclimates … predominantly in Myanmar, Brazil and Indonesia,” a Peter Thiel-inspired character pretentiously tells a group of desperate entrepreneurs. “Next year, for the first time in 221 years,” he continues, “the cicada populations […]

Antidotes to Climate Apathy: Greta & co.

Climate activism is an incredibly important part of addressing the climate emergency. If we don’t go out into the streets to make our voices heard, there’s nothing to push change forward.  By now, you’ve probably heard of Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden who’s responsible for launching the Fridays for Future movement. Her […]

The Zone Read: The conundrum of tanking

If you root for the Miami Dolphins, odds are that you’re watching the rest of the NFL more than your own team. No one can blame you. The Dolphins have comically achieved a points differential of -153, with only a single win against the near-winless Jets to show for it. There’s a company in this […]

Love It or Haute It: Leather jackets

As temperatures begin to dip, and we head into the dreaded winter nights, people are starting to break out various outer layers to keep warm. We have reviewed flannels and capes, but we are all about options here at Love It or Haute It. So, today we will be discussing leather jackets and whether you […]