Bhallin’ with Books: Jake Skeets’ poetry

I began this week lost. I read the first few pages of multiple books, but nothing felt right. I wanted to read something else, something different. However, without knowing what, I got stuck not doing any reading at all. ​Luckily, I happen to follow a lot of bookstores on Instagram. They are constantly posting bookish […]

Postgame Press: Family matters

I was not the best athlete as a kid. My dad was no professional athlete, but his athletic prowess in the North Shore summer camp circuit was well-regarded amongst his peers whenever they visited my camp. I had some sports I was okay at, but I was really bad at a few sports. Most specifically […]

Looking for Life, Destroying Life: Diseases make a comeback

Elimination is local. Eradication is global. Elimination refers to the decrease of a particular disease to a very low defined target number in a particular geographical region. Eradication, however, is defined as the complete and permanent global reduction of a disease to zero. Think of it like this — elimination is a step to eradication. […]

Oops We Did it Again: Unlike father, unlike son

History repeats itself, but not always in a perfect cycle. Sometimes it’s as if the circle flips, and we approach the same outcome from the opposite angle as before. In Britain, Brexit has created too many historical parallels to count. The most interesting of these parallels are those that take on a strongly personal dimension, […]

JumboCash: Think you can pick stocks? Think again

When people think about investing, they often believe that managing their money requires the ability to “pick stocks.” Finance-related student organizations also promote this approach by making “stock pitches” the focal point of the club experience. Although there are merits to analyzing individual stocks in-depth, modern financial theory suggests a different approach to investing in […]

Schmuck of the Week: Context for the Hong Kong-China situation

So this is an absolute nightmare to talk about. No one is right. No one is wrong.  But somehow, everything is in flames — especially the jersey of LeBron James. How did we get here? Instead of dishing out the typical schmuck of the week label, I will carefully dance around assigning a tag until […]

Gray Areas Matter: A case for socialism

In recent years, there’s been a surge of socialist movements across Western Europe and the Americas. While liberals are more likely to embrace socialist programs, conservative Americans generally stand in staunch opposition to the staple socialist policies — but we’ll see that even this seemingly obvious statement is more complicated than it appears. Let’s look […]

Bangers and Bops: Social butterfly with sad girl tendencies

In high school, teachers often deemed me either a chatterbox or social butterfly. Did I speak a lot during class about things that were not necessarily about topics in any lesson plan? Of course, but in my defense, I felt like very few people really have to know the ins and outs of calculus, while […]

Keeping Up with the 617: Recipe to a Bruins Stanley Cup victory

The Boston Bruins electrified a passionate fanbase last year with a dominant run to the Stanley Cup Finals — and then proceeded to rip out Bostonians’ hearts. Behind goalie Jordan Binnington, the St. Louis Blues stomped on the Bruins defensive game plan and shocked the nation en route to their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. The Bruins […]

Love It or Haute It: Capes

Capes have been called one of the new trends for this fall. They have graced runways for Céline, Burberry and Oscar de la Renta and are expected to make the jump from fashion shows to street wear in a huge way this year. The cape supposedly serves the purpose of keeping you warm while also having […]