Gray Areas Matter: Prostitution

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault and violence against women. In Nov. of 2015 Amnesty International shocked the world by declaring full support for the movement to decriminalize prostitution around the globe. The move revealed an ugly divide within the feminist movement and forced many activists to face an incredibly difficult dilemma. Should prostitution […]

Keeping Up with the 617: Why the 2019–20 Boston Celtics are so successful this season

It’s almost sweet revenge to see this year’s Celtics squad start out the 2019–20 NBA season with an electrifying 16–5 record. Currently sitting in second place in the Eastern Conference, the Celtics are firing on all cylinders as coach Brad Stevens continues to churn out victories night in and night out. Adapting the “next man […]

Bangers and Bops: Guilt and diasporas  

Whether it be because I am a middle child or a Gemini, I often credit myself for starting trends. I was the first in my elementary school to publicly read “Twilight” (2005). In high school, I bought a clear backpack, and a month after I began spotting girls with the same clear backpack. And, frankly, […]

Somerville with Townie Tim: Finals season

Hey, if you are reading this, congratulations! You’ve made it to week one of finals and you are doing great! As a matter of fact, you are doing so great that you have time to casually read the Daily. Flaunting your free time in this season of stress is a real power move. Your boy […]

Love It or Haute It: Holiday matching pajamas

As we check Thanksgiving off our calendar, we are faced with a new challenge: the holiday season. Whether it’s the decorations on neighborhood lawns, commercials on TV, wish lists in magazines or parties your friends throw in honor of the season, the holidays make sure that you know that they are here. Today, we will […]

Oops We Did It Again: Hong Kong looks back

Author’s note, updated Dec. 8: I would like to apologize for my Dec. 6 column, “Hong Kong Looks Back” in which I examined the reemergence of colonial symbols in Hong Kong’s current protest movement. In the column, I failed to analyze the significance of using colonial symbols and imagery in democratic protest, and to properly explain […]

The Equalizer: Germany, community and the 50+1 rule

Premier League devotees call it the best league in the world. Some of the most famous players play in England, after all, and its clubs dominate global television and merchandising markets. At the same time, its supporters bemoan the external investment that has driven the league to the same heights they celebrate.  It started in […]

Off the Crossbar: Ferguson, Wenger and replacing legends

What a whirlwind three months it has been for Quique Sanchez Flores. After being reappointed as Watford boss in September, the Spaniard was fired just 81 days into his second spell, following Liverpool’s  2–1 loss to Southampton last weekend. It was a cruel decision by the club, which is now looking for its third manager […]

What’s the Mood?: Winter

The theme of this final column should be no surprise. Over the past three months, I’ve very much enjoyed creating a new playlist every week, and many of them have had to do with the time of year. Now that it’s December, and I no longer have upcoming seasons to write about, I thought it […]

Girl Online: The wrong side of a very strange argument

In 2003, then-Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg created a website called FaceMash, which allowed users to judge a student’s attractiveness using a hot-or-not system. Though Harvard shut down the website after two days due to privacy violations, Zuckerberg’s success with this original idea led to the creation of what we now know as Facebook. There was […]