The Strike Zone: Why nuclear weapons are good for peace

It may sound counterintuitive, but nuclear weaponry has been crucial in preventing major warfare since World War II. The threat of mutually assured nuclear destruction deters countries from engaging in total interstate wars and gives countries incentive to strengthen international institutions through arms control treaties and collective security measures.

Off the Gridiron: Hop Aboard the QB Carousel

This is a great trade for the Colts. In Wentz, they are getting a 28-year-old QB who has shown flashes of exceptionalism during his career.

Coffee Talk: Danish Pastry House

Sitting thousands of miles away from campus, I wondered if my favorite coffee shop would be forced to close down. I was getting sick of whipped coffee, banana bread and all the other TikTok trends; all I wanted was to be sitting in DPH with a kringle and a hot cup of coffee.

Comfort Cartoons: Zany to the max ‘Animaniacs’

In this column “Comfort Cartoons,” my goal is to revisit some of the most formative and re-watchable animated shows. We’ll be discussing their nostalgia, their merits, how they’ve held up and what it’s like to watch them again as a (relative) adult.

Building blocks: Classroom to cell

We must begin by creating new disciplinary policies within our schools. Rather than excessive suspensions and expulsions, we must create educational, empathetic avenues that give students the room to grow as individuals.

Power to the Players: Djokovic is victorious, but his track record is still questionable

Djokovic has a problematic track record that includes making disparaging comments about equal pay for women and questioning the validity of COVID-19 precautions and vaccines. Yet, as opposed to Federer and Nadal, who often side with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) over the players, Djokovic has become a prominent voice in the call for reform in tennis. 

A Fantastic Voyage: “In the beginning…”

Despite their great popularity in the Silver Age of comics, though, the Fantastic Four have struggled to maintain widespread recognition. This is due, at least in my assessment, to a lack of quality mainstream media representation over the last half-century.

Transferable Skills: Starting with starting

I’m writing this column to hold myself accountable. I’m writing this column to prove something to myself. I’d be really happy if you joined me on this 10-week journey and, perhaps, be a part of a dialogue.

Hot Take: ‘Ratatouille’ is Pixar at its best

The film's story is universal. Remy represents a small part of us that strives to be something we’ve been told we can’t be. He represents a dream we’ve been longing for. Linguini represents our insecurities, the side of us holding us back. The two together create this power, this ability to create and do the impossible, to prove others wrong.

Keeping up with the 617: Dissecting the Marcus Mariota rumors

With the Patriots having a pick outside the top 10, it is unlikely they will be able to get a starter from the draft, unless Bill Belichick sells an arm and a leg to a possible suitor. Therefore, the Patriots are left to scrounge the free agent and trade markets for their next signal caller.