Keep the Cameras Rolling: The vanishing stigma around direct-to-video movies

Against all odds, 2020 has forced The Academy to, what I assume to be begrudgingly, remove their theatrical release requirement for the first time in history. For possibly the first time in history, releasing direct-to-video is being viewed as an alternative rather than necessarily a downgrade for the studio releasing it.

‘Avatar’ and ‘Korra’: The 2020 cultural juggernauts

Considering that “Avatar” first debuted over 15 years ago, it hardly seems the candidate to make such a strong comeback as (technically) a children’s show. However, “Avatar’s” newfound popularity –– as well as “Korra,” its sequel/spinoff series –– proves not only their mastery of TV storytelling, but their timelessness and relevance of cultural commentary.

‘Boys in the Band’ is back in town

A lot has changed since the mid-20th century, but "Boys in the Band" (2020) reminds us that some struggles remain universal for gay men. With clear roots in performance, and an all-star, all-gay cast to boot, the movie has garnered a lot of attention. But does it deliver?

On the big screen: ‘Ava’

Ava was the most popular movie on Apple TV in its opening weekend, but you should save yourself the seven dollars. Cliché after cliché leads you through a story that only gets more absurd, leaving you unsatisfied and frankly wondering how filmmakers can mess up movies so badly. I watched this movie so that you didn’t have to.

Genre-busting andPlay duo transcends contemporary music norms

On October 5, the Tufts Department of Music invited the genre-busting violin-viola duo “andPlay” to perform a live-streamed concert of contemporary string works by four female composers.

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Nigerian Afrobeats hits different

But what is the Afrobeats genre, specifically to Nigeria? As an extension of the earlier Afrobeat style (yes, the presence of the “s” is a distinction), it features lots of the same influences of jazz, funk, highlife and traditional Nigerian Fuji music. However, it has also drawn from more current pop music and techno, reaching a larger dance club audience and rising in popularity. 

Jess Keiser explores the Enlightened psyche, “nervous fictions” in new book

Terming a hybrid body of work, which includes scientific writing using literary metaphors and literature importing science to explore the psyche, as “nervous fiction,” the book asks important questions about the relationship between the body and the mind, between “rational” scientific inquiry and literary expression.

‘Emily in Paris’ underwhelms across the board

Though quirky and headstrong, Emily’s character was not strong enough to overcome anything of substance or deliver a compelling story.

Live-Streamed and Quarantined: James Blake

Doused in glassy synths and mournful chord progressions, James Blakes’ music is equally enchanting as it is haunting. Like standing on a frozen lake in late December, his cascading melodies never fail to raise goosebumps.

Spooktober: Flicks and frights

Christopher Panella shares 13 movies and TV shows you should watch this month to get you in the Halloween spirit.