A first-timer on ‘Animal Crossing’ island

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” (2020) released on the Nintendo Switch on March 20. Two weeks before then, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it. One week beforehand, I decided to order it on Amazon, feeling like I wanted any new game to play while stuck at home. A few days beforehand, I […]

HillSide Story: Keep it positive

The world has gone off the rails, and so have we. This week we are switching it up and discussing a filmed musical theatre production instead of a traditional movie musical. Omigod you guys, it’s a free recording of a musical and it’s “Legally Blonde” (2007). Now, the story of Elle Woods can be quite […]

Hidden Panels: ‘Venom’

Welcome back, gang. Living in the age of the coronavirus can be tricky and, despite it all, we at The Tufts Daily remain dedicated to bringing you content that will inform and entertain you during this turbulent time. With that in mind, I’m proud to announce the return of my first-year passion project, “Hidden Panels: […]

‘The Glass Hotel’: An examination of disasters large and small

With the coronavirus moving rapidly around the world, it feels both eerie and well-timed to be reviewing Emily St. John Mandel’s work. Of the author’s past four books, her last was “Station Eleven” (2014), a novel about the devastation of the world following a flu pandemic (Mandel herself has advocated to wait a few months […]

Oldies But Goodies: ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’

In June of 2001, Wilco presented its newly finished album to its record company, Reprise Records, and was promptly dropped from the label. Time Warner had recently merged with America Online and wanted to cut costs with its record companies, which included Reprise Records. As a result, all it took was for one important person […]

‘And Then We Danced’ hampers its own triumphs

“There is no sex in Georgian dance,” a stern instructor tells protagonist Merab (Levan Gelbakhiani) in an early scene of “And Then We Danced” (2019). This directive, barked out when the young dancer imbues his movements with a bit too much personality for the rigid strictures of masculinity required by the nation’s rich folk tradition, […]

Take Care: How to work and learn from home

Who thought that our anthem for our current school situation — online classes, working from home — would come from Fifth Harmony? But unlike “Work From Home” (2016) — its biggest song? Regardless, it’s not very good — it’s not as easy as Fifth Harmony makes it sound. Not everyone can work from home, ladies! […]

Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’ is pop music escape

Picture this: it’s 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night. Normally, you’d be getting all dressed up in some thrifted clothes to go pregame with some friends — and maybe that cute boy you like — before you go to a basement party or a club. But thanks to recent events, you’re stuck in your childhood […]

Books to read while you self-quarantine

These are troubling times indeed, as surely none of us need reminding — we’re told everyday that the pandemic is guaranteed to grow worse before it gets better, and the uncertainty of the future ahead makes it feel like everything is spiraling out of control. It’s too easy to feel static while trapped inside, but […]

Love It Or Haute It: Hair accessories

Introduction: During these challenging and uncertain times, it can feel like most things are coming to a grinding halt. We are here to remind you that there is something that waits behind for no one: fashion. So, while we would love to be lounging around, scrolling through TikToks, we have a job to do. It […]