60 artists, 3 days: An honest review of Governors Ball

Three days in harsh sunlight, surrounded at any given time by hundreds — if not thousands — of people: glitter, neon polyester and discarded hard seltzer cans everywhere. The Governors Ball Music Festival 2021 was, simply put, a lot. The line-up from Sept. 24–26 featured 60 acts, ranging from Nigerian Afrobeats singer Burna Boy to […]

K-Weekly: Why ‘Loser=Lover’ needs to be in your playlist

If you’re not familiar with the ever-growing world of K-pop, or international music in general, you may be looking at this section and wondering, what even is “Loser=Lover?” But never fear, dear reader, as I am here to shed some light on who TXT is and why you need to stream the group’s music. So […]

What to watch this spooky season

With spooky season fast approaching, many viewers may soon be tempted by the ever-popular horror genre. Filmmakers often use horror as a critical lens to examine what society itself may be afraid of, as Jordan Peele does with “Get Out” (2017) and Bong Joon-ho with “Parasite” (2019). In other cases, filmmakers take traditionally “scary” motifs […]

‘I Am Batman’ #1 only partially fulfills its promise

A Black Batman was inevitable. The idea of a man so wronged by a city and a system resonates with the Black experience in America. There are of course grounded Black superheroes at the Big Two (also see the Milestone heroes), but none of them have the inherent appeal or cultural power that Batman does. […]

For the Culture: Why does hip-hop love Takashi Murakami?

Ubiquitous in pop culture since the early 2000s, Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami is familiar with co-relating high and low culture. Among other achievements, he founded the “superflat” theory, which draws on traditional “flattened” Japanese printing with anime and pop culture imagery. He is also famed for his strong collaborative relationship with high fashion label […]

Dreaming of Sandman: The hero’s grumpy start

The comic book series “The Sandman” (1989–) by Neil Gaiman, is the story about stories written by a writer who loves all other stories. This column is a story about the story about all other stories. For a less unsettling definition, it is about the God of Dreams, and his other names: Morpheus, Dream, Sandman. […]

‘Reservation Dogs’ is changing the representation game

The name Taika Waititi on any project makes it worth watching – the Māori actor/director/producer extraordinaire seems able to add his certain flair to anything and make it work, whether that be a satirical yet moving look at a brainwashed Hitler Youth in “Jojo Rabbit” (2019) or a vampire mockumentary in “What We Do in […]

Brands who deserve your dollars: Unspun

Denim jeans are an item that most people have in their closet, but they are also one of the worst offenders in the apparel industry when it comes to polluting the environment. To grow just enough cotton to make one pair of jeans, 1,800 gallons of water are required. Furthermore, the additional dyeing process and […]

George Wein, founder of Newport Jazz Festival, dies at 95

George Wein, who launched the Newport Jazz Festival, died on Monday, Sept. 13 at the age of 95. News of his death resonated throughout the jazz world, with many musicians and institutions offering words commemorating his life and legacy. Jazz at Lincoln Center praised Wein’s vision for the jazz festival in a statement, writing that […]

On Demand: An ode to ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and the glory of new beginning

Wishing my life was a TV show has the same energy as romanticizing trips to Costco and pretending The Sink baristas are the archetypal “popular kids.” Although I don’t need it, I just want an excuse to battle through song (“Glee,” (2009–15)) and speak in an Irish accent (“Derry Girls,” (2018–)) and drink coffee for […]