Take Care: what to do as the semester ends

After weeks of quarantines and stay-at-home orders, things might seem (relatively) hopeful for the summer. There’s vaccine progress, social distancing has helped save lives and it seems that the coronavirus has peaked in various countries. And while it might seem like a great time to begin returning to normal — whatever that means — the […]

The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ is his most self-aware album yet

Who is The Weeknd? I’ve always felt that this vowel-snubbing vocalist was somewhat of an enigma in modern music. This isn’t only because of his rare and almost unparalleled ability to blend hip-hop, R&B and pop (whatever that means) into an expressive finished product; it also comes from his unique capacity for self-awareness. This isn’t […]

Why you should be playing ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

With recent developments requiring all of us to be forced to stay inside, it’s no surprise that the past month has brought us the cultural re-emergence of tons of beloved video games. Whether you’re playing Minecraft, Animal Crossing or even whipping out Call of Duty and NBA 2K, now is the time to get back […]

A playlist to ease your quarantine woes

Yeah, things haven’t improved much since last week — if anything, they’ve gotten worse. As I write from New York, where we have entered a state of full-blown panic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep a cool and collected head. I’ve always relied on music to ground me, whether I’m making art or working on […]

HillSide Story: ‘Newsies’

We are back again with another musical recorded on stage. This time it is “Disney’s Newsies: The Broadway Musical!” (2017). Let’s start by answering the question that is on everyone’s mind: Did you two go out on a weeknight to see this in a movie theater one of the few days it was being shown […]

‘Killing Them Softly’ stays alive, relevant

Much content has been written recently reviewing and discussing films like “Outbreak” (1995) and “Contagion” (2011). In times like these, it is intriguing to hypothetically compare and contrast pop culture’s depictions of our environment to our actual situation. Seeing if artists had the foresight to predict what was coming, not just culturally, but also politically […]

A first-timer on ‘Animal Crossing’ island

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” (2020) released on the Nintendo Switch on March 20. Two weeks before then, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it. One week beforehand, I decided to order it on Amazon, feeling like I wanted any new game to play while stuck at home. A few days beforehand, I […]