Tufts’ first POC comedy group, ‘Comic Relief,’ makes its public debut

“Comic Relief,” Tufts’ first POC-centered comedy group, held their inaugural show, “Speculation: is the Sriracha Diluted Here?” on Friday evening. The hour-plus show featured acts ranging from a stand-up compare-and-contrast between French monarch Louis XIV and a mock talk show to a TED talk on how to use Tinder to scam free rides off men. The […]

Shuttle Talk: Alberto Checa

If I am being honest, I don’t understand performance art. However, it is also a primary focus at the SMFA, which prides itself on pushing the boundaries of art school and exploring interdisciplinary media. Up-and-coming art students like the ones of the SMFA are the ones defining and developing the role of performance in contemporary art. […]

3Ps’ ‘Mr. Burns: a post-electric play’ explores pop culture in post-apocalyptic world

From Thursday, March 7, to Saturday, March 9, one can find Tufts University’s Pen, Paint & Pretzels’ (3Ps’) major show playing in Balch Arena Theater. This show, titled “Mr. Burns: a post-electric play,” revolves around two things most would consider unassociated: “The Simpsons” (1989–) and the apocalypse. In the three acts of this show, the characters […]

Hidden Panels: ‘The Doom That Came to Gotham’

The further we creep into the frigid winter of Massachusetts, the more I dread the threat of a blizzard. Each gust … whoops, I was writing in prose again. Sorry to get spooky — I guess this week’s comic, “Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham” (2000–2001) by Mike Mignola, has me attempting a chilling monologue. I […]

Jonas Brothers reunion sparks mid-aughts nostalgia

The recent trend of 1990s nostalgia has brought with it a wave of boyband reunions. Iconic groups such as The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block, whose members are now well into their 40s, are dropping albums and announcing reunion tours to the delight of their now-grown millennial fans. But what about the youngest […]

Do it this weekend: March 8–10

Looking for some fun, artsy activities to do this weekend? Here are just a few of the arts-related things going on at Tufts and in Boston for you to explore and enjoy. Friday, March 8, and Saturday, March 9: Pen, Paint, and Pretzels (3Ps) presents “Mr. Burns: a post-electric play” This weekend, 3Ps presents their Spring Major […]

Form and flow: Conversations with Harry Dodge

On Wednesday, artist Harry Dodge came to the Tufts University Art Gallery to give a tour of his current exhibit “Harry Dodge: Works of Love.” In this collection of Dodge’s work from largely the past 10 years, Dodge goes from room to room, choosing pieces from the exhibit to explore physicality, space and the metaphysical […]

Out on the Town: Roxbury Afro-American Art Museum

Going off campus repeatedly is enriching in more ways than one. In addition to the thrill of seeing a new place, one can make connections between different institutions as they see more and more of the city. Learning about Boston’s distinguished individuals and the communities in which they live bestows character and humanity on an already […]

Falling in love with Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’

It’s another day and that means Netflix is still at it, trying to take over our every waking moment of free time. This time, though, that does not only apply to the viewer, but the subject. Recently, Netflix decided to journey into the genre of reality television, covering food and travel, similar to the programs found […]

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ debuts its 11th season

Hey, cysters! Less than two weeks removed from the finale of “All Stars 4” (2018) “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (2009–) is back on our TV screens for its 11th season. The clownishness of that finale and jam-packed schedule for “Drag Race” have led some to (convincingly) suggest that it’s time for the show to slow down a […]