Immigrant writers discuss the meaning of ‘crisis’ during COVID-19

On Nov. 11, Brookline Booksmith hosted “Immigrant Writing in a Time of Crisis,” a conversation with Mona Kareem, Grace Talusan, Deepak Unnikrishnan and Ilan Stavans.

Crossover #1 is a fast-paced blend of style, substance

Its breakneck pace and occasional dips into cheesiness may be hard to swallow for some, especially strangers to the medium. For those with an open mind, a love for comics or the desire for an out-of-the-box monthly read, then I can’t recommend Crossover enough.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ achieves checkmate

Impressive in its own right, "The Queen's Gambit" adopts a fresh perspective by delving into chess’ intersections with substance abuse and gender discrimination.

‘Armor,’ ‘Tundra’ expansions build on strengths of Pokémon ‘Sword,’ ‘Shield’

“Sword” and “Shield” have received two downloadable content (DLC) expansions, “The Isle of Armor” (2020) and “The Crown Tundra” (2020). The DLCs replace the remake games that Nintendo is known for.

Maeve’s Music Mondays: Celebrating Black voices

Because of structural racism within the music industry, it can be difficult to find Black voices in mainstream music.

Revisiting Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ 7 years later, with ‘Chromatica’ in mind

“ARTPOP” became a larger-than-life era, even for pop’s most outrageous and concept-focused musician. That’s important context for revisiting the album seven years later and questioning its status.

The power of the dollar: Black-owned fashion labels

While many of you might be new to the concept of exercising your purchasing power, it is perhaps one of the simplest and most effective ways to fight for racial justice in America. The clothing and footwear industries are enormous.

Livestreamed and Quarantined: Bebel Gilberto

It’s funny — when people ask me what my favorite genre of music is, I catch myself rotating between soul, funk and indie, depending on my mood that day. It was only after I had a conversation about bossa nova music with a friend this past week, though, did I realize my deep attachment for this genre.

Weekender: The state of the independent bookstore

As the year goes on and COVID-19 continues to affect in-person selling and printing availability, bookstores have had to find routines and employ new sales options for customers in order to keep revenue up. Bookstores a little closer to home in Boston are experiencing similar struggles, though many of them have found ways to persevere even though they continue to have reduced hours and new COVID-19 protocol expenses. 

Keep the Cameras Rolling: The prospects of the 2020 film industry

Needless to say, the movie industry is struggling to stay afloat, with theater owners looking for any source they can to generate capital, as currently they are only bringing in a fraction of their former cash flow.