In Photos: A snowy start to the semester

Over the past month, the Tufts campus has seen several snowstorms. Here are a few photos captured at the beginning of the spring semester by members of the Daily's photo section. This spread depicts how students gathered safely to sled and enjoy the snow. 

Rebecca Carroll, Christine Vachon present ‘Surviving the White Gaze’

Between discussing the forthcoming miniseries and the origins of Carroll’s narrative, the conversation dovetailed with a larger examination of race and the significance of both embracing and sharing what it means to be Black in America.

‘Euphoria’ special episode takes Jules (and us) to therapy

There is a marked shift from the choppy, non-chronological timeline of the first season to the calm stillness of the hour-long special that intimately explores the psyche of Jules. For some, it may be a shock.

‘Chromatica’ Oreos are a tasty, colorful eating experience

The line of limited-edition cookies is inspired by Lady Gaga's latest release, “Chromatica” (2020), a dance-pop album exploring mental health and healing. Gaga’s Oreos are a spin on the classic sandwich cookies, with pink cookies and green icing in the middle.

‘Malcolm & Marie’ is gorgeous, well-acted, but not much more

Malcolm and Marie feel like self-indulgent think pieces who scream at each other rather than three-dimensional characters who feel authentic.

‘WandaVision’ takes Marvel to new heights

Marvel has always offered a reliable distraction, and “WandaVision” is no exception. While its recognizable characters offer relief from the dullness of life in quarantine, its sitcom format both distracts from and builds toward the broader plot that introduces the franchise’s next chapter. 

‘Bridgerton’ defies genre norms but lacks depth

The show’s attempts at diversity feel half-baked at times. Beautiful, powerful Black characters are sprinkled into the series without acknowledging the fact that they are Black.

Sundance switches it up for COVID-19

While regular fest-goers and journalists were disappointed at the loss of the iconic destination and its atmosphere of shared excitement and cinematic joy, this switch to a virtual platform opened the festival up to a wider audience for the 2021 films.

‘Drivers License’ is just the beginning for Olivia Rodrigo

The song is a phenomenon that has become almost impossible to avoid. In its first week, Rodrigo’s lead single debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and set Spotify’s record for most streams in one week worldwide.

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 kicks up two gears and down one more

At its core, “Cobra Kai” is still a semi-soap opera that walks, talks and acts just like an '80s movie, for better or worse.