With Oscars approaching, Netflix aims for wins with winter releases

December typically signifies the time of year when most ‘Oscar-worthy’ films are released. Whether it is to keep films fresh in the minds of Oscar voters, who largely receive these films on DVD and can watch them at anytime, or to give us something to talk about with our family members over the holidays, movie award […]

The Starving Aesthete: Our prophet, Hank Hill

We need a new religion. The grinding of the cosmic wheel is sustained by a continuous oiling of faith, the assumption by each individual that somewhere, deep in the bowels of the universe, something is keeping the thing spinning. But how, when the walls between us and eternity have worn so thin, can we keep […]

Art therapy relieves stress, provides creative outlet for expressing emotions

Content warning: This article discusses mental health. Art, commonly known for its poignancy and sentimentality, is often said to be healing when used to reflect trauma or melancholy. However, art in this traditional sense should not be confused with its related derivative: art therapy. The term “art therapy” was first introduced in 1942 by Adrian […]

Out on the Town: Walks

With finals season on the horizon, many of us here at Tufts may feel overwhelmed by our workloads. I, for one, am a ball of stress this time of year, and so I’m always looking for ways to decompress between work sessions. Over the course of the semester, I’ve walked in a few different directions from […]

Torn Ticket II’s ‘Blood Brothers’ explores class, privilege

You might not have ever heard of Torn Ticket II’s upcoming musical, “Blood Brothers.” Director Jessica Pearson-Bleyer is excited to bring the West End classic to life at Tufts. “Blood Brothers” follows twins Eddie and Mickey’s lives after they’re separated at birth. Their mother, unable to care for both, gives one of the twins to an […]

With ‘Showboat,’ Brian Newman showcases versatile range

Trumpet player and jazz singer Brian Newman has had a longstanding New York City career. For over 10 years, Newman’s role in the city’s nightlife has ranged from different venues, performances with pop superstars and a residency at the Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel. He is the bread and butter of jazz in the city. But it […]

Humanitarian conductor discusses Beethoven, empathy at music department event

Music is an art form that exists across cultures. Be it religious hymns or national anthems, music always has the ability to bring people together. This is the key philosophy behind Music for Life International, a nonprofit that organizes classical music concerts to raise money and promote dialogue about humanitarian crises around the world. One […]

‘The City Without Jews’ shines unsettling spotlight on history of antisemitism

A copy of Austrian director H. K. Breslauer’s 1924 satirical film “The City Without Jews,” presumed lost for decades, was discovered in 2015 at a Paris flea market in astonishingly good condition. The film, based on Hugo Bettauer’s 1922 novel of the same name, became the subject of a crowdfunded restoration campaign led by the […]

Movie Theater Butter: ‘Hunger’

This Thanksgiving, instead of choosing to sit down and watch the Macy’s Parade or a football game, I settled for a slightly unorthodox choice: Steve McQueen’s 2008 historical drama, “Hunger.” “Hunger” follows the life of Irish Republican Army (IRA) volunteer and activist Bobby Sands (Michael Fassbender) through his time in prison during the 1981 dirty protests chronicling […]

Do it before finals: Nov. 30–Dec. 9

Ready to cross off some items on your holiday shopping list? Desperately need to storm out of Tisch Library to take a break from battling finals? Wish that you got more of a chance to dress up after Halloween? Check out these opportunities to destress and enjoy the holiday vibe both on campus and in the […]