Remembering Virgil Abloh: One of art’s most awe-inspiring creators

Arguably no one in modern history will be as admired for the amount of creativity and innovation in their art as Virgil Abloh. Illinois-born fashion designer, artistic director, producer and DJ, Virgil Abloh was known and very well respected across all avenues of art. Sadly, Abloh passed away on Sunday, Nov. 28 at the age […]

‘Staying with the Trouble’: Fostering connection through art

Tufts University Art Galleries’ exhibition titled “Staying with the Trouble” (2021) inspires its audience to imagine a collaborative and decolonized societal narrative through works of joy, compassion, teamwork and intersectionality by artists Judy Chicago, Young Joon Kwak, MPA, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Ellen Lesperance, Joiri Minaya, Cauleen Smith, Faith Wilding, Paula Wilson and Carmen Winant with […]

Brands who deserve your dollars: SVNR

Christina Tung created the brand SVNR to sell ethically-made pieces of jewelry that each have their own unique stories. Before founding SVNR in 2018 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Tung worked at her PR showroom, House Of. Tung is described as having an “eclectic, globally-influenced style,” which carries through to each handmade jewelry piece and their wide […]

‘Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience’ fails to paint a compelling picture

After multiple delays, complaints and a lengthy legal battle involving its organization’s deceptive name, on Oct. 6, event company Fever finally opened the doors to its newest exhibition. “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” is currently on show at Boston’s Strand Theater.  Despite its reportedly misleading marketing and poor organization, as someone deeply involved and interested […]

Gayle and Winnetka Bowling League capture crowd at intimate venue

On Nov. 29, rising alternative indie band Winnetka Bowling League performed at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall in an intimate but lively combination of bouncy melodies, cardboard cutouts and deadbeat dad jokes.  The evening started with an engaging performance by Gayle. She wore leather pants, fishnet sleeves and a Reese’s Pieces T-shirt. Her chunky Doc Martens […]

On Demand: Talking about talking about television

Over the past eight columns, I’ve pondered many memorable shows, exploring what works and what doesn’t, which characters are interesting and which aren’t and why I — or you — should even care. Reflecting back, I’ve identified key criteria for evaluating what makes a show both subjectively and objectively ‘good,’ in no particular order:  World […]

SMFA’s Artists of Color Union deconstructs identity, constructs community

The School of the Museum of Fine Arts is more racially diverse than the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, but white students still make up the plurality of those enrolled. The Artists of Color Union (ACU) at the SMFA seeks to center the experiences of artists of color at the […]

BEATs members find community through shared love for drumming

Tufts has no shortage of quirky acronyms for quirky student groups, between TUSC (Tufts University Social Collective), SUCC (Stand-up Comedy Collective), TDC (Tufts Dance Collective), TMC (Tufts Mountain Club) and many more. What better name, then, for Tufts’ only street percussion group than BEATs (Bangin’ Everything At Tufts).  Daniella Rothstein, a sophomore who joined the […]

Tufts University Art Galleries reflect on stolen land and resilient communities

In the Aidekman Arts Center, the Tufts University Art Galleries present art with poignant stories, carefully curated by members of the Tufts community. Each exhibit showcases the current passions that the art world at Tufts wishes to share with a greater audience. A colorful mural, situated before the center’s doors in the Jackson Gym parking […]

K-Weekly: Fostering a community with KoDA

While I typically use this space to write about Korean songs and artists that I think everyone should be listening to, today’s column will center Tufts’ very own K-pop dance association cover group, while recognizing the community it has built.  The Korean Dance Association, or KoDA, is a student-run group that covers popular dances from […]