2020 summer music roundup

It’s easy to close your eyes and imagine — or idealize — summer. Our mouths flood with the tastes of ripe, juicy fruits and our noses smell backyard barbecues. Our minds fill with nostalgic images of childhood bike rides in suburban neighborhoods and deep sunburns. Our skin aches for the touch of the sand and […]

Arts-related departments adapt to COVID-19 restrictions

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies Through careful planning alongside university administrators, department faculty and student leaders, the Tufts Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies has based its fall 2020 policies largely off those recommended by national theater and dance organizations. Heather Nathans, the department chair of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and the Alice […]

From the Arts Editors: Our quarantine consumption

To be more deliberate with my time and help diversify my literary world, I committed to only reading authors of color during my quarantine time and throughout 2020. I first read April Sinclair’s “Coffee Will Make You Black” (1994) and “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” (1965). Two very different books, but both so important to […]

Tufts alumna Grace Talusan wins Boston Book Festival’s One City One Story

The Boston Book Festival (BBF) named Tufts alumna Grace Talusan (LA ’94) as its One City One Story contest winner for 2020 for her piece of short fiction “The Book of Life and Death” (2007, 2020). The One City One Story winner is traditionally a key part of the festival and will be this year […]

Kota the Friend discusses ‘Everything’ and everything else

“I’m good at introductions … I keep it sweet and simple.” This was Kota the Friend’s confident response when asked what he would do if he met Jay-Z, his favorite artist and biggest hero.  Kota the Friend is a Brooklyn-based rapper who has so far maintained a fairly low profile in the hip-hop community, but […]

Senior Profile: Ehrlich grows into hardworking filmmaker

The day after screening his senior thesis short film, Jacob Ehrlich was sentimental about his journey through the Film and Media Studies (FMS) department. “I came into the program with very little understanding of what it was like to make an indie film,” he said.  Ehrlich, a double major in film and media studies and […]

Stories from a social distance: ‘The Moth’ podcast

As we approach our collective second month quarantinaversary, many of us are craving human connection. With everyone more-or-less trapped in their own spaces, we’re searching for those precious people-to-people bonds in places we never thought we’d look (if you didn’t have TikTok downloaded before, you certainly do now). Yes, we have Zoom and Houseparty and […]

Senior Profile: Podniesinski reflects on time as musician at Tufts

Graduating senior Matt Podniesinski is the epitome of a student of arts and sciences. As a double major in biology and biochemistry, Podniesinski certainly has a demonstrated passion for the sciences; but with his heavy involvement in Tufts Music, his musical passions and talents cannot be overlooked. Since his first year at Tufts, Podniesinski has […]

Senior Profile: Hong expresses identity through fashion

“Fashion isn’t as hugely represented, it’s whitewashed. There’s not a lot of interest in it at Tufts,” graduating senior Kaitlynn Hong said over Zoom. “Before [The Lewkk] there weren’t a lot of events highlighting students of color and also people who were interested in fashion, together.” The Lewkk, a student-run fashion show, was the brainchild […]