The Prison Book Program extends support through books, community

The Prison Book Program has spent almost 50 years with one central mission: providing incarcerated people across the United States with free books from its headquarters in Quincy, Mass. “This program gives [people in prison] the tools that they need to create the kind of life they want to have after they get out,” Katie […]

Senior profile: Panella reminisces on a fulfilling 4 years at Tufts

Disclaimer: Chris Panella is an arts editor and a columnist at The Tufts Daily. The Daily’s editorial department acknowledges that this article is premised on a conflict of interest. This article is a special feature for Commencement 2021 that does not represent the Daily’s standard journalistic practices. Chris was not involved in the writing or […]

Senior profile: Eliopoulos reflects on musical journey at Tufts

Eliopoulos, a Medford native, joined the Tufts music community in middle school when he participated in the Department of Music's Community Music Program and attended weekly Saturday morning classes in the Granoff Music Center. He continued in high school playing cello with the Tufts Youth Philharmonic, and he even squeezed his way into the back of the undergraduate orchestra for a performance during his senior year. Today, Eliopoulos is the principal cellist of the Tufts Symphony Orchestra and a household name around much of the Granoff Music Center.

Beyond the Underneath: Starting from an empty dance floor

A DJ once told me that mixing techno or house during a set is easier than mixing pop or hip-hop songs due to the similarity in beats and repetition, as well as the anti-teleological nature and layering characteristics of house and techno tracks. The difficult part is how to perfectly master the grand rhythm of buildups and drops in order to keep the audience hooked to the evolving repetitions. If the whole night of music is graphed in terms of its excitement, then it should look like a flow of slowly ascending waves.

The Brattle Theatre puts on its 8th Grrl Haus program

Despite temporarily closing its physical theater space near Harvard Square due to COVID-19, The Brattle Theatre has been keeping film fans entertained for the past year with virtual screenings of movie premieres and old favorites. Most recently, The Brattle offered viewers “Grrl Haus: Let’s Have a Party!,” an eight-day-long program featuring films and videos by […]

Senior profile: Ayyappan dances through her time at Tufts

Sowntharya Ayyappan started dancing at age six when her parents took her to learn Bharatanatyam, a classical style of Indian dance, from a teacher 30 minutes away from her home. Ayyappan has been dancing since, spending time doing so every weekend throughout high school. So when she got to Tufts, it was only natural that […]

SMFA looks back on a year of anti-racism activism

“Anti-Racism: A Year of Creative Activism at Tufts” highlighted initiatives that have sprung up across the university over the past year. It was sponsored by the Daynard Microgrant for Collaborations in Racial Justice at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and brought together individuals from all corners of the Tufts community. The event, […]

Soundtrack to the end of the world: A world post-pandemic, Part 2

For this last column, I asked my friends to share a bit of what they’re looking forward to as a post-pandemic world starts to come into focus. They sent me songs of rumination, rest and, most of all, celebration. This is part 2; part 1 is available at As for me, I just celebrated […]

Girl in Red fills the silence with debut ‘If I Could Make It Go Quiet’

In her debut album "If I Could Make It Go Quiet," Girl in Red develops her sound and reflects on love and mental illness with an edge and a sense of humor.

A Fantastic Voyage: The End

I have noticed a common notion that fantasy and science fiction are easy genres to write for, simply because it comes down to making things up as you go. I would argue, though, that it carries the unique challenge of not just rounding out a character, but finding them a place in the strange world you create.