The astonishing women behind ‘Little Women’

In the fall of 2019, the Office of Residential Life and Learning unintentionally created a lasting friendship. As Alexandra Everbach and Lucy Morrison moved into their respective singles in Carmichael Hall, they were without a doubt excited to meet new people. Though first-year interactions with strangers can often feel awkward and forced, this was not […]

Senior Profile: Former executive arts editor Jack Clohisy reflects on his Daily experience

Editor’s note: The Daily’s editorial department acknowledges that this article is premised on a conflict of interest. This article is a special feature for the Daily’s Commencement edition that does not represent the Daily’s standard journalistic practices. As hundreds of prospective first-years roamed around campus on Jumbo Days, former executive arts editor and senior Jack […]

The seniors of BEATs are not ready to stop playing

It takes very little to make a member of the BEATs team laugh — about as much as it takes to get them to start hitting a paint bucket. Maybe the most unique performance group on campus, BEATs, short for “Bangin’ Everything at Tufts and then Some,” is known for making music by, well, banging […]

Senior Profile: Athena Nair discusses activism and the arts

Since their arrival at Tufts, Athena Nair has remained an influential figure in the social and artistic life on campus. They have participated in campus organizations such as the Jumbo Drag Collective, TEDxTufts, various musical theater communities and many more.  Outside of school, Nair, a psychology major, has testified at congressional briefings on eating disorders. […]

Seniors of Trunk celebrate 4 years of finding joy in children’s theater, performance

Traveling Treasure Trunk is unlike any other student group at Tufts. In fact, they might just have more fun than anyone else on campus. Tufts’ oldest children’s theater troupe, known to many as “Trunk,” has been entertaining children at local daycares, preschools and hospitals with original skits, songs and plays since 1987. In their final […]

Senior Profile: Freshman 15 founder Ben Lanzi’s inspirational musical journey

Graduating senior Ben Lanzi, who is majoring in music and minoring in Chinese, is ubiquitously associated with the Tufts music department and jazz scene. Lanzi, a pianist, singer and conductor, has performed with the Tufts Jazz Orchestra, Small Jazz Ensembles, Chamber Singers and Concert Choir. But perhaps what Lanzi is most known for in the […]

Burlesque seniors aim to foster sexy, fun, positive vibe

Comprising around 300 undergraduate students, Tufts Burlesque Troupe is one of the largest student dance groups you’ll find on campus. Committed to creating a body-neutral environment fit for exploring oneself and celebrating diversity, this no-audition group has been a second home to many students over the years. Welcoming to students of all years and levels […]

Seniors of TUTV reflect on their community, futures in film

Tufts University Television was founded in 1977, making it one of the oldest clubs at Tufts. It is a student-run production studio that “strives to foster a supportive and collaborative community where anyone can learn about filmmaking and develop their own artistic voice.” Their content includes documentaries, scripted content, music videos and more. As graduation […]

Thanks For the Laughs: TFL seniors reflect on their time in Tufts comedy

Editor’s note: Sam McQuaid is a senior member of TFL, Tufts’ gender minority sketch comedy group. On April 14, the TFL seniors performed in the final show of our Tufts comedy careers, a sentence whose language may sound a bit lofty given its reference to a sketch comedy group but holds great emotional significance for […]

Institute seniors cry witchcraft in their musical production of ‘The Crucical’

Editor’s note: Blake Anderson is an arts editor at the Daily. This article is a special feature for the Daily’s Commencement edition that does not represent the Daily’s standard journalistic practices. Seven seniors were caught in a “witch hunt” on April 28 in The Institute’s production of “The Crucical.” As the members of The Institute […]