What the arts editors want you to see over spring break

Libby Langsner’s recommendations “Russian Doll” (2019–): The protagonists are intense, complex and compelling, the jokes are extremely witty (to be expected from Amy Poehler and Natasha Lyonne’s writing) and the plot is unpredictable, despite the show’s cliché premise. This show will make you reach out to people from your past and hug your friends a little harder because hey, we’ve only got […]

Hidden Panels: ‘JLA: Tower of Babel’ (2000)

There are occasions where a comic’s plot is so bizarre, so out there and yet so ingenious that I curse myself for not coming up with it myself. A prime example: “JLA: Tower of Babel.” Collected in JLA Vol. 4 (2014) and written by Mark Waid, “Tower of Babel” sees the world’s ability to process language […]

‘Mapplethorpe’ is an intriguing but tame film on the legendary provocative artist

“Mapplethorpe” (2018) is the newest biopic starring Matt Smith (of “Doctor Who” fame) as Robert Mapplethorpe, an iconic photographer of the 1970s whose subjects ranged from flowers to friends to an underground BDSM club. The movie follows Mapplethorpe from his early years as a starving artist with Patti Smith (Marianne Rendón), to his growing prominence […]

Chantal Zakari’s ‘Cogent Message’ deconstructs institutional failings

The recently revealed college admissions scam reinforced the long-established image of higher education institutions as the playground of the privileged. With Tufts being the epitome of such institutions, it is almost impossible to argue against the socioeconomic homogeneity of universities. However, it is also important to recognize that numerous higher education institutions are also victims of […]

Top 5 international films to watch now

After “Roma” (2018) won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, worldwide releases that premiered last year on the festival circuit and in their home countries are steadily flooding the U.S. market. Here are five that critics and audiences have branded must-sees. “Everybody Knows” (2018), Spain/Iran Two-time Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi has teamed up […]

Out on the Town: East Boston

For the 18 months that I’ve been in Greater Boston, East Boston has remained a mystery to me. Besides rides to the airport there, I haven’t really been at all. In my mind, East Boston exists separate from Boston proper, regardless of its actual location within the city limits. This probably has to do with […]

Solange’s ‘When I Get Home’ is a well-crafted, nourishing experience

On March 1, American singer and songwriter Solange released her fourth studio album, “When I Get Home” (2019). It was a relatively low-key release: no singles, no promotion — aside from an interview last October and a page on Black Planet — and barely any time for fans to prepare for the musical genius’ latest work of art. […]

Steven Spielberg’s fight against Netflix

From within the upper echelons of Hollywood, a campaign has been mounted against the ever-growing streaming giant Netflix. Recently, director Steven Spielberg has upped the ante on his attempt to block Netflix-produced films from being considered for Academy Awards. He plans to propose changes to the criteria that films must abide by in order to be […]

Review Rewind: ‘Cool Hand Luke’

The Movie: “Cool Hand Luke” The Year: 1967 The People: Paul Newman as Luke Jackson (but given the nickname ‘Cool Hand Luke’), the prison’s newcomer who builds up a reputation, George Kennedy as Dragline, the high-spirited machismo of the prison who comes to idolize Cool Hand Luke and Strother Martin as the warden who reveals himself to be […]

Handel and Haydn Society triumphs in performance of Beethoven’s Fifth

Matthew Halls led the Handel and Haydn Society in their Sunday, March 10 concert, which included performances of Mozart’s “Overture to The Magic Flute,” Carl Maria von Weber’s “Clarinet Concerto No. 1” with soloist Eric Hoeprich and Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5.” Handel’s “Coronation Anthem No. 1” was also performed with guest conductor Emily Isaacson as a part of […]