Top ten things that’ll get you before Ebola

Ebola can have devastating outcomes to those inflicted, and everyone seems to know something about it. We, at the Daily Arts department, are not disputing this fact. But guys, c’mon: the apocalypse courtesy of Ebola is a long way off. Don’t stock up on water bottles and baby Motrin just yet. Let’s talk about the […]

‘The Flash’ puts lighthearted spin on superhero theme

“The Flash,” which premiered Oct. 7 on the CW, is far from the only superhero show out there. On the contrary, it seems that the superhero theme is nearly ubiquitous on both the small and silver screens. Every summer seems to bring in another crop of comic book films featuring Marvel and DC characters battling […]

‘American Horror Story’ premieres bold new season

For those unfamiliar with “American Horror Story” (2011 – present), often simply referred to as “AHS,” each season features a new, unrelated story line that incorporates many of the same actors and actresses playing different characters.  This unique approach, along with “AHS’s” talented cast, sets the show apart. “Freak Show,” the fourth and newest season of […]

Volleyball splits weekend games

The volleyball team kicked off NESCAC play over the weekend by splitting two games, beating Colby on Friday and losing to Bowdoin on Saturday, leaving the Jumbos at .500 both overall (5-5) and in conference play (1-1). Coach Cora Thompson was impressed by her team’s tenacity in both games. “There were highlights in both matches,” […]

Senior Profile: Yessenia Rivas

Yessenia Rivas – a choreographer for Spirit of Color (SoC), Torn Ticket II and Sarabande, as well as an actress and dancer – is a star both on and off the stage. In addition to the many performances she has been involved in, Rivas has also worked behind the scenes, as both the vice president […]

Book Review | Bo Burnham surprises with new book ‘Egghead’

Bo Burnham was 16 years old when he started putting comedic rap and music videos on YouTube to amuse his sibling. Seven years, four tours, three albums and one television show later, he has transitioned from modern forms of media to the oldest distributable medium in the world – Burnham has written a book. Egghead: […]

Interview | Derek Cianfrance talks documentary background, collaboration with Gosling

    The following is from a roundtable interview the Tufts Daily attended and participated in with Derek Cianfrance, writer and director of The Place Beyond the Pines.”   Question: Ryan Gosling shrieks in this movie. When you heard that for the first time, were you unbelievably excited?   Derek Cianfrance: Here’s what happened – […]

Restaurant Review | Yume Wo Katare not for faint of heart

Near the Porter T stop, almost completely hidden in the chilly shadow of a red avant-garde windmill sculpture, one restaurant reigns supreme. There is almost no topping the treasure that is Yume Wo Katare. The restaurant’s ambience alone is deeply satisfying – a blend of casual and group effort dining , placed within a colorful […]

TV Review | ‘Mixology’ serves up bitter, disappointing concoction

Mixology” is, hands down, the most astoundingly awful series released thus far in 2014. It is baffling how ABC, a network with a large female audience and a tendency toward mild, family-friendly humor, could unveil a show with such offensive writing and overdone ideas. In the midst of ABC’s most recent forward-thinking hits, including “Modern […]

Football | Mules score 34 in first half, trounce Jumbos

There was no bright side this time. Throughout the season, there have been signs of progress from Tufts football. The Jumbos came within one stop of beating Bates. They could practically taste victory against Bowdoin. At Williams, they fell behind early before making a valiant comeback. Last week, they forced six Amherst turnovers and the […]