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Mass. denies unemployment benefits to Tufts Dining workers

Over 130 dining workers ineligible for summer work at Tufts University have been denied their unemployment benefits claims to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, according to Tricia O’Brien, a service attendant and shop steward who works at Mugar Café. While O’Brien and the Tufts Labor Coalition maintain that the number of those whose unemployment benefits claims […]

Klos affirms Carmichael will remain buffet-style facility, no layoffs to be made

Amid speculations about a potential transition to a retail, a la carte dining establishment, Patti Klos, director of Tufts Dining and Business Services, announced that Carmichael Dining Center will remain residential and buffet-style in the upcoming year. The transition to a gluten-, peanut- and tree-nut-free facility stands, Klos said. According to Klos, while deciding to […]

Tufts professor Brian Schaffner conducts policing surveys in Medford, Somerville

Brian Schaffner, Newhouse professor of civic studies, conducted surveys last October and November of Medford and Somerville residents on their experience and perception of policing in their respective communities, as well as their opinions on future reforms. The survey reports, released on March 15, state that while residents of both cities are “somewhat satisfied with policing,” they see inequalities in how different populations are treated by the police, and they overwhelmingly support the creation of a civilian review board.

TUPD to form mental health working group, TCU senator advocates for student representation in the group

Coletta explained that the mental health working group’s creation came in accordance with recommendations presented by Tufts’ Working Group on Public Safety and Policing, which was formed last July as one of the five “Tufts as an Anti-Racist Institution” workstreams. It released its report in February, in an email from Monaco to the Tufts community.

Compositional Diversity workstream recommends initiatives to diversify Tufts

The members of the work stream were divided into four subgroups. Each group was tasked with assessing the compositional diversity of faculty, staff, students or administrative and academic leadership, and developing proposals accordingly.

Office of Sustainability announces Green Fund winners

The winning project on the Medford/Somerville campus was Mia Nixon’s “FlowGreen at Tufts," Kevin Cody and René LaPointe Jameson won with “Tufts Hydroponics Collaboration” on the Boston Health Sciences Campus and “Disposable Mask Recycling” by Juliette Nye received the Grafton campus funding.

Tufts Action Group, Another Tufts is Possible advocate for racial justice, police reform

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests that occurred over the past summer, several Tufts faculty and staff members founded the Tufts Action Group (TAG) to advocate for a strengthened community that supports black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) across Tufts campuses.

Director Edward Yang illuminates complexities of Taiwanese history

Hailed as one of the trailblazers of the “Taiwanese New Wave,” Edward Yang’s films put the spotlight on a country underpinned by rapid economic growth, globalization, urbanization and political liberation. As a narrative artist, Yang’s genius lies in his portrayal of how these changes distill into every aspect of life.

Actor Hank Azaria talks career, mental health, racial justice

Hank Azaria (LA’87), an Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian, addressed the Tufts community on Friday as part of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life’s Distinguished Speaker Series, in the last event of the semester. The discussion was moderated by Dean Jim Glaser.

Affiliates of ‘The Moth’ (story)tell all

In light of COVID-19, The Moth’s virtual programs continue to foster emotional bonds between people through its broadcasting of the most personal, moving and vulnerable stories.